How to Edit a Bet on Bet365? – Steps with Examples

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How to edit a bet at bet365

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To Edit a Bet on bet365, I had to decide what I wanted to wager on. After placing my bet, I saw that there were better options to choose from, so I decided to use the feature and make changes.

After swapping some selections and adding a new one, my new bet was ready. Edit Bet is a handy feature that can help in many situations, so I want to share more about it.

The Steps That Will Allow You To Edit a Bet on Bet365

bet365 edit a bet
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I know that many of you want to use Edit Bet while punting, so here is what I did:

  1. Step 1: I had to use my login details and access my bet365 account.
  2. Step 2: Once there, I selected “My Bets”.
  3. Step 3: I had to find the “Cash Out” tab.
  4. Step 4: This is where I came across “Edit Bet” and all of its features. The option was in the top-right of the bet slip.

After using the feature, my bet slip was updated and gave me an overview of what I’ve changed.

What Can I Edit in my Bet365 Bet?

bet365 edit a bet terms
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You can edit all sorts of things on your bet365 bet, which surprised me because I didn’t expect it. So, let me show you some of the things I came across.


Add a Selection via Edit-a-Bet

After I learned how to edit a bet on Bet365, the first thing I had to do was to add a selection. Even though I expected it to be complicated, all I had to do was to press “Add Selections”.

Once ready, I chose some available options, which were transferred into a temporary betslip. Of course, bet365 updated the potential return amount so it could correspond with the new markets.

After seeing the new prices, I decided to keep them, so I used the “Add to Bet” option. I also used “Save Changes”, followed by “Confirm”.


Delete a Selection from the Slip

Although adding a new selection to your bet365 betslip might seem complex at first, deleting one is like a walk in the park. I just had to use the “X” option on the selection that I wanted to remove.

After using this option, bet365 showed me my new return amount based on the removal of one of the options. Like before, I had to use “Save Changes” and “Confirm”.


Swap a Selection for Another

To swap my selection, I had to click on the option I wanted to change, which gave me access to a “Swap Selection” pop-up. This is where I chose an alternative from the same market.

When I finally found what I wanted, I selected “Done”, followed by “Save Changes” and “Confirm”. The latter allowed me to submit my request for Edit Bet. Unsurprisingly, Bet365 updated the odds and everything else after swapping my selections.


Switch to Another Bet Type

Although I am responsible while betting and always choose my bet type carefully, I had to make some changes. To do that, I selected my current bet type at the top of my bet slip, and saw that there was a pop-up called “Change Bet Type”. After browsing through the options, I decided to use one of them.

Following my choice, bet365 updated the new return amount and existing prices. Finally, I used “Done” and “Save Changes”, followed by “Confirm”.


Increase the Staking Amount

Increasing my stake required me to change the amount at the bet slip’s bottom left. After clicking there, I saw a pop-up that allowed me to input the new amount I wanted to bet with. Lastly, I had to select “Save Changes” and “Confirm”.

What are the Terms & Conditions to Mind?

There are different Terms and Conditions to keep in mind, so I decided to share them in a list. Once you learn how to edit bet on bet365, you should know the following:

  • This betting feature is only accessible on selected events for live and pre-match betting.
  • There is a small delay before the Edit Bet request validation.
  • You can’t use Edit Bet for things like Colossus bets, Parlay cards, Bet Builder, and more.
  • Some bet365 bonuses might not work if you’ve used Edit Bet. Check each promo’s rules for more information.
  • Adding or removing a selection with Edit Bet will equal your current stake to the Cash Out amount.

Are There Any Alternatives to Bet365 Edit a Bet?

No, there are no alternatives to bet365 Edit a Bet, other than Cash Out, which allowed me to settle my bet earlier. With that said, bet365 has many other sports betting features that I found interesting, such as Bet Builder.


How to use Edit Bet when my bet365 bet slip not showing?

You will have to refresh the website, and your bet slip should show up, allowing you to use Edit Bet.

Why do I need to Save and Confirm my Edit Bet requests?

You need to save and confirm your Edit Bet requests because otherwise, the system will revert the changes you’ve made after five seconds.

Can I change my bet365 bet after placing it?

Yes, you can change your bet365 bet using Edit Bete after placing it, as long as you have unsettled selections.

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