How to Cancel a Bet on Bet365 – Edit or Delete?

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In bet365 I can cancel my bet in case I decide to. However, I cannot delete my bet entirely but I can edit it. This means that I can change the parameters of the bet that I have placed. I can do this before the bet has been settled.

Can I Cancel a Bet After Submitting It?

No, I cannot cancel my bet after I have submitted it. Bets that are placed by customers can only be changed via the “Edit Bet” feature. However, this should be done before submitting my bet at Bet365.

Steps to Edit My Bet365 Bets

I can add, swap or remove selections and even increase my stake at Bet365 on unsettled pre-match and in-play bets.

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  1. I have to access myBet365 account.
  2. I have to enter the “My Bets” section.
  3. I need to go to the “Cash Out” section.
  4. Then, I can select the “Edit Bet” option on my bet slip.
  5. Now, I can add, swap or remove any available selections.

Add a Selection

To add a selection, I will have to click on the “Add Selection” section in my bet slip. I will be redirected to the Bet365 homepage where I can check for new selections. Once I choose my new preferences, they will be displayed on my bet slip.


Swap a Selection

To do this, I need to go to the selections section of my bet slip. A new “Swap Selection” pop-up will appear then. Thus, I will be able to choose any alternative option from the market that I have chosen. Once I make the replacement, the new details will be automatically generated.


Remove a Selection

This is another option for how to cancel a bet on Bet365. To be able to remove a selection, I simply need to press the “X” button which can be found on the left side of my selection. Thus, the given selection will be on hold. I have the option to use the “Undo” button to return the selection to my bet slip.


Change Bet Type

To do this, I simply need to click on the bet type at the top of the bet slip. I have to choose the option “Change Bet Type” and a new section will pop up. Now, I will be able to pick from the available alternative options.


Boost My Stake

To increase my stake, I need to click on the amount of the stake that I can find in the lower-left corner of the bet slip. Then, I will be able to see the bet cash-out value. I will be able to use an option to add an extra amount of funds to my stake.

What Happens After Submitting the Bet?

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Once I have submitted my bet at Bet365, it may not be cancelled anymore. Then, I need to wait to see if my bet is winning or losing. Any changes with the “Edit Bet” feature need to be made before the bet has been submitted.

Mind you, choosing to edit and not cancel a bet at bet365 still means you need to pay attention to the terms and conditions. Find them on the official site of bet365.

Who to Contact if I Have Trouble Cancelling a Bet?

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In case I face any problems on how to cancel a bet on Bet365, I can contact a customer support representative. I will be guided on how to use the “Edit Bet” option, or the customer care agents will directly assist me in cancelling my bet.

*All data here is based on a snapshot of the bookie in September 2022. For always up-to-date info, please visit the official website of bet365.


Can I cancel a bet at Bet365?

Yes, I can cancel a bet. However, I can not delete it but only change it. I can do this using the “Edit Bet” feature.

How can I edit my bet at Bet365?

To do this, I need to enter my account, go to the cashout section and click on the “Edit Bet” tab. Then, I will be able to make the needed changes.

Can I swap a selection at Bet365?

Yes, this is one of the options I can benefit from when I decide to use the “Edit Bet” feature. Thus, I will be able to choose an alternative option for the same market.

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