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Where to bet safely in the Netherlands and which online bookmakers to join?

The table given below highlights the TOP betting sites for Dutch players who enjoy high-quality gambling products. Look at each bookmaker and compare their welcome bonuses before registering an account. Read on to find out more information on the betting market in the Netherlands.

Live Betting
Live Streaming
Free bet €10
18+ T&C apply | begambleaware.org | kansspelautoriteit.nl | Play Responsibly
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  • Cashout
  • Casino
  • Live Betting
  • Live Casino
  • Live Streaming
Jacks NL
Live Betting
Live Streaming
Free bet €50
18+ T&C apply | begambleaware.org | kansspelautoriteit.nl | Play Responsibly
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  • Cashout
  • Casino
  • Live Betting
  • Live Casino
  • Live Streaming
  • E-Sports
  • Virtual Sports
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BetCity NL
Live Betting
Live Streaming
Free bet €20
18+ T&C apply | begambleaware.org | kansspelautoriteit.nl | Play Responsibly
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  • Cashout
  • Casino
  • Live Betting
  • Live Casino
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Best Bookies in the Netherlands Listed

  1. 🥇 TOTO- Best bookmaker in the Netherlands in 2024
  2. 🥈 Jack’s – Great live betting section
  3. 🥉 BetCity – Top-notch sportsbook for the Netherlands

The Netherlands’s TOP 3 bookmakers

Seeing that the Dutch betting market is becoming more and more vibrant by the day, we have gone further to highlight the best bookmakers that you can access and use while at the Netherlands. These are sites that offer an all-in-one platform that combines sports betting and casino games. These top betting sites have been handpicked based on the variety of betting products they provide as well as the best bookmaker bonuses you will find around.


TOTO NL website  

Here is a local betting brand that players in the Netherlands can count on. It is a company whose history goes way back. With a valid license from Kansspelautoriteit, Toto NL has transformed into a major player in the Netherlands. TOTO bookmaker offers a sportsbook, casino, live casino, and more. What’s more, all these services can also be accessed via mobile devices.

  • Pros:
  • Fast registration process
  • Available on mobile platforms as well
  • Easy to use interface for the desktop site
  • Offers round-the-clock customer support services
  • Multiple modes of payment including e-wallets and vouchers
  • Cons
  • Some casino games offered are not available in the Netherlands owing to licensing of software providers

Visit TOTO


Jacks NL website  

Jack’s is an equally reputable betting and gaming platform that comes highly recommended for players in the Netherlands. Although the site is rather new, you can easily switch to other multiple languages used in Europe such as French, Spanish and Danish, in addition to English. Their sportsbook section is quite famous for offering high odds in various sporting categories. Also, it is an online casino that features live dealer games.

  • Pros:
  • Vast selection of betting markets
  • Well stocked online casino with hundreds of slots
  • Attractive bonuses
  • Cons
  • Relatively slower in processing withdrawals

Visit Jack's


BetCity website  

Last but not least, here is another brand that is 100% legal in the Netherlands in 2024. This is BetCity.nl – a local bookmaker with lots of potential. You will see that the site boasts a top-notch sportsbook. It offers major local and international sporting events. Live bets are allowed and so is cashout. Be sure to check out the BetCity casino section as well for a diverse selection of casino games.

  • Pros
  • Refreshing site design
  • Lots of sports covered
  • Great odds
  • Cons
  • Live streaming isn’t available for all events

Visit BetCity

What to consider when choosing a Betting Site in The Netherlands?

Seeing that Dutch players have a good number of offshore site to play at, the big question here is how to go about selecting the best sites. Many factors ought to considered when making such a decision. Below we have listed the most important of these betting tips that can help you land on the best betting website for sports and casino products.

  • Does the site have a license?

    To find a betting site that licensed in the Netherlands is vital since its legal framework is wholly enforced. Check if the bookie is 100% legit by seeing if it has a valid license from KSA (the gambling commission in the Netherlands).

  • What is the brand’s reputation?

    In e-commerce, a brand’s reputation is everything. The same goes for online betting sites and casinos. Seeing that you will mostly be playing in sites registered in foreign countries and territories, there will be minimal legal recourse you could take under the Dutch jurisdiction in case things go wrong with a betting site. As such, you must consider testimonials from other players regarding the dispute resolution mechanisms of a website, among other things.

  • What are the payment methods available for deposits and withdrawals?

    It would be work in futility if you won significant bonuses and payouts on a site then get a problem in cashing out the funds. You will need to evaluate the mode of payment applicable at the site. Here you also have to consider if there are any transaction fees applicable for either deposits or withdrawals, as this can dent your overall payout.

  • What types of bonuses are available?

    Even with an excellent lineup of games and betting markets, bonuses and promos are very important to consider. These offers give you the much-needed boost thanks to the free play money or free spins offered. In the next section below, we have highlighted some of the best bookmaker bonuses that you can consider when choosing the betting site of choice.

  • Is the website user-friendly?

    The aesthetic appearance and practicality of a site’s interface is another important factor to consider. You do not want to find yourself in a site where you are struggling to locate your bet slip. Another factor to consider here is whether the site optimized for mobile browsing, or if they have a downloadable mobile app, though most online casinos tend to have this mobile gaming option nowadays.
  • Currency: Euro
  • Population: 17,132,575
  • Active Players: 8,000,000
  • Designated authority: Netherlands Gaming Control Board (Kansspelautoriteit)
  • Regulated Gambling Products: Land-based casinos, lotteries, sports betting, horse racing, online casinos, and online sports betting
  • Types of Operators: De Lotto (government-controlled sports betting), Holland Casino

Did you know that?

  • No foreign online casino is licensed by the Dutch government
  • The only licensed online casino in the country is Holland Casino which is owned by the government
  • It is estimated that about half of the adult population has interacted with some form of sports betting
  • You will not incur any tax on your winnings while playing at the offshore betting sites as they absorb the 29% tax imposed

Gambling in The Netherlands

nl flag

The Netherlands has a long-standing record as being a bastion for progressive and liberal lifestyles. From tolerance in cannabis use to promoting healthy lifestyles through wide-scale cycling, Netherlands is viewed by many as one of the safest havens for free thinkers not only in Europe but globally. Curiously, when it comes to matters gambling, things are not so liberal in the Netherlands.

The gambling history in the Netherlands dates way back in 1726 when the Dutch State Lottery founded. Back then, lotteries mainly used as a government tool to raise funds for public expenditure and wars. With time, the industry grew to include brick and mortar casinos as well as poker rooms. However, unlike in many other liberal European countries, gambling in the Netherlands has mostly remained a state monopoly, with the government maintaining a firm control on the industry.

The land-based casino industry has some relatively higher levels of success. The Dutch government remains the sole player in this sector, operating under different government entities. Holland Casino enjoys a virtual monopoly with about 14 casinos currently in operation. The sports betting sector, on the other hand, is controlled by De Lotto, another government entity with a monopolistic hold on the market.

Online betting in the Netherlands is relatively toned down, in contrast to the broader European market. That is mainly attributable to the government’s negative attitude towards liberalizing the industry.

However, in the recent past, things seem to be changing for the seemingly rigid Dutch betting industry. The onset of online betting has made things harder for the government-run betting organizations such as Holland Casino to continue being profitable nor even draw in the same number of players as they initially did. These market changes have prompted some very much needed revisions of the legal framework around betting and gambling in the Netherlands.

For quite a long time, betting was frowned upon by the Dutch government. Despite there being a state-run lottery from way back in the 1700s, any form of sports betting remained banned in the country. That could sound strange to many who have held the Netherlands as a pioneer in progressive rights. The ban on sports betting only lifted in 1961, and even then, it remained a closely guarded government business. Casino betting and poker rooms got their nod from the government much later in the 70s. For the longest time, both sports betting and casino gambling have controlled as government monopolies, with virtually no room for private ventures.

With the internet boom in the late 90s, the betting and gaming landscape was set to change in the Netherlands. Players were now getting more diverse forms and opportunities to bet and play their favourite casino games without having to rely on the established government firms. Since then, there have been persistent efforts to frustrate the growth and penetration of online betting sites into the Dutch market.

But rather than having an absolute ban on online betting, the Dutch gaming regulator, Kansspelautoriteit, has come up with various laws that make it harder to access the services. For instance, it is illegal for any offshore online betting site to market their betting products to Dutch citizens in the Dutch language. Also, a law was passed to prohibit direct bank transfers into online betting sites and accounts. But this has had little to no success in abolishing the online betting industry in the county.

Also, the EU and other significant stakeholders in the industry have been putting persistent pressure on the Dutch government to allow some form of laissez-faire in the online betting industry, as they do with other trading sectors. As it stands, there are now laws that can be used to prosecute anyone for playing and betting online. As such, a good number of offshore betting firms will be readily available to players in the country.

Recently, the Senate passed a new legal framework that will see betting firms get licensed in the Netherlands, allowing them to operate legally. This new legislation is now in place as of October 2021, so we expect to see things open up a bit in the Dutch market with more operators coming on board.

Do Dutch Players get restricted by some bookmakers? Why?

As we have seen so far, the Dutch government has not been all too welcoming to the idea of private ventures running the online gambling industry. Until the recent past, when the Remote Gambling Act introduced, the Dutch market has been relatively hostile to offshore operators. The legal framework might not explicitly dictate that it is illegal for Netherlands citizens to partake in online betting. Instead, the government introduces intricate laws that make it appear illegal to operate in the market. Case in point is the €150k fine posted against ONISAC Ltd and Mansion Online Casino Ltd in 2014.

The argument used by the government in faulting these two giant operators was that they operated a platform that targeted the Dutch citizens, without having acquired an online betting license from the government. That includes offering their betting sites in Dutch language and accepting payments using Netherlands based payment systems.

Owing to such a hostile attitude, it is not uncommon to find many online betting sites turning away players from the Netherlands. Giant betting brands such as Bet have been known to exit the Dutch market. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you will not any international betting brands operating in the country. As we will be reviewing shortly hereafter, there are still a few reliable options that Dutch players can turn to for their daily dose of online betting and gaming.

How much tax do you pay on gambling winnings in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is not known for being an unfairly taxed environment, especially for corporates. But when it comes to the online gambling industry, taxation is ostensibly used as a barrier to entry and a regulatory tool. A general tax of 29% charged on all gains made from betting and gaming activities. Initially, a rate of 30.1% put forward. Lobbying from various sector stakeholders pushed this rate down to the current 29%.

Mainly, individual players are not required to file any tax return on their betting gains further. That is because the taxed amount usually deducted by the operator such that the amount paid out is less the tax amount. That to some extent shields you as the player from a double taxation regiment.

Nonetheless, the 29% rate still seems prohibitively high for many offshore as well as local operators. History has shown that higher tax rates often lead to shrinkage in the betting markets, with operators offering lower odds and payout rates. For this reason, there have been continuous efforts to have this 29% tax rate reduced. At the passing of the Remote Gambling Bill, legislators showed indications of having this rate reviewed to about 20% shortly. Whether this will come into fruition is a matter of time, as more pressure comes from various stakeholders in the EU online gambling industry.

About the gambling market

Despite the government having a firm on hold on this betting sector, the Netherlands remains a highly attractive market to many operators. It is known for a fact that the country ranks up there in terms of GDP per capita. Over the years, various offshore companies have shown a lot of interest in operating here. Major brands such as Bet and several others have had their taste of the Dutch market.

But if we are to view the market relative to other European regions, the competition is not that stiff from the private sector. That is because the government-owned betting companies and casinos still control a considerable share of the market. With the realization of the Remote Gambling Act, it expected that more and more betting sites would find entry into the Dutch market. That always works to the benefit of the player, as more competition begets better odds, prices, and promos from the best bookmakers.

In-Play Live Betting

It is one of the most sought after markets in sports betting in the Netherlands. In-play betting gives players the flexibility of playing with the live odds which change in real-time, in accordance with the action on the field.

Live Streaming

This another of the most sought after features when it comes to sports betting in the Netherlands. Sites with the live streaming feature are particularly popular as they give players the additional value of watch the live-action of their favourite teams or players for free.

Available bonuses for Dutch Players

As we mentioned earlier, promotions are an integral part of online gaming and betting. With most of the sites operating in the country, you will find a variety of promos ranging from those meant for new sign-ups to those designed for the regular players.

While the freebies are attractive, you will want to consider the terms and conditions binding the use of these bonuses as well, as this dictates how much you get to enjoy from the free cash.

The favourite sports of the Dutch bettors

The Netherlands is a sporting nation where it estimated that more than two-thirds of the adults participate in some form of sporting activity. The country features prominently in any cycle of the Olympics, often appearing in the top overall medals tally. When it comes to the betting markets, this love for sports equally reflected. So which are the top markets to bet in here?

  • Football

    From a country that gave us footballing legends such as Johan Ruyff, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard, it comes as no surprise that football is the most popular sport here not only in the fields but also in the betting markets.
  • Cycling

    It estimated that about 6% of Dutch adults had taken part in competitive cycling sports. The popularity of cycling also reflected in the betting markets, where this is one of the most sought aftermarkets.
  • Field Hockey

    It is also another famous team sport that receives a large portion of bets, probably inspired by their women’s national team which currently tops the world rankings.
  • Volleyball

    Volleyball is also known to draw in fans by the thousands in the Netherlands.
  • Horse racing

    Horse racing has for years been a favourite fan sport in the Netherlands. That perhaps explains why horse racing was among the first sports in which betting legalized.
  • Combat Action sports

    The Netherlands is also no stranger to action sports such as boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. Stats from the betting markets show considerable interest in international competitions such as the UFC.

Are Online Casinos popular on the market?

The Dutch have quite some history with gambling. While most of the betting activities in modern times directed towards sports betting, the earliest form of gambling experienced here was in the form of lotteries. Currently, casino gaming is at a relatively lower rate, in contrast to several other EU countries. But this could probably be attributed to the strict laws prohibiting the growth of online casinos.

With the few operators currently accessible in the Netherlands, players have increasingly shown interest in the traditional casino games of poker, baccarat, and roulette. The most popular sort of casino gaming product currently is in slots, which tallies with the figures on the land-based casinos available in the country. Slots are becoming more and more popular by the day.

Currency and Preferred Payment Methods in The Netherlands

The Dutch use the Euro as their currency. As such, all the online betting sites available in the country accept payments in Euros. In nearly all these site, you will find there is the option to use other multiple currencies such as the GBP or USD, in addition to the Euro.

When choosing the mode of payment to use for your casino deposits and withdrawals, you will need to remember that the government does not allow movement of cash directly into betting bank accounts. As such, you should make use of channels such as e-wallets or voucher-based payment methods. One of the most popular online payment methods here is iDeal, but you can also use Skrill, Neteller or even Paypal, depending on the betting site you are playing.

Bookies with mobile apps for Dutch customers

Mobile betting has played a significant role in the growth of the iGaming industry. Since most people will always have access to their mobile phones in contrast to desktop PCs, bookmakers are making the switch to mobile betting by developing stand-alone mobile betting apps. While mobile sites work just the same, many players will argue that downloadable apps tend to have better quality and user interface.

Bet comes highly recommended for its robust mobile betting apps. You can also try out other mobile apps. What you need to remember is that for the android version of these betting apps, you can only install them using the .apk files provided on the main bookie website since the apps not listed on Google Playstore.


Can you get prosecuted for accessing betting website sports and casinos?

No, the laws do not prohibit you as the player from betting online but rather the online sites from operating in the country.

Is there a legal age limit for gambling in the Netherlands?

Yes, as with many other jurisdictions, the legal gambling age in the Netherlands is 18 years.

What are the risks of accessing an offshore betting site using a VPN?

A VPN is typically used to access a site that would have otherwise been blocked to your country or IP. With most legit online betting sites, they will discontinue your account if they detect that you are hiding your location details using a VPN.

Are there online casinos with mega jackpots in the Netherlands?

Besides the government-backed Holland Casino, there are not many other notable jackpots running in the Dutch market at the moment.

How do I know an online betting site is licensed?

Currently, there are no online casinos licensed in the Netherlands. However, you can get the licensing information of other offshore betting sites from the ‘About Us’ page. If such licensing information is missing or seems to be sketchy, you will need to think twice before engaging with such an entity.

Final Comment

The Netherlands is turning out to be quite some promising market for the iGaming industry. With the passing of the recent legislation, things are set to be more flexible here, and we expect to see more operators joining the market as from 2020. In the meantime, Dutch players can make do with the handful of offshore betting sites accessible from the Netherlands. With the checklist we have provided above, you can filter through the options in the market and land one or two reliable betting sites for your online sports betting and casino games.

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