Is Bet365 Down? – Current Issues & Problems 16 May 2022

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One question that came to mind when I was unable to log into bet365 the other day was how often is Bet365 down. As I was curious about some of the reasons for Bet365 being down, I did some research and found Bet365 is not down very often. I also found out that it is for good reason when there is a service interruption.

What to Do if Bet365 is Down?

If you are attempting to access Bet365 and experience difficulty accessing the site, you can take a few steps to identify the cause. While Bet365 being down could be related to system maintenance, the root cause could be your computer. To verify if the problem is related to your computer, complete the following:

Steps for Dealing with Bet365 Site Issues
  1. Step 1: Clear your cache and click Ctrl + F5 to refresh the Bet365 site.
  2. Step 2: If you received a notice saying, “Access to the site is Blocked”, clear your web browser cookies
  3. Step 3: Check your anti-virus software and firewall to ensure Bet365 is not blocked.
  4. Step 4: Clear your DNS cache
  5. Go to Bet365

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Regular maintenance at Bet365

Like any online betting site, I know Bet365 has to perform regular maintenance on its servers. While this can be frustrating, and I do not know the exact reasons for maintenance, it is important as it ensures servers are maintained.

Software Interruption

At times, I have been playing at Bet365 and been unable to access certain games due to software interruptions. These are not common from my experience, but they do happen from time to time. On the plus side, this usually only happens for me during off-peak hours. I should mention most software interruptions are due to maintenance or security upgrades. Ultimately, software interruptions are minimal, so this should not bother you.


How frequently does Bet365 perform regular maintenance?

I am unsure how frequently Bet365 performs regular maintenance, but from all accounts, maintenance is performed on a weekly basis.

How long does Bet365 take to perform regular maintenance?

From my experience, regular maintenance only lasts 10-15 minutes. However, if a major software update is being performed, this could take longer.

Will Bet365 provide updates when a service interruption takes place?

No, not from my experience, as most interruptions are minimal, and service is restored quickly.

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