What is Silentbet Canada?

Silentbet Canada is an affiliate platform dedicated to casino and bookmaker reviews. We enable sports and casino enthusiasts to find the best match for their betting needs. We use various personalised and marketing tools to increase our reach on the iGaming scene.

Meet the Team

Atanas Tanev
Atanas Tanev
Project Manager and Betting Expert

Atanas is the initiator of the Silentbet project. Having been involved with online marketing since 2007, he has always been focused on web development. Combine this with his passion for sports and you will see how the site came to be online in 2014. Tanev is the official owner and CEO of several affiliate websites operated by WEBSA Ltd.

Expertise: Managerial skills, iGaming Affiliates
Years Active: Since 2006
Education: BA in Informatics
Strengths: B2B solutions, Marketing, Team Organisation

  • Certified in Marketing Psychology, Google Adwords, and Adsense
  • Affiliate of leading betting brands
Contact him for:
  • Queries to do with Silentbet Canada
  • Career opportunities
  • Affiliate solutions
Rumen Morfov
Rumen Morfov
Content Manager

Rumen is our content manager for Canada. His main responsibilities entail the monitoring of the high-quality content level of the experts who work for Silentbet CA. He is also in charge of all freelance authors we work with.

Expertise: iGaming content, betting reviews optimisation
Years Active: Since 2008
Education: Master of Industrial Management
Strengths: Copywriting, management of a team of authors

  • Web developer and designer at Web FX Studio
  • Content Specialist at Essos
  • Content Manager at Websa Ltd
Contact him for:
  • Writing job opportunities
  • If you want to become a casino reviewer
iGaming Expert and Content Creator

Julian is a recent graduate & iGaming content specialist. He works freelance for some of the biggest casino affiliates worldwide, including Silentbet Canada.

Expertise: iGaming content, testing casinos online
Years Active: Since 2022
Education: B.A. in History from the McGill University
Strengths: Reviewing CA casino sites professionally

  • Content writer in Websa Ltd
  • Optimization copywriter in Cantena
  • Vice-President Academic McGill History Students Association
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iGaming Expert and Content Creator

Maria is a copy writer having her main area of expertise to do with all things betting. She is an advocate of responsible gambling. Her main responsibilities entail creating and editing online casino and bookmaker reviews for Canada.

Expertise: Copy Writing, Sports Betting Strategies
Years Active: Since 2017
Education: BA in Software Technologies and Design
Strengths: Editing and brand ranking factors analysis

  • Certified iGaming copy writer
  • Active part in London Affiliate Conference
Contact her for:
  • New content ideas
  • Queries about online casinos or bookmakers
  • Problems with betting and gambling addiction
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shieldCertified iGaming Expert and Content Creator

Katerina is a sports and casino expert with a knack for languages. She is curious about all things iGaming and follows the latest trends in Canada. Her marketing background enables her to write well-optimised content that is well-researched and informative.

Expertise: Copy Writing, iGaming Content, Editing
Years Active: Since 2013
Education: MA in English Linguistics
Strengths: Informative content and trend-focused strategies

  • Certified content writer
  • Daekin University Certified Investing & Gambling Expert
Contact her for:
  • New content suggestions
  • Feedback on posted reviews
  • Tips for responsible gambling
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shieldCertified Betting Expert

Teodor is a iGaming sports author for Silentbet.com Canada! He is a copywriter with a background in sports journalism. His main responsibilities are the creation of useful sports betting guides and bookmaker reviews.

Expertise: Writing about sports, sports betting and sports tips
Years Active: Since 2020
Education: BA in Software technologies and design & Michigan University Certification in Sports Data & Sports Performance
Strengths: Deep impact research and content creation to do with sports

  • Certified sports journalist
  • Online content writer for iGaming
  • Daekin University Certified Risk & Returns Expert in Gambling
Contact him for:
  • Sports tips and strategies
  • Complaints to do with the sportsbooks
  • New review ideas
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Adelina Drandeva
Adelina Drandeva
Digital Marketing Specialist

Adelina is a digital marketing specialist at Silentbet Canada. Her work is focused on making it easier for you to find us on Google and other search engines.

Expertise: Marketing, Brand Presence in the Socials
Years Active: Since 2018
Education: BA in Marketing
Strengths: Brand Marketing Online

  • Certified in Digital Marketing
  • Intern in Business Managing Consulting
Contact her for:
  • Tips on affiliate business efficiency
  • Problematic areas in the Silentbet's marketing profile
Denis Osmanov
Denis Osmanov
Developer and Designer

Denis is a web developer and programmer, part of the Silentbet CA team. He helps us create a website with modern design, quick navigation and unmatched user experience.

Expertise: web development, programming
Years Active: since 2012
Education: Certified IT expert (Azure Essentials / Programming with Python)
Strengths: Graphic design, gamification

Achievements and certificates
  • SoftUni certificates for IT programming
  • 1st Place in the IV information technology olympiad

Our Story

Disclaimer: Silentbet is an affiliate site that partners with legit and 100% licensed betting sites. You will not see any pop-up ads on our site since we use affiliate links instead. (read more about our Affiliate model and Advertise Disclosure)

The Silentbet.com/ca/ website was launched in June 2014 and focused on the Canadian market since 2019. The site follows an affiliate marketing business model. We partner with betting brands as their affiliates. This means we work in close cooperation with the bookie while keeping a distance. We need to remain unbiased in our reviews. Hence, professionals who share their expertise in sports betting and iGaming join together to deliver high-quality content independent of our affiliate connections.

As you look around the site, you will find that Silentbet is full of up-to-date information about every legal casino and bookmaker. Here, you will find content about bookmakers, poker rooms, and casino studios. Information about bonus codes, betting vouchers, coupons, free bets and tokens is easily accessible.

Reviews are at the heart of our site. Therefore, we only work with sports betting experts and content creators with a proven track record. We strive to bring you honest and unbiased reviews based on research, facts, and real users’ comments.

Silentbet’s team is focused on delivering the best possible iGaming and eBetting content. Visitors to Silentbet are our number one priority.

Our Mission

First and most importantly, our mission is to help our readers find the best casinos and bookmakers online. We try to maximise their engagement and increase their knowledge of betting. Thus, we prepare them for the vast opportunities affiliate marketing has to offer.

Beyond this, it is our aim to establish Silentbet CA as a betting affiliate brand that is a leader in the market. We thrive to deliver real-time, data-driven reviews via our In-House Lab to outshine other affiliate sites.

Core Values

Commitment and excellence have been our core values from day one. We achieve new heights by delivering an unmatched world-leading product for punters all over the world. With a customer-oriented mindset, Silentbet is never lagging behind the big names in the betting affiliate business.

Unrivalled Dedication to Research

Research! This is one of our core values that leads to excellence in all that we do. We may be affiliated with the bookmakers but that does not mean we will not do our homework. A thorough research is, in our opinion, the key to value when it comes to content.

State-of-the-Art Platform

A team of tech-savvy developers helps us stay on top of the iGaming market with a platform we couldn’t be more proud of. As much as we rave about quality content, presentation of it in a visually appealing platform is at the heart of what makes Silentbet great.

Customer-First Mindset

‘Customer is king’: What this phrase means in today’s online market is still as valid as when this age-old mantra first came to be. Our readers come first. This is at the core of what makes Silentbet.com a platform worthy of your trust.

Remaining Objective at All Times

It is true that Silentbet is an affiliate site. And yes, we do monetise the use of affiliate links. However, this does not mean that we do not keep our objectivity in check at all times. We need to be unbiased to deserve the faith our readers have in us.


Why are reviews at Silentbet free?

Reviews on Silentbet.com are free because we use affiliate links as part of our business model.

Do bookmaker and casino ratings vary depending on your affiliate commissions?

No, ratings and reviews here are based on unbiased research and real users’ comments and feedback.

Is Silentbet legit?

Our site is 100% legit and secure with a proven track record as a betting affiliate platform you can trust.

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