Bet365 In-Play Free Bets – How to Get & Use Them?

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Live betting with specials and offers is what punters look for. Hence, the bet365 in-play free bets are a fantastic way to get the latest odds when you bet on live sporting events. I love this style of betting, and with so many options at Bet365, it by far delivers the excitement I crave. Bet365 also offers coverage for hundreds of events each week, and that makes it even more appealing.

Bet365 In-Play Live Betting Features

One of the reasons I love the opportunity of receiving in-play free bets at Bet365 is the excitement it adds on game day. Moreover, along with Bet365 categorizing each in-play event into their Live In Game main menu, finding the match I have received an in-play free bet for is easy. Likewise, while the match plays out, I can view simulated graphics, score updates, and live streams via ITV when available.

How In-Play Free Bets Work at Bet365

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The way In-Play free bets work at Bet365 is pretty simple and if you received a free bet offer via email, the process will be self-explanatory. I should add, as each in-play free offer will be different, the qualifying terms will differ, but this is to be expected.

In essence, the way in-play free bets work is that they generally require you bet on a specific match in order to receive a free bet. For example, one in-play free bet I claimed required I bet up to a max of a specific sum on a specific Champions League match. After making my qualifying bet and once the match has begun, I received a free bet I could use to place an in-play bet on the same match.

The one thing to note though is the free bet must be used while the game is in-play and if unused, it will be forfeited.

How to Place a Bet365 In-Play Free Bet

Like placing any other free bet at Bet365, I found the steps required for placing in-play free bets to be straightforward. Here is what I did to place my in-play bet at Bet365:

Steps for Placing In-Play Free Bets
  1. First, I clicked on “Live In Game
  2. Next, I picked the sporting event my In-play free bet was intended for
  3. After adding my In-play selection, I clicked the “Use Free Bet” option beside that selection
  4. After reviewing my bet, I clicked “Place my Bet

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Can I place multiple in-play bets simultaneously at Bet365?

Yes, you can, and I have placed multiple bets on in-play events many times at Bet365.

Is Live streaming free at Bet365?

Yes, after registering at Bet365 and funding my account, I was able to access live streaming for any of the sporting events live streaming coverage was available.

How often are live odds updated at Bet365?

Based on my understanding and observations, Live odds are continually updated as match conditions change.

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