Which bookmaker has the best odds?

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Top 15 Bookmakers that offer Best Odds Guaranteed

Check the list below to see which bookmakers have the best odds range throughout their sportsbook and how they rank after a thorough comparison of the odds they offer for a range of sports.

BookmakerRankPercentageQuick Access to Sports Markets

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Data is entirely based on a snapshot of the listed bookies during October 2020

Why are odds so important?

Even some of the most casual of gamblers will have a substantial list of hard-luck stories resulting from some ‘so near yet too far’ bets. How many times have you been denied a handsome pay-out by a horse falling on the final fence, a blind referee missing a clear penalty or a dodgy call by the umpire?

It’s inevitable that we’ll find ourselves robbed of some winning bets in the future too but rather than fight the fact, all we can do as punters is ensure that when we do win, we win as big as possible. Ensuring we maximise our profits when lady luck decides to take our side is of paramount importance whether you are a casual punter or the most seasoned of gamblers.

The extra winnings provided by superior odds make every triumph that little bit sweeter and helps pay for the days when nothing goes your way. You can’t guarantee yourself a win every time but by hunting down the bookie with the best odds, you’ll stand a far better chance of coming out on top.

For the most dedicated of you, you might consider registering with every bookmaker in town and checking the offered price for every game, race or match you want to bet on. While this would indeed help give you a real edge, it’s both time-consuming and not very practical.

A much better compromise is to stick with a few bookies that consistently offer better prices, that way you can rest easy knowing you’ll always be getting excellent bang for your buck. Who is it that offers the best odds though? After some number crunching, we can reveal who comes top of the charts across a number of sports.

Best Football Odds Guaranteed

To find out which bookies excelled when it came to odds for football, we looked at the number of both Premier League and Champions League fixtures that took place last month. Most of the best bookies (the ones we work with!) tended to float around the same price but lots of small margins can quickly add up.

In order to see who offered the best price on average, we tallied up all the odds given for a home win, draw and away win and then found a mean price. This method is a quick and simple way to look at who is offering the best odds. Although it can be a little crude in some circumstances, it still gives us a good idea of which betting sites or full-fledged betting apps have the biggest prices. Note that, for the purposes of our comparison, using decimals odds makes things far clearer and easier.

Check the bar chart below to see which betting site have the best football odds for punters.

Best Odds Bookie for Football


The provided data is entirely based on a snapshot of the listed bookies during October 2020

Topping the charts was Marathonbet with an average price offered of 4.99 across all the main markets, with the internationally-recognised brand Betfair next in line averaging 4.92. A series of major UK high street bookies followed quickly behind, including Coral (4.74) who were unsurprisingly sat side by side with sister company Ladbrokes (4.71). William Hill was also high up the mix at (4.68) while Paddy Power, Betfred and Unibet were all tied on an average price of 4.66.

Interestingly, the bookie offering the worst odds were Sky Bet (4.20), a rating considerably lower than any other we looked at. On the back of this, we’d recommend any keen football bettors find a new site to place their bets because chances are, you’ll end up with more money in your pocket if you do. Betway and BoyleSports also found themselves in the dreaded relegation zone with scores of 4.40 and 4.43 respectively.

Underdogs Skew Average Odds

While taking the average of all odds definitely serves as a useful guide it does come with a slight flaw. Bookies that occasionally offer generous prices for massive underdogs but are stingier when it comes to the favourites will still score well but won’t actually be better for the average punter. So, as an alternate method of assessing who offers the best odds, we looked at how often bookies offered the leading price, either as an outright leader or jointly with others.

Once again Marathonbet topped the list although BetVictor proved a top-notch bookie and came in very close behind, with the pair frequently the bookies setting the leading price. Unibet also performed impressively, offering the leading rate just 25% less often than Marathonbet. Going another 25% lower and we come to Betfair who snuck into a top-four finish. Betway, who scored poorly when looking at the averages, dusted themselves off a little here with a mid-table finish.

To our surprise, big names such as bet365, William Hill and Paddy Power only offered the best price very rarely. We are however forgiving of William Hill sportsbook platform though as they do regularly offer enhanced odds for a range of footballing markets. Scoring a little better in this department were Ladbrokes, Coral and Sky Bet. Having scored poorly on both tables, Sky Bet appears to be one of the worst outlets when it comes to odds on football.

Best Tennis Odds by Bookmaker

Following exactly the same approach as we did for football, we looked at a wide range of tennis matches, taking place all across the globes on several dates. Singles and doubles were both examined as we compared the average price of all odds and how often a bookmaker offered the best price.

As with football, Marathonbet and BetVictor both scored very well with an average price of (2.14) but topping the market was 888sport with an impressive 2.19. At the other end of the table sat bet365, although the discrepancy between top and bottom here was nowhere near as large as it was with football. The world’s leading bookmarker averaged 2.05 with Ladbrokes and Coral a little ahead at 2.08.

The bar chart provided list the TOP bookmakers that offer the most competitive odds for tennis matches.

Best Odds Bookie Rank for Tennis


The given data is based upon a bookmaker comparison in October 2020

When it comes to who offered the best odds, usually the bookie leading the way did so by a very fine margin but every penny counts after all. Second place on the average odds, Bethard, performed well in this metric, offering the leading rate twice as often as any competitor.

There was no clear runner-up with 888sport, William Hill, Marathonbet and Betfair sharing second place. There were several bookies that never offered the best price on tennis, such as Ladbrokes, Coral and SportPesa, indicating they aren’t too keen on the tennis market.

Horse racing Odds Comparison by Bookmaker

Most horse racing bets are placed on the day of the race so to give a fairer reflection of what punters are up against, we only looked at odds available a few hours before a race start. Taking away the few donkeys trading at 100/1 or 50/1 which were likely to corrupt our analysis, we looked at all horses that were generally no longer than 20/1. The results highlight how certain bookies offer much better value for money depending on the sport. Don’t overlook bet365 live betting platform, because even though the bookie rated fairly poorly when it came to football odds, it was unrivalled when it came to horse racing.

Take a look at the bar chart below where we have highlighted the leading bookmakers that have Best Odds Guaranteed for Horse Racing.

Horse Racing Betst Odds by Bookie


The data provided is based on stats gathered while comparing the bookies in October 2020

They proved comfortably the best for thoroughbred racing, with an average price of 8.91 offered across the selection of races we looked at. Not only this, but they were frequently the ones offering the leading odds for horses as well.

Unibet (8.81) swooped in to take second place with MoPlay coming in third (8.77). A special mention must also go to BetVictor which, like bet365, did well on average price and leading odds frequency, but just not quite so well. SportPesa, Sportingbet and 10Bet were our worst performers, with average prices of 8.25, 8.37 and 8.40 respectively.

Best Formula 1 Odds Comparison

Due to the number of drivers that stand virtually no chance of winning, working out an average score proved trickier in Formula 1 than most sports. While some places only offered 100/1 for a George Russel win, there were others offering 500/1. To ensure these rank outsiders didn’t skew our figures, we only focussed on the leading six drivers: Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas, Alexander Albon, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, doing so across a wide range of possible markets as opposed to winning only.

Study the bar chart below to see the TOP bookies that come with the best odds for Formula 1.

US Sports Best Odds Bookie Rank


The data provided here is based on stats gathered while comparing the bookies in October 2020

Sportingbet came into their element for the fastest driving competition on earth, with both a high average odds and high frequency of best odds offered. William Hill and bet365 also performed strongly from the consumer’s point of view, making them solid choices for Formula 1 fanatics.

US Sports Odds Comparison

When it comes to backing the long odds outsiders in US Sports, Paddy Power appears the way to go, typically offering the best odds or close to for the unfancied underdogs. William Hill averaged a decent price but overall there’s not a massive discrepancy among bookies as they don’t typically attract tons of money from British punters.

Their popularity is increasing though so a fresh odds review will be carried out again in the near future. As things stand though, Coral, Ladbrokes and Betway seem to be the ones keen US Sports fans should probably avoid.

Overall verdict

The results are in and, drum roll please, we have no winner. Our research efforts were not a fruitless endeavour though, far from it, as it highlights that some bookies are great for certain sports and not so great for others. Many punters often stick to betting on just one or two of their favourite sports so for all of you out there, we hope this review has given you some valuable insight.

The only thing to bear in mind is that some bookmakers do offer extras which can make up for slightly worse odds. BetVictor, for example, may not have the best odds for football but their acca insurance could end up benefiting you more than some marginally better prices.

There are also bookies such as William Hill and Ladbrokes that will boost the odds on your accumulators so you end up with a market-leading price. For people who usually stick to placing singles and doubles though, by simply focussing on who gives the best odds as standard, you’ll be well-placed to score yourself a profit.