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BetKurus is an online sportsbook betting and casino platform where play is regulated through bitcoins. Licensed to undertake betting of online games, Betkurus accepts members from across the globe. Unlike other online casinos platforms where members can play other online games, this is strictly an online In-play betting platform. It was founded in October 2014 and the company has established itself as one of the most advanced bitcoin betting platforms. It is operated by DigitalSport Entertainment, which is the organization responsible for the successful enrollment of the bitcoin system. The analysis below and other BetKurus Reviews show why BetKurus has been named the best bitcoin online in play game betting platform.

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The Incorporated Layouts and Betting Features

The company offers over 500 in play games accessible on a daily basis. This feature allows the members to choose their most preferred game. This (the number of in-play games) is way above any other bitcoin online platform.
Of the total in play games, the members are given the opportunity to bet on over 100 markets. It is however important to note that the 2-way market is offered at a margin of around 7.5%.
The gaming activities offered by BetKurus can include a casino, trading rooms as well as pregame sportsbook.

The Bitcoin-to-fiat option feature

The Bitcoin-to-fiat deposit platform has been recently integrated into the company’s betting system by Hong Kong’s CoinMatrix. This platform has been developed with the capabilities of converting the bitcoins into the major accepted fiat without any delays.

With this feature the members are able to bet through their preferred currencies since the platform will convert them into their appropriate bitcoin value.

A member is also able to request the release of the money that has been won during a bet in the form of bitcoins. This feature therefore guarantees safe methods of deposing and withdrawing money in the currency one prefers.

Guarantees made by the Bitcoin-to-fiat deposit platform:

  • The members are able to make instant deposits in their preferred currencies.
  • When depositing or withdrawing, the conversion to fiat currency and vice versa is done using fair market rates where there are no extra commissions incurred.
  • The members are able to withdraw money within thirty minutes or less.
  • The company offers an add-on which involves a 7.5% deposit of bitcoins. This alternative was created to stimulate payments by bitcoins, as compared to other deposit methods, to increase the number of bitcoins that are in the system.

BetKurus Sign-Up Bonus

betkurus bonus

The company offers a 50% sign up bonus. This means that one receives half of what he deposits on top of his deposit. It is however important to note that this only applies to deposits of 1 to 20cBTC which is approximated to be 50EUR. If you think that this offer is not enough, then you could go for €100 Welcome Bonus at Efbet. The earned bonuses are however to be played 8 times at odds of 1.4 or higher before any withdrawal is done by the client. Aspiring members should note that the minimum deposit is 1cBTC/USD/TRY/EUR

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” rel=”nofollow” button_text=”Visit BetKurus” price=”$50 Bonus” title=”50% Deposit Bonus” description=”This offer is only valid to new clients and is valid to clients who open an account before 1st of September 2015.” thumb=”” width=”120″ height=”61″]

Refer a friend Bonus

As the BetKurus Review confirms, there is another bonus which is made available to existing members of BetKurus where they are entitled to a certain amount of bitcoins. With one successful friend recommendation the person who recommended that person will receive 10cBT or its equivalent in fiat provided the new member makes a first deposit of not less than 25cBT or its equivalent in fiat currencies. The referral process is relatively easy and quick where the friend signing in is only required to enter the customer ID or username of the person who recommended them as the promo code when signing up. One can also opt for the other method where they can send a referral link and whenever a friend uses that referral link, the relevant details will automatically appear on the promo code space.

On top of this, on this bonus of referring friends, if anyone is successful in referring 10 or more friends, they will automatically win the grand referral prize, which is an original t-shirt of the team of their choosing.

So don’t sit there and just bet while there is a chance of earning more bitcoins by simply telling friends about the great betting experience offered by this company.

Live stream feature

live streaming at betkurus724

BetKurus offers a live stream feature, which is not offered by other bitcoin online platforms. This live stream feature offers the members the access to over 50 games that are made available on a daily basis. It offers access to the most watched European and US leagues including, but not limited to, the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, NBA and NHL. Through this feature, the members are able to watch the games they have placed bets on, which makes it easier for them to learn whether they have won or lost the bets.

In play section

The in play feature provides the members with the opportunity to access bets of over 100 markets. The in play feature provides access to trading rooms as well as grants access to live casino for easier betting.

Important information about the game

It is important to note that online activity involved in this platform is subject to authorization by the Curucao Government and it does not allow any citizen of USA and its territories to join as a member. With this information no shipping of the grand referral prize which is the t-shirt will be done to the USA and its territories.

Affiliate program

The company has come up with an affiliate program where members who think they have the capabilities of driving traffic to the company’s official website. There is a payment of fixed amount of 15EUR or its equivalence bitcoin amount is paid to every member who signs up and deposits 50EUR or its equivalence.


With the above information and the BetKurus Reviews, that are available on the internet, we can easily say that it is the place to take all betting needs, especially including the thrill of the in-play betting. Through the bonuses that new and existing members have access to, as well as the great getting gaming experience offered by this company, there should be no reason why one should not join this bitcoin betting platform.

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