What is the Easiest Sport to Bet On?

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Easiest sports to bet on
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  4. Boxing
  5. MMA
  6. Snooker
  7. Golf
  8. Table Tennis
  9. Horse Racing
  10. Darts
  11. Bandy
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Asking which sport is the easiest to bet on, in terms of landing low-risk bets, is a little bit like asking how long a piece of string is. There is no simple, single answer, and in a way it also depends on what we mean by being successful. In this article, we take a look at some of the factors that affect your chances of risking less and how this can vary from sport to sport and market to market.

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Top 10 Easiest Sports to Bet On

First, though, here is a list with the most accessible for online sports betting options that are perfect for beginners and pro punters alike as they enhance your chances of making a value bet. Check out our table with the sports type as well as the leading bookmakers that you can place your wagers on provided you have done your research and luck is on your side.

Type of SportMore Suitable forIdeal to Bet on
FootballBeginners / Pros
TennisBeginners / Pros
GolfBeginners / Pros
Table TennisBeginners
Horse RacingPros
BandyBeginners / Pros


One popular bet is to try and find “home bankers” in football. Looking at the previous Premier League season, Man City and Liverpool won 35 of their 38 matches in front of their own fans between them. Backing them each time would have left you smiling the vast majority of the time and, even better, also well in returns overall.

The bottom line: soccer is an easy start. We do recommend football betting sites to both recreational and profi punters as most people love the king of sports and are familiar with the game. In betting, knowledge equals power so going for online wagers on football is a safe and easy choice.


There are lots of similar options in football, from backing other big favourites around Europe to betting on markets such as over 0.5 goals or backing teams with a handicap. Away from football, tennis is another good option for finding “easy” picks, with the likes of Serena Williams, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer rarely disappointing in the early rounds of Grand Slam events.

Many other sports have similar markets with short-priced favourites that will usually score more. So check out the most trustworthy tennis betting sites at your leisure. This isn’t to say backing such odds-on shots will make you get the edge, but at least you will get the thrill of succeeding with your wagers.


Two players, a ring and not that many markets at your disposal! It is a picture-perfect that will facilitate the betting process immensely. Make sure to bet on reliable boxing betting sites and then do some odds shopping. If we look at the game objectively, there are only two options as both a tie and a draw are out of the question – either the boxer in the left corner wins or their opponent. Take this into account next time you look at a boxer’s performance and you will see how easy it is to get a bet correct when wagering on boxing matches.


MMA is not that different from boxing. It is obviously a different type of game that involves a lot of technique, but as far as betting is concerned, both sports are almost identical. However, if you opt for MMA bookmakers you will have some edge, of course. As long as a punter spends enough time watching matches and getting to know the MMA industry inside out, it is much easier to place a correct selection.


One of UK’s favourite game that has attracted international attention as of late. If you want to know what makes snooker an easy option for any punter, the answer is simple. The ranking list with the top 16 snooker players does get updated on an yearly basis. However, the names that make it to top 16 rarely changes. Find value bets for them in the best snooker betting sites online. So if you know your players, it is easy to predict who will win in a match between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ding, for example.


Elsewhere on our website, we have asked “Which is the best sport for long odds betting?” and golf is often good if you are looking for relatively low risk. Hence, there are many golf betting sites to choose from. However, whilst golf regularly throw up winners at 10/1, 20/1, 50/1 and even higher, backing such selections is still tricky, to say the least.

Of course, other markets in golf feature shorter odds, but in terms of the main “to win” bet, golf is not easy sports to pick winners.

Table Tennis

In contrast to golf, there are lots of sports and events where just two teams, players or sides go head to head and in this scenario getting the edge is relatively easy. A good example is table tennis where the short odds reflect that, but even so, if you just want to find a winner, or add another leg to an accumulator, there are some excellent options available.

Table tennis, as a whole is an excellent sport for newbies as markets, although varied, still cover the main areas and still 1 X 2 remain personal favourites among many bettors.

Horse Racing

For some of you, horse racing is an enigmatic sport that is hard or even impossible to bet on and expect a good ticket. Still, for those of you who love the races and are familiar with the riders and animals, there is nothing better than wagering on horse racing, be it online or on the tribunes. If you bet online, consider only top horse racing bookmakers that are tested and reviewed. While returns are sometimes hard to come by, it is ante-post betting options that make wagering on this sport quite easy and enjoyable experience.


Similarly to snooker, darts players are few and far between and hard to come across many pros who practice the sport professionally. Therefore, getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of the players is an achievable task. Check out past statistics at the best darts betting sites on the Internet. Spend enough time watching darts matches and you will naturally see who the best of the best are and whether they are in good shape this season or not.


Not quite like hockey, nor too similar to soccer. Bandy has its own charm and it is a game so unpopular that is practised in no more than twenty five countries worldwide. Of course, this does not make it an easy sport to bet on for the average punter. However, those of you with lots of experience under their belts can put in a little effort and pick up the fruits of their hours spend researching the game later on. Being a niche sport, it is easier for the bookies to overlook some of their markets, which on the other hand can benefit all observant punters out there.

Tips for Choosing the Easiest Sport for You

Easy sports to bet on tips

1. Stick to What you Know

The first place to start when considering the easiest sport on which to get bets is to consider which sports you know the most about. There is no magical formula when it comes to outsmarting the bookies and no simple trick or system that can guarantee you will have the edge in the long term.

The key to consistently beating the bookies is to find good value bets and by getting enough bets at odds that are high enough to cover the wagers, you don’t succeed. Not even the greatest professional gamblers in history won all the bets they placed, but as long as you stake enough wagers at the right prices, you will do just fine.

2. Do your Homework

And the only way to regularly uncover value bets is to know more about the market than the bookies do. That means you simply have to understand the sport and the various markets, as well as the psychology of the people betting on them. Do this by spending time on research, looking at data and comparing statistics. What you can benefit from is getting dedicated betting apps that will allow you to compare stats on the go whatever the time of day. Most of the time, for most people, the game on which they will most easily find value bets is the one that they know the most about.

3. Avoid the unknown

To prove our theory, we can look at the opposite position: a sport about which you literally know nothing. Imagine, you have never seen a horse race, never heard anything about the sport and don’t know anything about gambling or the way that odds move and change.

If you bet on 100 races, what can you base your bets on? The colours of the silks? The names of the horses? You could back the horse at the longest odds in each race, or the horse at the shortest odds but ultimately, because you have nothing on which to base your bets you would expect, overall, to lose an amount roughly equivalent to the overround (the bookmakers’ margin).

4. Focus on value, not on the odds

On a sport where you have a little more knowledge, you will have at least something to go on and the more you know, the more opportunities you have to spot something the bookies and market may have missed. Also, don’t forget that many bookies offer promotions and bonuses especially targeting a specific sporting event. Use them wisely to your advantage. Going to the opposite end of the spectrum, if there was a sport where you were all-knowing and had virtually divine insight, seeing the value would be positively easy.

Leaving philosophy aside, the point is simple: the sport that will be easiest to bet on, is the one you watch, love and know most about.

How to get the edge over the bookies

In the case of betting, it is not really what you know per se but more how your knowledge stacks up against the bookmakers and other people placing bets. It is how much you know compared to other people that will determine your ability to spot an overpriced bet. As such, though, sticking to what you know is wise, one could also argue that betting on what the bookies don’t know is also a good tactic.

When it comes to the biggest sports and events, the bookies have masses of information to hand, as well as several sports-specific experts, and so more often than not, they will get their odds right. On the other hand, if you happen to have a passion for a relatively niche sport, such as skiing or bandy, you might well find it easier to get an edge over the bookmakers and land some value bets at good value odds.

It’s not just lesser sports that may offer some excellent betting opportunities, though. Events and leagues that attract less attention may also be overlooked by the bookies, so non-league or women’s football, the Challenger Tour in tennis, or golf’s Challenge Tour and similar events may also be areas worth investigating.

Which among the easy sports we have discussed is the easiest?

When we ask which sport is the easiest to bet on, the question can be interpreted in different ways. So far, we have considered betting in terms of long-term returns and in terms of finding value bets. However, other people might simply mean is it easier to back betting on one sport than another? The bottom line is that it all depends. However, we are convinced that currently nothing can beat the ease and joy you get out of football betting as this is the sport that attracts the largest deal of attention and coverage.

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