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An add-on to the prestigious BoyleSports sportsbook, Boyle Lotto was initially launched around 2010. Like most of its counterparts, the brand runs on the Virtual Fusion platform powered by Playtech. As such, players can expect numerous Lotto rooms, exciting variations on the game, and a substantial number of popular slots.

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BoyleLotto Review

Boasting the best lottery results today, Boyle Lotto has become an integral part of the BoyleSports sportsbook brand. Bathed in purples and blues, the site is not only thrilling but an attractive option. Adorned on the sky-blue curtain is basic information, drawn from around the world, such as Irish Lotto, Daily Millions, UK Lotto, and Lucky Stars.

In essence, the website is neatly organized so everything is within reach. As you scroll slightly down to the main banner, you’ll find plenty of bonuses to choose from. More Lotto, more winning, more prizes! Delving deeper to the heart of the website, let’s unearth what more the company has to offer.

BoyleSports Lottery Draws

Boyle Sports lotto section

Hitting a mega jackpot is the key selling point of any player. To live up to its promise, BoyleSports presents numerous opportunities to attain the life-changing moment. BoyleSports Lotto draws are the most popular in the market.

  • EuroMillions Lottery
    Any lottery website worth its salt will provide the legendary EuroMillions. At BoyleSports Lotto, EuroMillions draw Introduction attracts millions of bettors across the globe.
    For first time bettors, the draw is the biggest in the whole of Europe and has balls drawn from the romance capital of the world – Paris. To qualify for millions, you can bet on up to 5 balls from a selection of 1 to 50 lottery numbers.
    The lotto is drawn twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday nights at 8:40 pm (GMT). It is the norm to place your bets between 5 to 50 minutes beforehand. BoyleSports EuroMillions results can reach as much as £50 million, and even more!
  • 49s
    Designed for lotto fanatics who can’t wait for the next draw, the 49s lunch and teatime lottery are one the highest paying jackpots. Originally available in the retailers, Boylesports 49s is now available online earning the sportsbook rave reviews.
    The 49s is drawn twice daily at 12:49 pm (GMT) and 4:49 pm (GMT). You can bet on multiple balls at the same time, and it is this flexibility that makes betting on the lotteries so popular. Boylesports 49s results are among the most rewarding in the industry.
  • UK Lotto
    Typical of a bigwig, BoyleSports backs up the experience with an absolute stormer payout system. The sportsbook hosts the world’s biggest jackpots, including the UK lotto. To get your fair share of the massive prize, you can bet on up to 5 balls. Results will be shown under the specified category on the website.
  • Irish Lotto
    Similar to the above mentioned, players can look forward to the Irish Lotto draws every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Log in at 7:50 pm so that you don’t miss out on the massive jackpot. To enter the draw, you have to choose up to 5 lucky numbers from a selection of 47.

BoyleSports Lotto Results Service & Schedule

Locating your favourite game is a pretty laid back task. The company has made it a breeze to find games by presenting a detailed schedule of all draws. From our point of view, the sportsbook is immaculate with new games being introduced every minute of the day.

So, whether you prefer to play during an ungodly hour, or during the daytime, there’s always a thrilling game you can hop on. Perfectly organised so everything is at hand, Boylesports lottery 49 results are easy to find.

This also includes EuroMillions results, UK lotto and other draws available on site. To access the latest results, simply click the results hanging on the top blue drape. For stress-free navigation, a search is visibly placed on the right side of the sportsbook.

Lotto Odds at BoyleSports

With a handful of sportsbooks promising millions, it’s always a good idea to check out the odds before jumping aboard. During our review, we did a thorough check of the BoyleSports lotto odds.

For the most part, we were impressed by the competitive odds available throughout the lobby. The company swaggers the top industry odds on some lottos. You should however be aware that this is not the case with all games.

A select few titles have slightly above average odds. While some websites have higher odds, BoyleSports lottery results remain one of the leading in the market. To save you time surfing the internet in search of the best odds, we’ve summarized them in the table below.

BoyleSports Irish Lotto Odds

Odds (With Bonus Ball)
Odds (Without Bonus Ball)
1 Ball
2 Balls
3 Balls
4 Balls
5 Balls

For the Daily Millions lottery, BoyleSports Lotto’s odds are clearly ahead of the competition.

BoyleSports Daily Millions Odds

Odds (With Bonus Ball)
Odds (Without Bonus Ball)
1 Ball
2 Balls
3 Balls
4 Balls
5 Balls

For the 49s, BoyleSports provides competitive odds.

BoyleSports 49s Odds

Odds (With Bonus Ball)
Odds (Without Bonus Ball)
1 Ball
2 Balls
3 Balls
4 Balls
5 Balls

Promotion and Bonuses for Lotto Players

Boylesports lotto bonuses

This brand is known for its generous Boylesports promotions, and Boyle Lotto is no exception. To keep you glued to the screen, the company presents a variety of lucrative bonuses for Lotto veterans. Not too long ago, new bettors could take advantage of the welcome offer to kickstart a successful gaming arena. For some reasons unknown to us, BoyleSports saw it fit to quietly remove this lucrative welcome bonus.

However, considering other Virtue Fusion brands hail higher in terms of welcome bonuses, it’s no brainer to hop on board. While at the time of writing, BoyleSports Lotto didn’t have any ongoing promotions available, players are usually spoiled to the following promos:

  • Daily Free Lotto Hour – from 5 pm up until 6 pm daily, enhance your EuroMillions results when you upgrade your tickets. To qualify, you need to spend £5 on any Lotto game of choice.
  • Super Sunday Lotto – Sunday Funday! That’s the mood every Sunday at BoyleSports Irish lotto. The promotions award a 20% bonus so you can reap the best BoyleSports lottery results.
  • Daily Lotto Promotions – Every day is another chance to become a multi-millionaire. From Roll-On Mondays, Value Night (Tuesday), to The Money Ladder (Wednesday), Friday Fever, and Super Saturdays, you’re bound to strike favourable lotto results at some point. Not to forget the money-rolling Big Bargain Sundays!

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Playing BoyleSports Lotto Mobile

Boyle Sports mobile lotto games

Gone are the days of rushing home in time to log on to your laptop or PC just to access the money-spinning BoyleSports Euro lotto. Nowadays bettors are looking to enjoy their favourite lotteries at work, on the train, or any other place of their choosing.

In keeping up with this trend, BoyleSports online is fully optimised for mobile play allowing you to fit extra Lotto time into your daily plans. Synonymous with the lucrative website, there is a complete list of promotions for on-the-go Lotto bettors.

Being a Playtech partner, the iGaming platform can guarantee a seamless gaming experience free from technical glitches. If by a slim chance you bump into hitches, the efficient and friendly customer support team awaits you 24/7.

In terms of access, simply use your standard BoyleSports login lotto details and you’re good to go. Be it you’re an Android user or part of the iOS gang, the copiously stocked website is available at hand.

For the select few that prefer using an app over a browser, a great news might be headed their way. The iGaming guru is currently accessible using a mobile browser and a mobile app. The mobile application is available on both Android and iOS. However, the option for an app does not take away from the impressive mobile site.

Should I play at BoyleSports Lotto?

A clear indication of their vast experience in the industry, Boylesports online boasts several Lotto rooms, with new ones popping up every single minute. Taking the lead from other eminent gaming trademarks to show off lucrative draws, it’s clear to see why the company rests in the lead.

Moving on to the game selection, BoyleSports Lotto takes the finest gaming collection and wraps it up for bettors to get stuck into. In addition to supreme Lotto games is a pleasant selection of slots, scratch cards, and casino games for you to dip in.

Whether you’re playing via desktop or mobile, the complete range of games is available at hand. Moreover, BoyleSports lotto odds are among the best in the lottery market. Similar to the majority of renowned bookmakers, the company opted to run on the Virtue Fusion platform powered by Playtech. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about navigating the site or running into bugs mid-play.

BoyleSports Lotto is bright, cheerful and stress-free to navigate. The vibrant site is a breeze to manoeuvre with all basic information hanging from the top blue banner. As you scroll down south, you’ll come across helpful links connecting to various pages on the site. Whatever you’re looking for, Boyle Lotto has got it in plain sight.

Upon placing the famed BoyleSports under the microscope, we found that not all is rosy. Although there’s a promotion page on-site, there weren’t any ongoing offers at the time of writing. Another slap on the face is the lack of a dedicated mobile lottery app. Hopefully, a solution is in the works.

Nonetheless, considering everything the BoyleSports has to offer, the site is worth every bettor’s time.

  • Pros
  • Multiple sections to visit and numerous lotteries to choose from
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • Remarkable customer service that is available around the clock
  • The website is easily navigable
  • Renowned software providers
  • Cons
  • No bonuses or promotions for Lotto players
  • A VIP program is only accessible to sports and casino players who can stop at a BoyleSports Retail Shop
  • There’s no live streaming option for lottery draws

FAQs about Lotto at BoyleSports

Is BoyleSports Lotto Safe?

Owned by one of the leading brick-and-mortar betting companies in Ireland, BoyleSports has an impeccable reputation. The group has over 115 land-based Licensed Betting Offices throughout Ireland. Having been in operation since 1989, Boyle Lotto is considered one of the most trusted gaming services around.

What Lotto Games Does Boyle Lotto Have?

A company with over 30 years in the industry, Boyle Lotto now provides numerous lotteries, such as Daily Millions, Irish Lotto, 49s, and UK Lotto.

How long do withdrawals take?

According to their website, you can get your funds from as early as 2 to 3 days. However, due to processing delays at banking institutions, withdrawals can take up to 5 days to reach your account. On rare occasions, usually caused by issues beyond the company’s control, you might have to wait for an extended period.

Why Bet with Boylesports?

BoyleSports Lotto has a lot to offer. From plenty of games and promotions to a seamless mobile gaming experience, the iGaming platform has something for old and new bettors alike. Coupled with numerous lotteries, BoyleSports has more to offer than the rest of the troupes.

Does BoyleSports Lotto support mobile play?

Yes, Boyle Lotto supports mobile play. The lavish blue website is fully optimised for mobile play, so you can access your favourite games on iOS and Android devices. Open any browser of choice, and you’ll have the complete package right in your pocket.


An asset to an already remarkable sportsbook brand, BoyleSports Lotto has positioned itself as a leading brand in the sportsbook scene. Both the fresh faces and seasoned bettors are presented with an opportunity to enjoy their favourite games while attaining the best BoyleSports lottery results.

Moreover, the site offers exciting promotions coupled with regular deals to inspire loyalty a little bit further. We found it a breeze to leap into the rooms, and manoeuvring the site was just as refreshing.

When it boils down to the nitty-gritty aspects’ BoyleSports lotto payouts are worth the rave. While the lack of a live streaming option is a major let-down, the rich lobby more than makes up for the hiccup. Besides, the company’s efforts to create a haven for Lotto fanatics go a long way.

With the loyalty scheme being as remarkable as is, you would need a darn good excuse to play elsewhere. For bettors looking to become an overnight sensation, BoyleSports 49s is your best bet. Overall, BoyleSports Lotto appears perfectly poised for great success ahead.

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