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Best odds guaranteed is a term that is sought after by both novice and pro gamblers. Our article is dedicated to the strategies you can use to make the most of this offer. If you want to learn more about the brand, read our Betway review here.

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Introduction to Betway

Best odds guaranteed at Betway

Sports are one of the most ancient and enduring forms of entertainment known to man. From children’s games to world-class matches, sports are universally popular. Fans who want to take action to the next level can seek out the best odds and place wagers.

Sports betting is probably just as old as sports themselves. Today, betting on sports in sites like Bet Way casino is a very different experience. Most sports betting happens online nowadays, with countless operators offering their services. One of the most renowned among them is Betway.

Betway offers a vast selection of both pre-match and in-play sports betting markets. On top of that, you’ll find many exciting features and promotions. But, does Betway offer best odds guaranteed?

What Does Best Odds Guaranteed Mean?

First off, let’s get things straight. “Best odds guaranteed” is a very common phrase in sportsbook parlance. It can mean slightly different things for different operators, though. The scope of its application is also quite variable.

Generally speaking, “best odds guaranteed” is a special promotional feature, and can be abbreviated to BOG. It’s offered for select betting markets, normally in specific sports and leagues. It lets players know that, no matter what happens after placing a wager, they’ll be getting the best payout possible.

Here’s how it works: ever notice how you’ll sometimes place a wager pre-match at certain odds, only for the line to slide further in your favour later on? If so, then you’re far from alone. A wager with BOG won’t ever experience that, though. Instead, the bookmaker will payout at the highest payout rates offered for the market.

This means that if you place a $/€10 wager at 1/5 odds, and the line shifts to 1/4 by start time, then you’ll get the latter. However, if instead the line shifts against you, say, to 1/6, then your wager will remain at 1/5. Your winning bet will always get the highest payout offered of the two.

Most often, BOG is offered as a limited promotion, applicable under specific conditions. It usually applies to sports that come with longer odds as they are the ones that will experience greater fluctuation. A few operators do offer BOG across the board for a particular sport and region. For example, some horse betting sites offer BOG on all UK & Irish horse races.

Pros and Cons

Up next, we’ll go over the upsides and downsides of BOG promotions.

  • Pros
  • Getting better payouts when the line shifts in your favour
  • Locking in superior odds should your chances fall before the event starts
  • Cons
  • BOG promotions tend to have narrow applications
  • The promotion will only be helpful if your selection actually wins
  • In-play odds might be more favourable than starting odds

Does Betway Offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

Betway bog types

Now that we’ve established what “best odds guaranteed” means and how it works, let’s talk Betway. Does Betway offer BOG?

Absolutely! However, they are fleeting promotions with very specific fields of application. You won’t always be able to find BOG offers available on the site. Unlike the other Betway offers (full list here), BOG promotions tend to be seasonal. Frequently, you’ll find them offered on the day or week of major sporting events.

When available, you’ll find BOG promos prominently advertised in banners. There are a few different kinds of BOG offers. Each promotion carries its fine print, so make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully.

Types of Odds Guaranteed at Betway

Over time, you’re bound to come across several different types of BOG promotions at Betway. We’ll list the most common promotions below. Keep in mind, though, that this list is by no means exhaustive.

Football BOG
Premier League BOG
UEFA Best Odds Guaranteed
Horse Racing Best Odds Guaranteed

Comparison of Betway Best Odds Guaranteed Types

Looking at the different types of BOG promos occasionally available at Betway, it’s hard to pick a standout.

Generally speaking, the broader the scope of a best odds guaranteed offer, the more attractive it is. A football, horse racing, or basketball BOG offer is more flexible than a UEFA, Royal Ascot, or NBA BOG offer. That much is a given.

However, most Betway BOG offers have some kind of limitation. You often have to place your wagers on specific days of the week or particular matches. These matches are often rather low-profile. So the added flexibility of broader BOG offers has its limits, too.

That being said, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to make a choice either way. Betway Best Odds Guaranteed offers rarely overlap. Most of the time, you’ll only have one BOG promotion to take advantage of.

Betway Best Odds Guaranteed Requirements

As with any other promotion at Betway, you’ll need to meet some requirements to qualify for BOG offers. Most best odds guaranteed promotions have a minimum wager to be eligible. Your bets need to be equal or higher if you want the offer to take effect.

Of course, time-limited BOG promos require you to stick to the specified time frame. The offer will specify the day and time that the offer is valid for. It will also inform you of the time zone that the limit applies within.

Finally, your wagers will only be eligible for BOG promotions within the specified sports, leagues, matches, and betting markets. Certain best odds guaranteed promos can be surprisingly specific. Make sure that you check the fine print before proceeding.

Final Recommendations

All things considered, best odds guaranteed offers are mostly an upside. If you find a Betway promo offering BOG on a market you’re interested in, you should always take advantage of it.

However, chasing after BOG offers might lead you into some tight spots. Always go prepared with wiki betting tips ready to use considering the narrow application of many of Betway’s BOG promos, you’d have to bet on some highly specific, rather low-profile markets.

So, keep your eye on the ball. Take advantage of BOG promotions when they make sense within your betting style and preferences. Try not to go out of your way just to chase a promotion, though. Slightly better payouts on a market you know little about isn’t a great strategy.

Check for BOG offer at Betway

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