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Betting on horses is one of the oldest forms of betting so BoyleSports has a special focus on it. What makes horse racing betting even more thrilling are additional promotions and features that enhance the betting experience. BoyleSports Lucky 15 is a popular way to bet on horse and greyhound racing events.

How to Place a BoyleSports Lucky 15 Bet?

Placing a BoyleSports Lucky 15 bet is easy to do with our step-by-step guide. Learn how to bet on your favourite horse races and greyhound events with a Lucky 15 bet.

BoyleSports lucky 15 betslip
  1. Go to BoyleSports login using this 👉 link and enter your profile.
  2. Choose sporting events to bet on from the Sports section of the site.
  3. Pick Horse Racing or Greyhounds markets.
  4. See how the odds will add up to your selections at your Lucky 15 betslip.
  5. Choose an amount to stake and hit the Submit button.
  6. Bet on BoyleSports Lucky 15

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

Pro Tip: You can find a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator at BoyleSports. It will help you calculate potential returns by enetering your odds, stake, and markets.

  • Official BoyleSports Lucky 15 Bet Calculator – here

What is a Lucky 15 Bet at BoyleSports?

A Lucky 15 bet is similar to a Yankee bet at BoyleSports. You must place four single bets, six double bets, four treble bets and a single fourfold bet. If one or more selections returns a positive result, BoyleSports will double the price for that selection.

  • 4 singles
  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 fourfold

What are the Betting Options for Lucky 15 at BoyleSports?

BoyleSports lucky15 bets

Similar to any betting on other sporting events, the betting options for Lucky 15 bets depend largely on the sporting event. Currently, the available betting options for Lucky 15 bets include each way bets, singles, doubles, trebles, and fourfold bets.


Does BoyleSports offer a Lucky 15 bet calculator?

Yes, BoyleSports offers a variety of bet calculators, including one for Lucky 15 bets, accumulator bets, trebles, trixie, and yankee bets, to name a few.

Will BoyleSports double the price if more than one Lucky 15 selection win?

Yes, for every selection that results in a positive outcome, BoyleSports will double the price.

Is it worth making Lucky 15 bets?

Yes, lucky 15 bets are worth making as a traditional accumulator bet will return a loss if one selection loses, whereas, with a Lucky 15 bet, only one selection needs to win for the price to be doubled.

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