How to Delete Coral Account – Guide with Steps

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  1. Steps for Closing Coral Account
  2. Why Block your Profile?
  3. Delete Coral Account Alternatives
  4. Can I Reopen a Deactivated Account?
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See the steps needed to block or deactivate your betting profile. If you are a punter wondering how to delete your punting account, we got your back in this insightful guide on how to delete your account.

How To Delete Coral Account – Steps

After you convince yourself that you need to delete your account, you should contact the customer support of Coral through any of the below methods:

Deactivating Coral Account
Coral delete account steps
  1. Go to and opt for login via this 👉 link.
  2. Find the Contacts section or Help guide..
  3. Email at and request support to delete your account.
  4. Alternatively, go through live chat service and submit your request to close Coral account.
  5. Close Coral Account

You should enter ‘Account Deletion’ as your subject in any of the above options. Moreover, the request to delete your account must be accompanied by a valid reason to close the account.

Reasons to Delete your Account

Several significant reasons may make you want to delete your Coral account. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Developing an uncontrollable gambling habit that stands in between other life activities (Addiction)
  • Being tired of marketing emails in your inbox from Coral
  • Failure to regulate the amount of cash you spend on gambling.

Of course, these cannot be the only reasons you might want to close your Coral account. You could add others to this list. But for this guide, let us go by the above three reasons.

Alternatives to Deactivating your Account

When gambling takes a toll on you and the responsible gambling guide of Coral cannot save you, then you could consider other alternatives rather than rushing to close your account. These alternatives include:

Time-Out Option

When you set a time out, you get a particular period of betting break. Your account will open after the period lapses.


When you choose self-exclusion, you will be denied betting for an indefinite period at Coral. However, you can always send a request to open your account after a minimum of six months.

Re-opening your Coral Account

I am sure one of the questions in your mind is whether you can re-open your Coral account after you delete it. Unfortunately, you cannot re-open a deleted account.

However, you can create a new Coral account using the details you used in the first account.


Can I re-open a deleted Coral account?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot re-open a deleted Coral account. You can only create a new account using the details you have used before.

How do I delete my Coral account via phone?

Send a deletion request to Coral support through email or the live chat option using your mobile.

Does Coral offer a responsible gambling guide?

Sure, Coral offers a responsible gambling guide to all punters.

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