Betsafe Jackpot Bonus – Get up to 40,000,000 KSH

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betsafe jackpot bonus
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Here is one of the best bookmakers in Kenya – Betsafe. They have plenty of sporting events listed on the site every day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to win a jackpot for correctly predicting match outcomes? Betsafe jackpot bonuses (~Ksh 40 Million) have a myriad of options lined up for its bettors in Kenya.

Try Betsafe Jackpot

How to Claim the Jackpot Bonus at Betsafe?

Claiming any jackpot at Betsafe requires a registered and verified account. The jackpots are available to registered bettors. These jackpots are for sporting events only. Most of them are restricted to football betting.

Betsafe jackpot menu
  1. Log in to your account at Betsafe.
  2. Click on the Jackpot menu on your account’s dashboard.
  3. You will get a listing of the available jackpot bonuses and when they will start.

Types of Betsafe Jackpot Bonuses

There are different jackpots available at Betsafe. Each of these jackpots has a mega payout. Before trying out any available jackpots, read through the terms and conditions to understand them and their requirements.


Betsafe Daily Jackpot Bonus

betsafe daily jackpot bonus

The daily jackpot is based on 1X2 bets only. These are the only markets you to bet on when attempting the daily jackpot. This jackpot is based on 9 pre-selected football events. The jackpot entry cost will differ daily, as well as the jackpot amount. You can get Ksh 300,000 in this midweek jackpot bonus.


Super Jackpot

betsafe super jackpot bonus

The super jackpot comes with a guaranteed bonus jackpot of Ksh. 40,000,000. To get into the main draw, make 10 or more correct predictions. The main draw is entered by 10 bettors who contend for the main payout.


Mita Tano Jackpot (1×2)

betsafe mita tano jackpot

To win the Mita Tano jackpot, make correct predictions on 13 pre-selected events. The jackpot is based on 1×2 bets with prize pool of Ksh 5,000,000. The entry requirements for the jackpot will be different every week.


Some of these betsafe midweek jackpot bonuses may be inactive at the moment. The prize pool sums of the jackpots here may differ on the official website. So make sure you visit for up-to-date info.

Main Bonus Rules to Mind

Each jackpot bonus has its unique rules and terms to go by. There are main rules that cut across all jackpots. To successfully redeem a bonus, you need to adhere to these rules. Breaking these rules can lead to disqualification or loss of the jackpot prize.

  • Betsafe can disqualify players from the jackpot bonuses at their discretion.
  • Betsafe is at liberty to modify the promotions when they wish.
  • The decision given by Betsafe in case of a dispute is final.
  • The staff, former staff members, third parties, and family members will not participate in the jackpot bonuses

Terms and Conditions

Every bonus and jackpot at a betting site or casino is subject to terms and conditions. The Betsafe jackpot bonuses are subject to terms and conditions that must be met fully to have the jackpot winnings paid out. Below are different terms for the jackpots. Visit each jackpot bonus terms and conditions to get the complete list of the terms and conditions. We have only highlighted some of these terms in our review.

Mita Tano Jackpot Terms

  • Participate in the Mita Tano jackpot by pre-selecting 13 football events.
  • The jackpot entry amount is subject to change weekly.
  • The jackpot amount is fixed.
  • Do not use the bonus money to bet on the jackpot.
  • Betsafe is at liberty to verify the identity of the jackpot winners.

40,000,000 Jackpot Terms

  • Three super jackpot games are played to enter the Super Jackpot Dream bonus draw.
  • Have 10 or more correct predictions in the super jackpot to qualify.
  • Winners with the minimum number of correct predictions will enter a random draw in 48 hours.
  • 10 players will be entered into the Super Jackpot Dream bonus draw.
  • Results for the draw are shared on Betsafe Social Media platforms.

Betsafe Daily Jackpot Terms

  • The daily jackpot is based on nine 1X2 correct pre-selected football events.
  • The jackpot entry amount changes from time to time.
  • When there is more than one winner, the jackpot prize will be shared among them.
  • Betsafe determines the jackpot amount.
  • Bonus money cannot be used to wager on the jackpot.

Who Qualifies for this Betsafe Jackpot Bonus?

betsafe jackpot bonus last week

Players betting at Betsafe are qualified to try the jackpot bonuses. To be a Betsafe member, you must be of legal gambling age (18+). Even when you meet these requirements, you should not be a member of Betsafe’s staff, former staff, third-party supplier, or a family member of any of the listed categories of people.

How to Use the Bonus?

What happens after you win the jackpot bonus? You can cash out the bonus and spend it at your discretion. You can use the bonus to place more bets on the bookie. If you are still trying to figure out what to do with the jackpot bonus, contact the support team at Betsafe, who will help you reach a financial advisor.


Is there a Betsafe midweek Jackpot bonus?

Yes, Betsafe has midweek jackpot bonuses. Currently, you can try the daily jackpot bonus.

Will the Mita Tano Jackpot bonus vary?

No, the Mita Tano jackpot bonus does not vary.

Can I use my welcome offer bonus to bet for the Super Jackpot bonus?

This is not possible; you cannot try for the jackpots with bonus money.

Can I take part in the jackpot bonuses as a Betsafe employee?

Betsafe staff and family members do not qualify to participate in these jackpot bonuses.

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