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Here is a complete guide regarding one of the most sought-after offers. The bet365 4/1 offer is one of the bookies’ most popular promotions for horse racing punters and one of the most profitable as well. This is one of Bet365’s more frequent promos and is almost a daily fixture for its horse racing promotions. The 4/1 offer is pretty simple and straightforward as it awards a free bet when selecting a winner and making a qualifying bet.

How to Use a Bet365 4/1 Offer

The first step to generating profits from a Bet365 4/1 offer is to start with finding a suitable horse to back. In order to do so, you will need to preview the races that qualify for the 4/1 offer and then research each runner. Thereafter, you should follow these steps:

Steps for Claiming Bet365 4/1 Offer
  1. Step 1: Review the odds for all races that are eligible for the Bet365 4/1 offer.
  2. Step 2: Enter your odds and stake into a bet calculator
  3. Step 3: Adjust your bet accordingly to maximise the potential returns
  4. Step 4: Place your bet
  5. Get Bet365 4/1

How does the Bet365 4/1 offer work?

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The Bet365 4/1 offer is a great opportunity for punters who like to back a winner. Simply back a winner in a featured race, and if your selection wins, you win a free bet. The free bet will have a maximum value and will be available on the next featured race. Bear in mind only bets with odds of 4/1 or more will be eligible for this offer. Full T&Cs apply.

Bet365 4/1 Offer Tips

Bear in mind, each eligible race for a Bet365 4/1 has unique qualities that relate to the approach you should take when choosing a winner to back. The goal is to never miss out on unforeseen opportunities, so here are a few tips you can consider for future Bet365 4/1 offers:

  1. Review each runner in advance of the race and check their form, past results and performance history at the racecourse in question.
  2. Calculate expert opinions and pre-race analysis into your betting strategy.
  3. Hedge your bets to correspond with the odds and profit potential.


What is the minimum bet to qualify for the Bet365 4/1 offer?

There is no specific minimum bet requirement other than the minimum stakes Bet365 sets for all sports betting events.

Can I qualify for the Bet365 4/1 on any horse race?

No, the Bet365 4/1 offer is only applicable to featured horse races as advertised by Bet365. Thus, I had to make sure I check the featured races prior to placing my bets.

Can I withdraw winnings from a Bet365 4/1 free bet?

Yes, Bet365 4/1 free bet winnings are withdrawable as long as you have met the terms and conditions.

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