Best Strategies Betting on Sports at Betfair

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Betfair Tips and Strategies
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Betfair is betting pioneers, being responsible for the most successful betting exchange in the world and popularising this innovative form of betting. They now also offer the Betfair Sportsbook, which operates just like a standard fixed odds online bookmaker, as well as a number of other gaming products.

Whether you prefer to place bets on the exchange or at the sportsbook, Betfair is a great choice and both offer excellent chances to be more successful betting on sports. Betfair is part of the Flutter group, along with Paddy Power, which means they are one of the very biggest bookmakers in the world that are more than worthy of your attention. Their size and financial power mean they can offer good odds, great offers and, most importantly, are as safe and secure as anyone.

This latter point is key because there is no point in scoring your bets if you have to worry about being paid, or even worse, your account being hacked. All of the sites we promote are excellent in this regard but Betfair is among the very best and you can be sure you’ll be treated fairly as well. Plus knowing the right betting strategies to use will help you get better rewards more and more often!

Gamble ResponsiblyDisclaimer: Be aware of your gambling at all times. Play responsibly. No tips can guarantee better chances.

Use the Amazing Odds to your Advantage

The odds you get on your bets directly affects the value, which, in turn, affects your long-term outcomes. To have the edge over an extended period with sports betting you need to find value and when it comes to odds, Betfair are superb.

The Betfair Sportsbook is well above average on most sports and especially good on football and tennis. However, if you want really big odds more consistently, the Betfair Sports Exchange is the place to go if you want to have a working sports betting strategy.

Liquidity, or rather the occasional lack of it, means this won’t always be the case, but on the biggest events, there is a great chance you will find the highest odds at the exchange. This is especially the case on long-odds bets, where even allowing for Betfair’s small commission you can often find substantially bigger prices.

Don’t disregard the Betfair Range of Markets

No matter which strategy you choose, trading or another, If you want a chance for success, then Betfair gives you tens of thousands every day! That’s because over their two main sports betting products they cover such a huge range of markets.

Whether your betting interests are fairly mainstream or very niche, you have so many different bets to choose from: football, tennis, basketball, horse racing, golf and rugby are just a tiny selection of the “normal” sports covered. Wager on your laptop or download and install the Betfair app on your Android or iOS device so you can enjoy these traditional games whilst you can also bet on athletics, Aussie Rules, MMA, Gaelic sports, volleyball, badminton, handball, surfing and loads, loads more.

That means that whatever sports you love watching, are very knowledgeable about or on which you just fancy a bet, you have countless chances to become successful all the time at Betfair. There are so many markets live at any single time that you really are spoilt for choice.

Betfair Offers as your Best Strategy

Betfair bonuses and promotions strategy

Sister-site Paddy Power are rightly famous for their many promotions and offers, but Betfair also offers customers plenty of nice extra freebies. Most, if not all of these, give you a lot of extra value and improve your chances of risking less with Betfair.

The best place to start is the beginning, and that means the Betfair welcome offer. You can claim a signup bonus for sports when you join the sportsbook or go for the new customer offer for the betting exchange and it is the latter that usually offers the better deal.

What is available changes from time to time but right now the Betfair Sportsbook allows you to earn up to €100 in free bets (subject to Ts and Cs, 18+). That’s a really generous promotion and with €100 of extra betting cash you have an excellent chance of being successful at Betfair with this.

Once you’ve joined the bookie, Betfair has plenty of other offers too, with frequent acca insurance and cashback deals. These give you two chances to succeed – first with your initial bet and then, if you narrowly miss out, a second bite of the cherry, often in the shape of a free bet refund.

Trading – Another Useful Option

One interesting option provided by the Betfair Exchange, which isn’t necessarily available at most betting sites is the facility to trade. With trading you don’t need to pick value bets in order to have returns. You just need to be able see odds that you think are too short or too long.

The exchange allows you to back and lay selections, so if you think, for example, the odds on Manchester United are too big and the price is likely to shorten over time, you could back them. If you place a bet at, for example, odds of 2.4 and you are right and those odds drop to 2.1, you could then lay United (bet against them) and guarantee some potential returns.

There are lots of different trading strategies out there, with various options based on trading pre-game, on the team news announcement and in-play. All three give you a real opportunity to succeed punting on sports at Betfair and with trading the match result doesn’t even matter, just your ability to predict which way the odds will move.

Is it worth betting at Betfair?

Betfair is a classy betting site you can trust. The bookie offers good odds, loads of matches and sports, and have some excellent offers. Use your skill or have luck on your side and yes, you sure can be successful at Betfair!

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