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The Double Delight Hat-Trick Heaven at Betfred is a frequently offered promotion available for soccer, football and a variety of other sports. Considering the Double Delight offer’s great value, it has become a favourite for bettors hoping to double their odds.

Similar to other promotions, the Betfred Double Delight has its advantages and disadvantages. Namely, punters who enjoy placing pre-match singles will find it appealing, while those preferring life bets will not. So how does it work, this article explains it in detail below and includes instructions on how to place a Betfred Double Delight bet and more.

How Do I Place a Betfred Double Delight Bet?

Like all sports bets, how to place a Betfred Double Delight bet follows a logical and straightforward step-by-step process. If familiar with sports betting, you likely will know this process like the back of your hand. However, if new to sports betting, a few details on how to place a Betfred Double Delight bet might prove helpful.

Betfred Double Delight steps
  1. Log in to Betfred via 👉 this link with your user I.D and password.
  2. Navigate to the Betfred sportsbook.
  3. Select a qualifying sport type and event.
  4. Choose the applicable bet type and bet amount.
  5. Click “Place Bet
  6. Bet on Betfred

How does the Betfred Double Delight Work?

Betfred Double Delight bonus

The Betfred Double Delight Hat-Trick Heaven is an easy-to-understand offer where pre-existing knowledge can pay off handsomely. Before getting started, you will first need to open a Betfred account and then provide Betfred with the necessary documents proving your identity. After verification of your identity, you will be free to place bets and qualify for any Betfred Double Delight offers.

The premises of the Betfred Double Delight is pretty simple but does change depending on the type of sport applicable to the offer. Regardless of the sport, the Betfred Double Delight applies only to pre-match singles and specific games, matches and markets. It is mostly used for top football matches from leading championships and leagues.


For example, if the Betfred Double Delight requires you place a pre-match single on the Next goalscorer market, Betfred doubles the odds if the player you backed scores twice. Likewise, if the player you backed scores three times, Betfred will treble the odds.

Similarly, the same applies to other sports and only is applicable if bets are placed prior to the start of the match or game. Other terms are also relevant such as using a free bet to qualify and extra time not counting. T&Cs apply!


Does Betfred offer competitive odds for the Betfred Double Delight offer?

Yes, all odds at Betfred are competitive, and that includes those that apply when qualifying for the Betfred Double Delight offer.

Which sports qualify for the Betfred Double Delight offer?

Generally, the Betfred Double Delight offer is offered for soccer and football. However, at Betfred’s discretion, they may feature it for other sports like Cricket or Basketball.

Can I choose to place more than one bet and still qualify for the Betfred Double Delight offer?

Yes, you are able to place multiple bets for the Betfred Double Delight offer, but Betfred will exclude some players it feels are using unfair betting practices.

What is the maximum payout for the Betfred Double Delight offer?

Unless stated within the terms and conditions, the maximum payout for the Betfred Double Delight offer is based on their maximum betting limits.

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