How to Remove Self-Exclusion on Bet365?

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bet365 self-exclusion removal

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To remove self-exclusion on bet365, you must contact the company’s customer support department. Needless to say, this process is only possible if the self-exclusion period is over.

Self-exclusion is an intriguing option offered by Bet365 that allows people to prevent themselves from using the given gambling website. This responsible gambling feature aims to help users who can’t control themselves while betting.

Steps How to Cancel Self-Exclusion

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To cancel self-exclusion while using bet365, I had to go through these steps for self-exclusion removal:

  1. Step 1: I contacted the customer support team after my self-exclusion period expired.
  2. Step 2: After a brief conversation, I had to check my email.
  3. Step 3: Sometimes, you may have a cooling-off period / time-off, but I didn’t have to go through this.
  4. Step 4: I followed the instructions in my email and my account was ready to use

#1 Get in touch with the customer support team

The first step I had to go through after reading how to remove self-exclusion on bet365 was to contact the customer support department. Luckily, this operator is notorious for offering loads of contact options, so I just had to choose one of them.


#2 Check email for instructions

After asking them to remove the restrictions, the people who work there checked whether my self-exclusion period had expired. Once they ensured everything was okay, they sent me an email that I had to open.


#3 Wait for the Time-Off period to be lifted

Prior to completing this process, I’ve read that bet365 may impose a cooling-off period. This means that some of your account’s features might not work after it has been restored from the self-exclusion. Luckily, I didn’t experience anything like that.


#4 Have self-exclusion removed by bet365

After completing the steps above, my new account was ready to use. However, this only happened because my self-exclusion came to an end. Unsurprisingly, bet365 cares a lot about responsible gambling, so the site does everything possible to prevent self-excluded clients from creating multiple accounts.

What is Self Exclusion at Bet365?

Self-exclusion at bet365
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Self-exclusion at bet365 is a feature that lets the operator’s customers prevent themselves from using the company’s services. When I decided to use this option, I could not use my account for gambling and betting. However, I had the opportunity to login and withdraw my remaining balance.

One of the interesting things I noticed when I decided to use the option is its time period. I had the chance to take a break from gambling for up to a couple of years.

Can I Remove Bet365 Self-Exclusion Alone?

No, you can’t remove bet365 self-exclusion alone. This is one of the important responsible gambling techniques that can prevent you from overspending. Even though you can enable the option on your own, removing it will require you to contact the customer support department.

Aside from using the steps in this article, you must wait until the self-exclusion period is over.

What to Do if the Issue is Not Solved?

If the issue is not solved, you should try to find more information online or use the other contact options. I did my research beforehand, and it turned out that bet365 has an impressive customer support team. Hence, if you are looking for how to remove self-exclusion on bet365, you can try using another contact alternative.

Creating a new account was tempting, but I realized this was not a good idea. Besides the fact that bet365 will do everything possible to prevent this, having multiple accounts is a breach of the T&C.

Can I Self-Exclude Myself Just From One of The Betting Categories?

Yes, you can self-exclude yourself only for one of the categories if you want to. Bet365 has a sportsbook, a casino, and a stand-alone poker category. I chose the casino section, but you can choose multiple options if needed.


What is a cooling-off period at bet365?

A cooling-off period at bet365 is another option with a similar effect to self-exclusion. Also known as Time Out, you can request it from the same panel where you’ve used the self-exclusion.

Is there a minimum exclusion period?

Yes, there is a minimum exclusion period of 6 months. I noticed that the maximum could reach up to 5 years.

Can I lift self-exclusion on bet365 if it hasn’t expired yet?

No, you can’t lift self-exclusion on bet365 if it hasn’t expired yet. In fact, the operator won’t remove the restrictions even when it is over unless you contact it.

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