BoyleSports Cash Out (2023) – Steps & Tips

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BoyleSports cash out
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This bookie has a cashout feature available to bettors, making multiple bets. The BoyleSports cash out is available on selected markets only. These are mostly for football, tennis, darts, snooker, basketball, rugby, cricket, gold, baseball, ice hockey, American football and GAA. The feature allows you to take control of your bets. Cash out on your multiple bet before all events on the bet list are settled. A small return is better than nothing. There are rules to the cash-out, which are discussed in this post.

How to Cash Out a Bet on BoyleSports?

Cashing out on Boyle Sports is easy; make sure your bet is not settled and one of the selections has won. For your cash-out request to be approved, ensure you have fulfilled all requirements. The requirements are:

BoyleSports cash out button
  1. The cash-out feature is only available in multi bets
  2. It is not available to single bets
  3. Only cash out when a match goes in-play
  4. Make sure that one of your selections won
  5. Cash-out is not available for system bets and bets made with bonus money
  6. You cannot cancel a cash-out request after it starts

When initiating the cash-out request, you will notice that there will be a time delay before the cash-out is approved. This will cancel the cash out if the odds change during the delay.

Does BoyleSports Allow Cash Out?

BoyleSports cash out feature

Yes, BoyleSports has a cashout system used on multi-bets. There are conditions to having the cashout, which are fair and friendly to bettors.


Is there an auto cash-out?

BoyleSports does not have an auto cash-out feature. You need to request the cash-out so that it can be processed. With auto cash-outs, you set the parameters in advance. When you achieve the cash-out, the payout is done.


Will I get a full or partial Cash-out?

You only get a partial cash-out with BoyleSports; your selections will determine the amount you receive. A fair market value of what you will get from the bookie is given. BoyleSports processes the cashout when you accept their offer, and the bet records as a winner. This transaction cannot be canceled, and the final results will not affect anything since the bet is closed.

Why Opt for BoyleSports Cashout?

There are two significant reasons why you will go for the cash-out option. The first one is when the bet is not working out. In such an event, it is good to count your losses and take the cash-out offer. The other reason will be to reduce the risks of waiting for a multi-bet to mature. It will be better to lock up your winnings early.

The odds for cash out at BoyleSports are reasonable and work great for the punters. The returns are better, and you can later use it in another bet.

When is BoyleSports cash out unavailable?

BoyleSports cash out page

There are instances when the BoyleSports cash out will be unavailable. Boyle Sports takes no liability for this, but the bet remains as placed. You need to know that the cash-out option will not always be available. Instances that will cause unavailability:

  • When a market is suspended
  • Technical failures
  • Interruptions or ommissions
  • The bet was placed with bonus money
  • You made an each-way bet

Can I Cash Out on BoyleSports When Using Bonus Money?

This is not possible. You cannot cash out on a bet you made with bonus money. Even when the bet has met all other requirements, it will not qualify for a cash-out since it is placed with bonus money.

As per most Boylesports bonus terms, using cash out will not count toward wagering. Thus, making the feature unsuitable for your bonus credit funds.

Pros and Cons

This far, you can already tell that the cash-out feature has advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to determine whether the advantages outweigh the cons of taking up the opportunity. From our perspective, exploiting the cash-out feature on Boyle Sports will come in handy.

  • Hits
  • Partially get a refund of your stake
  • Get a second chance on a losing bet
  • You can place another bet with the cash-out money
  • Misses
  • The auto cash-out feature is not available
  • You might prematurely terminate a winning bet


Check the most common questions about the BoyleSports Lucky 15 bonus:

Is there a cash out feature at BoyleSports?

Yes, BoyleSports has a cash-out feature for their multi bets.

Which markets are available for BoyleSports cash out?

Use cash out on selected football, tennis, GAA, snooker, darts, rugby, cricket, golf, ice hockey, American football, baseball, basketball and baseball markets.

Can I cash out on bonus money bets?

This is not possible; cash-out is only available to real-money bets.

How do I cash out on a single bet?

Boyle Sports does not allow you to cash out on single bets. This is a feature available on multi-bets only.

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