How to Win at Sports Betting in 2021

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  1. How to Define your Goals?
  2. Best Tips to Win from Sports
  3. Manage your Bankroll
  4. Choose a Sport
  5. Make a Research
  6. Betting with Emotions
  7. Value Betting
  8. Betting Strategies
  9. Conclusion

how to win at sports betting

Before we jump into this article, please remember that these are merely tips and tricks to aid you. There’s no way that SilentBet can guarantee that you’ll win. However, we can guide you on factors to look out for and can help you to develop healthy punting habits.

So, what can you do to have a better chance of winning with sports betting in 2021? Keep reading to find out how you can win and improve your strategies.

What Are Your Goals?

Before you start your punting career, you need to decide whether you’re in it for the long run, or for the short-term to try and make some extra cash.

If you’re planning to stick with it for the long run, then you’ll need to remember that you won’t make substantial profits overnight; the profits will accumulate and grow with time, patience and consistency. Another point to remember is that if you continuously win, the chances are high that your account will be limited or closed, regardless of where you gamble. If you’d like to stick with one bookie, then you should intentionally place losing bets once in a while.

On the other hand, you could potentially earn some significant profits by carefully placing selected and thought out bets before moving to the next bookmaker.

Top Tips

Bankroll Management

Excellent bankroll management is the key to successful sports betting on any site. Whether you’re new to sports betting, or an experienced player, always maintain healthy bankroll management.

There’s no set value to start your bankroll; you need to determine that yourself. As every player differs from the next, so too does each person’s financial situation. You’re essentially setting your bankroll value at an amount that you’re willing to lose.

We’re here to guide you on ways to win, but you should always prepare for the best and expect the worst.

When you’re setting up and planning your bankroll, it’s advised to plan the matches and bets that you intend to place for the season. Each wager should be between 1% and 3%. You can go up to 5% if you’re confident with the bet that you’re placing.

Pick a Sport

When you’re starting out, stick to one sport, or even one team. The appeal to spread your wagers across several sports, in an effort to boost your chance at winning, is tempting. You’ll need to resist the temptation.

Sticking to one team (or sport) can give you the ability to keep your focus on your selection. Distractions can cause confusion when researching teams and players. Once you’ve mastered one sport, and have a system in place, you can either start adding more sports or alternate between sports depending on the season.

Many sportsbooks offer rewards and bonuses when you wager on a specific league or event. Keep an eye on the promotions to see where you can capitalise on offers.

Do Your Research

One of the most crucial factors to successful sports betting in 2021 is doing thorough research. Most bookies have odds that tend towards how they feel punters will play. Conducting research will give you an indication of how accurate these odds are compared to the actual expected outcome of the game.

Following wagering blogs, articles and tipsters can significantly increase your knowledge and chance of predicting the correct outcome of a match. Track the players’ injuries, opponents, team dynamic, weather and many factors that can affect the way games are played and the outcome. Make sure to cover all aspects before placing your wager.

Furthermore, keep an eye on various sportsbooks odds. Many professionals encourage opening an account at several bookies so that you can benefit from a site that hosts the best odds.

Emotional Betting

Chasing your bets is a rookie error. Many players chase bad bets to regain their losses. This is also true when players make a winning bet and want to keep increasing their profits. The point of bankroll management is to avoid overbetting.

Always practice discipline and restraint by not dwelling on victories or losses. Sound judgment and staying level headed are crucial. This includes avoiding gambling when you’re having a couple of drinks and aren’t sober.

While on the topic of good judgment, a little piece of advice is to avoid betting when your favourite team or player has a game. You’re more inclined to be biassed towards them, instead of following the research and trends. You may even find it difficult to go against them.

Value Bets

If you haven’t heard of the term “value betting”, then you need to learn and start practising value betting as soon as you’ve completed reading this article. Value betting will increase your winnings and give you an advantage over your bookie.

Value betting situations occur when the actual odds of an event are higher than those offered by the sportsbook. You’ll have the upper hand and can boost your profits when you win.

Some of the most successful punters exclusively place value bets, because that’s the closest you’ll get to a winning wager, and you have the opportunity to capitalise on the advantage over the bookmaker.

Betting Strategies

There are numerous betting strategies, such as the Martingale system or Fibonacci, that you can learn about and adopt into your gameplay. Before you start making riskier bets, first try out a few strategies to find the one that works best for you.

The strategy you choose will differ from other players because everyone is comfortable wagering with their own techniques and styles. As times and matches change, you may have to alter and adjust your strategy – that’s okay because it’s not set in stone. Find what works and make changes when needed.

If you’d like to add some excitement when you gamble, try some more exotic bets such as handicaps, props or accumulators. Naturally, you’ll want to ease into them and only do so once you’re confident and comfortable in your straight bets and with gambling in general.

Regardless of the strategies, you adopt and the bet types you place, always start with low-value, low-risk bets. As you build confidence, you’ll feel more comfortable taking bigger risks.

In Summary

Being successful and making a profit when wagering on sports in 2021 takes time, patience and dedication. You may place a few lucky bets, but real success comes when you practice healthy gambling habits.

Once you’ve set your goals and have a plan and schedule in place, you should be good to go. Maintain strict bankroll management and avoid playing when you’re intoxicated or have the urge to chase your bets; it’s not worth the risk.

You’re most likely to find that the most successful wagers come when you’ve done your homework. When you’ve done the research, you’ll spot value betting conditions easily, making the possibility of winning that much better.

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