Bet365 Can’t See My Bets – My Bets Disappeared

Katerina Gadzheva
bet365 not showing my bets

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As someone who regularly bets at bet365, I have found at times that bet365 can’t see my bets. While I assumed the reasons were technical, bet365 not showing my bets was concerning, and that led me to look into the reasons why.

Based on my investigation, I found several possibilities why can’t I see my bets on bet365.

  • System maintenance
  • Server issues
  • Problem with Internet
  • Connectivity lags

Most Common Reasons for Bet365 NOT Showing Bets

bet365 my bets unavailable
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Here is a summary of the reasons why bet365 is not showing my bets can occur from time to time.

#1 Bet365 Won’t Show Bets Due to System Maintenance

As you might have imagined, one of the primary reasons I was unable to see my bets on Bet365 was due to system maintenance. Unfortunately, the reasons for system maintenance are seldom ever known, but they are due to routine maintenance or due to upgrades to the servers or gaming software.

If down for routine maintenance, my experience is during that time, I am usually unable to login, or if I am logged in, I’ll receive a “bet365 my bets unavailable” message. However, even though the bet365 my bets not loading message prevents me from viewing my bets, once the system maintenance is completed and I login into my account and see my bets as the system automatically logs and saves my bets.


#2 Bet365 Can’t Track Bets Due To Server Connectivity Issues

Another reason I found was the result on my bet365 my bets not showing was due to server connectivity issues. This can result from a service interruption on my ISP provider’s part or unexpected network issues at Bet365. While these would be the two most likely culprits for connectivity issues, it could also be slower service response times.

However, while my experience has shown me this is not common, and when it does, it may seem like you’re my bets on Bet365 disappeared. Rest assured, your bets have not disappeared, and once the connectivity issues are resolved, you can login and review your bets.


#3 Internet Problems & Page Lags

Check your mobile data, wi-fi and rooter. It just might be the case that the best are not displayed because of a slow internet connection. Lags will occur as well. Even the whole page might freeze. This may lead to bet365 bets not loading properly.

No matter what, slow data transfer will lead to bets disappearing from your slip. Try to resolve the issue on your own so that your betting session will become available again.

What Can I Do if I Can’t See My Bets on Bet365?

You can wait to for the site to show your bets. Bet365 will help them view your slip as soon as possible. In the meantime, try these quick solutions:

  • Refresh page. It there are lags in the system refreshing the internet page might fix the issue.
  • Log out and log in again. Reentering your account my help you get access to your latest betting session.
  • Contact the support team. Get in touch with a representative of the bookmaker as this may help you resolve any issues with bets not showing in your account.


If my bets disappeared during system maintenance, will Bet365 settle my bets?

Yes, any registered bets that resulted in a payout will automatically be settled upon the completion of system maintenance.

I can’t find my bets at Bet365, what should I do?

If you can’t find your bets at Bet365, it may be due to your placing a large number of bets. You can try strolling through your “My Bets” section, or alternatively, contact Bet365 support for assistance.

How long does it take for routine system maintenance to be completed?

Generally, the amount of time to perform routine system maintenance is relatively low, but it can last from five minutes to as much as an hour.

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