How Accurate Is Predicting Sports Bets?

sports prediction - how accurate is it
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Punters have been trying to predict the outcomes of online bets since the beginning of sports betting. There’s even software so that you don’t have to sit down and try to work out any predictions on your own. Prediction sites are popular amongst football bettors. Using predictions is also popular for many other punters trying to improve their strategies and approach to sports bets.

Making sports bet predictions differ across the many different categories that you can bet on. In this article, we’ll be delving into how predictions are made and where it can be useful. Analysing specific data can be implemented into your betting strategy as well.

Which Sports Have Predictions?

You can attempt to predict the outcome for just about any sports betting events. Predictions are available for a multitude of sports. All of your favourites can be bet on, from NASCAR to football. You can also find sites dedicated to tennis, the NHL, MLB and more.

How you make predictions differs, though. You need to consider specific factors when you want to risk less with football bet outcomes for goals scored, for example. These factors are possession, shots on target, shots on goal, shots on goal location and goal difference.

Predictions for the big leagues across the rest of Europe are available, including The English Premier League, La Liga and the German Bundesliga.

How Do You Calculate Predictions?

calculating sports predictions

Using data, such as the above, can steer you in the direction of predicting the number of goals that will take place during an event. Goal expectancy is a famous prediction of football sports betting. You can use this expectancy prediction to work out appropriate odds for an event.

The predictions and the algorithms used will differ from market to market — each work on calculating potential outcomes. Another element taken into consideration when making predictions is the current form of the sports team you’re betting on. Past performances, the timing of events and more go into prediction calculation.

This seems a bit time consuming and complicated, right? Well, you can use software and sports betting tools to do the hard work for you. You’ll be saving time and placing more informed bets with these helpful sites.

Prediction Tools

Just as there are sports betting sites available online, there are also sports prediction sites. Football fans can use popular prediction sites that can be found on the Internet. You can use a website for football bet predictions specifically. These tools can improve the quality and value of your bets. It does so by assessing all of the relevant football trends and by matching statistics for different teams.

Prediction sites use an algorithm. The algorithm determines what the most valuable bets are. Then you can take advantage of this guidance when placing wagers. This offers a calculated approach to football betting, given that the computer takes in only the ‘facts’ and physical statistics.

This kind of websites will show you where to put your money for the most calculated success. You don’t have to consider favourites or underdogs, just the probability of the outcomes. Predictions are available for popular markets like score, both teams to score, over/under bets for 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 values and handicaps.

There are also websites that provide betting tips and predictions for free. Those of you who are gamers can access sites for esport predictions. Sites make betting predictions based on extra factors as well, like feedback from the field, for example. Although it might not seem like it, the weather can affect the outcome of an event.

Sports Bet Prediction Accuracy?

The accuracy of a sports bet prediction tool or site might vary from one to the next. Some of them are reviewed and has been proven to be 76% accurate. Using predictions will allow you to make more informed bets when placing certain types of bets, like handicaps.

No one person can 100% accurately predict sports events outcomes all of the time. However, this is not because the algorithms do a lousy job. Prediction sites and sports consulting firms have a unique take. In calculating the prediction of sports bets, the approaches are unbiased and not emotionally driven.

When Shouldn’t You Use Forecasts?

While using predictions for your sports betting can be beneficial, there are times when it won’t be feasible to use forecasts. Take live sports betting, for example. The markets are continually appearing and changing throughout the event. Hence, predictions won’t be possible or all that beneficial for these types of wagers.

Other betting areas, including betting on politics, a lottery or on any online casino, will also have little to no use for predictions. Of course, you can’t predict the outcomes of casino games and slots. You’ll have to leave those down to luck, unfortunately.

How Do Predictions Affect Strategies?

Sports betting prediction is also used with particular sports betting strategies. After assessing relevant predictions, you might choose to wager a handicap betting strategy, for instance. This prior knowledge from the predictions available will help you to select a goal lead for your team of choice.

You can use goal expectancy to wager your best guess for over/under betting strategies. If you enjoy an arbitrage or matched betting strategy, then any sports bets’ predictions will be highly advantageous.

What Are The Potential Risks?

Like any tactic or approach recommended for sports betting, success isn’t guaranteed. The same goes for using sports bet predictions. It’s just a prediction after all. While many have proven to be accurate, it won’t always be the case.

As mentioned previously, the prediction of sports bets is applied in strategic approaches. If the forecast isn’t entirely as accurate as you’d hoped, then you might incur a loss.

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