Betano Bet Builder: Same Game Parlay

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betano bet builder same game parlay
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Here is a highly respected online sportsbook and casino provider that offers an abundance of betting features. This article is designed to provide information about the Betano bet builder feature. Known as a “same game parlay” at Betano, we explain how to build a bet at Betano and the reason why you should use the Batano bet builder feature.

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How to Build a Bet at Betano via Same Game Parlay

how to use bet builder on betano

If you have ever used a bet builder feature in the past, steps on how to build a bet at Betano are pretty easy to follow. However, in case you are unfamiliar with how to use Same Game Parlay, we have included the steps you will need to follow below.

  1. Log into your Betano account.
  2. Navigate to the sportsbook.
  3. Select a sporting event and enable the Bet Builder (aka Same Game Parlay) feature.
  4. Choose between 2 and 7 markets for your bet slip.
  5. Click “Bet Now“.

How does the Betano Bet Builder work?

betano canada bet builder

The way the Betano bet builder works is similar to most other build a bet features as it is designed to allow bettors to build a customizable bet for a variety of sports. Primarily offered for football and soccer, Betano’s build a bet provides the option to combine multiple markets for the same game or match under the same bet slip.

The way it works is that to use this feature, you must select between two and seven markets. after making your selections, the operator will then calculate the potential payouts and display them prior to submission.

Betano Same Game Parlay Terms

bet builder combinations in selections betano

Similar to other betting features, the Betano same game parlay betting feature is governed by a set of terms and conditions. Fortunately, these are not complicated, nor are they predatory in any way. For the most part, the Same Game Parleys focus on when it can be used and when it cannot. A summary of those terms is included below:

  • The Same Game Parlay feature may only be used on selected markets for specific sporting events.
  • Same Game Parles can be combined with other bets and same game parlays.
  • Same game parlay bets are eligible for the “Cash out” feature.
  • The maximum number of selections per same game parlay is seven.
  • If a same game parlay selection gets canceled or voided, the entire parlay bet will be voided.
  • The Same Game Parlay feature may not be used in conjunction with other betting features or offers.
  • Betano retains the right to suspend, remove or amend the same game parlay feature without notice.

Why use the bet builder at Betano?

bet builder promotion for betano

The Bet Builder at Betano is a great feature that offers bettors the option to combine different markets in a single bet for the same match. However, while this is a great feature that offers increased flexibility, some punters question whether they should use the bet builder option at Betano.

Resultantly, we thought it appropriate to list some advantages to why we believe justify using the build-a-bet at Betano. Below is a summary of the advantages the bet builder has to offer. Can be used for pre-match and live events.

  • Allows you to tailor your bets based on your predictions
  • Provides great flexibility and bet customization options
  • Offers the potential for larger payouts if your selections are correct

Can I use my bonus for Betano Same Game Parlay Bets?

Yes, you are more than welcome to use your bonus to place same game parlay bets unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions. Fortunately, there is nothing in the Betano bonus terms and conditions that states bonuses are not valid when wagering with a bonus. Similarly, first-time customers and existing players are eligible to claim other bonuses and wager their funds on same game parlays.

Final words

The Betano bet builder (known as Same Game Parlay at Betano) is a fantastic betting feature that provides bettors the flexibility they deserve. That flexibility provides bettors with the freedom to customize their bets and ultimately, increase their profit potential. That alone makes this a great feature, but being able to use it as part of your betting strategy makes it an invaluable betting tool that every punter should use when punting on sports.


What is the build-a-bet feature in Betano called?

Bet Builder goes by the name Same Game Parlay on the site of Betano. Only the name is different but in its essence this remains a Bet Builder through and through.

Does the Betano same game parlay have any limitations?

The only limitation for the Betano same game parlay is that you must select s minimum of two and a maximum of seven markets.

Can I use the Betano bet builder on hockey matches?

Yes, at times, Betano will enable the bet builder feature for hockey matches.

How much can I win from the same game parlay bonus at Betano?

Fortunately, as a licensed betting site, the operator does not cap the amount you can win from a same game parlay bonus.

Can I build a bet in my Betano app?

Yes, you can build a bet in the Betano app, and likewise, you can build a bet via the mobile website.

Can I place an accumulator that combines several build bets?

No, you cannot place an accumulator at Betano (matchcombo) that combines several build bets.

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