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BoyleSports sister sites
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This is one of the UK’s finest iGaming operators that is notorious for offering a wide selection of betting options. Interestingly, BoyleSports was founded in 1982 by John Boyle, but you won’t find any BoyleSports sister sites despite its age. That said, the operator looks similar to other online betting brands, which we will discuss in the subsequent paragraph of the review.

  1. #1 Bet365 – Another Reputable UK Site
  2. #2 Parimatch UK – Site with Similar User Experience
  3. #3 Betway – Alternative with Similar Bonuses
  4. #4 Ladbrokes – Same Quality Lobby
  5. #5 William Hill – Similar Casino Promotions
  6. #6 Stake UK – New Site Similar to BoyleSports
  7. #7 – Best Alternative for Bingo
  8. #8 Betfred – Similar Bingo Games
  9. #9 Swanky Bingo – Another BoyleSports Clone
  10. #10 Sun Bingo – Similar Mobile Experience

Sportsbooks like BoyleSports

There might not be any BoyleSports sister sites, but you will find many sportsbooks that look like this operator. Fortunately, we’ve included the most popular ones below, so feel free to visit them and see what they offer.


Bet365 – Another Reputable UK Site

  • bet365 mobile live betting
    Screenshot taken on 31.03.2022 at 08:11
  • Boyle Sports mobile horse races
    horse racing on Boylesports mobile

Users have access to a couple of top-tier betting operators in the UK, and bet365 is among them. This is also an old-school iGaming operator that offers similar services. For example, both sites have a world-class online sportsbook that offers loads of alternatives.

That said, there are differences in terms of the bonuses and the available features. Fortunately, both betting operators offer mobile applications and have active licenses.


Parimatch UK – Site with Similar User Experience

  • Parimatch UK app
  • Boyle Sports mobile golf

When talking about BoyleSports sister sites, some users often think of Parimatch UK. The latter is a household name in the online betting business, but it has nothing to do with BoyleSports. Even though the two have a lot in common, such as the sportsbook and casino, the two brands are different.

We can’t say that one is better than the other because both have pros and cons. When comparing Parimatch UK and BoyleSports, you will see that they have different features, interesting promos, and more.


Betway – Alternative with Similar Bonuses

  • Betway horse racing mobile app
  • BoyleSports rugby mobile app

There is no arguing that Betway is one of the leading sports betting operators in the UK. As such, the company is often compared to other top names, including BoyleSports. These two are not related in any way besides the fact that they offer similar options.

Betway is notorious for its sponsorship deals and the fact that it focuses on sports and eSports. On the other hand, BoyleSports is the go-to site for horse racing.

Casino Sites Like Boyle Sports

Aside from being a world-class sportsbook, Boyle Sports also has a top-rated casino category. No BoyleSports sister sites have the same games, but some companies come close, so let’s check them out.


Ladbrokes – Same Quality Lobby

  • ladbrokes casino mobile app
  • BoyleSports poker app

iGaming enthusiasts in the UK will have the chance to test Ladbrokes casino, one of the top-tier sites for casino games. It provides as many games as BoyleSports, but their titles differ. We can’t say one of them is better because each brand has its pros and cons.

That said, one of the differences between the two is that Ladbrokes provides more subcategories. Fortunately, BoyleSports has more options that let people find the title they want.


William Hill – Similar Casino Promotions

  • William Hill mobile live casino on Android
  • BoyleSports poker app

One of the oldest online casinos in the UK is not among the BoyleSports sister sites. William Hill casino is just a similar site and a suitable alternative. Especially, if you want the same quality bonus campaigns.

Nevertheless, the two have some things in common because they have amazing casino sections. Having said that, WH has substantially more subsections, meaning that people have access to a wider selection of games.


Stake UK – New Site Similar to BoyleSports

  • Stake mobile casino slots
  • BoyleSports poker app

Aside from the sheer number of casino games, the big difference between Stake casino and BoyleSports is in the payment solutions. While BoyleSports focuses on traditional deposit and withdrawal options, Stake is the leading cryptocurrency casino. Moreover, the brand sponsors many top-tier sports clubs, individuals, and competitions.

Similar Bingo Sites like BoyleSports

Bingo is not as big as betting on sports and online casino games, but it also has its fair share of loyal fans. Although there are no BoyleSports sister sites, other brands also have an intriguing bingo category, so let’s check them. – Best Alternative for Bingo

  • Coral bingo on mobile
  • BoyleSports mobile bingo games

Coral is an iGaming brand that provides users with a lot of intriguing options to bet on. Aside from some of the more popular sections, this Coral Bingo also has a bingo category where users will find a couple of options.

For better or worse, BoyleSports has nearly the same options, so users will have plenty of choices no matter which brand they go for. It all comes down to personal preferences.


Betfred – Similar Bingo Games

  • Betfred bingo app
  • BoyleSports mobile bingo games

Experienced UK bingo fans know that Betfred is among the few sites to let them play their favorite game. Interestingly, Betferd Bingo seems similar to BoyleSports because it uses the same colors. However, the two sites have a lot of differences, including in the number of casino rooms and what they focus on.


Swanky Bingo – Another BoyleSports Clone

  • Swanky Bingo Casino Mobile Version
  • BoyleSports mobile bingo games

Despite having “bingo” in its name, this operator also offers other kinds of things, such as casino games. Yet, Swanky Bingo is definitely not among the BoyleSports sister site because its design, categories, features, and options are completely different.


Sun Bingo – Similar Mobile Experience

  • Sun Bingo Casino Mobile Version
  • BoyleSports mobile bingo games

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sun Bingo is one of the top-tier betting sites in the UK and one of BoyleSports’s biggest rivals. The two have some things in common, such as the fact that users can play several Bingo titles. However, there are also a lot of differences in things like design, bonuses, features, payment gateways, and more.

More BoyleSports Clones

The online betting operators mentioned above are not among the BoyleSports sister sites. However, they offer similar options to this operator, which is why online bettors often compare them when deciding which option to get. Speaking of comparison, several other brands provide similar services, such as:

  • 888sport – play 👉 here
  • LeoVegas – play 👉 here
  • MrGreen – play 👉 here
  • 10bet – play 👉 here
  • Virgin Bet – play 👉 here

BoyleSports Sister Sites – Other Domains

You may not come across a sister site of BoyleSports, but this doesn’t mean that the brand does not have other domains. Let’s go through each one.


BoyleSports Casino

BoyleSports live casino

If you fancy something else other than sports betting but don’t want to change the operator, definitely check out the BoyleSports casino. Home to an impressive number of games from the best developers, it has what it takes to satisfy the most niche tastes.

Despite not being the best-looking casino site, BoyleSports focuses on offering people an incredible experience. Hence, you can find a wide range of options, and almost everything is accessible on the go.


BoyleSports Bingo

BoyleSports bingo games

Even though this is not one of the sister sites, the BoyleSports bingo version aims to provide people with the best iGaming experience. Aside from the purple background and other exciting colors, this place will provide bingo fans with a lot of rooms. Interestingly, the operator will even allow you to check each ticket’s price, the potential prize, and how much time you have to join.

Playing bingo at BoyleSports has never been easier and it takes a couple of minutes.


BoyleSports Vegas

Boylesports casino games

While it is true that some people assume that the BoyleSports Vegas and the Casino categories are the same, this is not the case. This is not a BoyleSports sister site, but it doesn’t mean users can’t find many options. On the contrary, this place is full of hidden games and titles that offer big jackpots and unique experiences.

To sum up, the Vegas option at BoyleSports has similar services to the casino. However, this thing provides bettors with slightly more options to choose from.


BoyleSports Horse Racing

Boyle Sports online horse racing

One of the big things that differentiate BoyleSports horse racing from its competitors is this brand’s devotion to special features and bonuses. As one of the leading sports in the UK, BoyleSports allows people to access races that take part worldwide.

In addition to the more betting options, the bookie also has more markets and better odds. Interestingly, there are also special bonuses.


BoyleSports News

Not that many iGaming operators provide a news category where people can read what’s going in in the world of sports. Although this is not among the BoyleSports sister sites, it helps people who want to stay up-to-date with everything new.

The blog from this operator allows people to read the latest news. As a result, they can make better decisions when deciding what to bet on.

How We Choose BoyleSports Alternatives

We choose BoyleSports alternatives by comparing everything that the brands offer. There might not be any BoyleSports sister sites, but some companies look similar. That said, here are some of the things we’ve used when comparing iGaming operators:

  • Licence – It is important that all of BoyleSports’s alternatives have an active license.
  • Design – The sites have to look good because this affects most people.
  • Different betting categories – The operators have to offer people a lot of options.
  • A wide range of payment solutions – Users must be able to choose from several deposit and withdrawal methods.


Does BoyleSports have sister sites?

No, BoyleSports does not have sister sites. However, there are other iGaming operators that look similar.

Can I play bingo and casino games with the same BoyleSports account?

Yes, you can play bingo and casino games with the same BoyleSports account.

Do all of the alternatives to BoyleSports in this article have a license?

Yes, all of the BoyleSports alternatives in this article have a license.

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