How do Virtual Football Betting Sites Work?

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virtual football betting websites

What is Virtual Football?

In the current day and age, more and more punters are turning to the world of virtual sports. There are several virtual sports available, but football remains the most popular. The question that many are asking is: what is virtual football, and how does it work?

Many people are familiar with simulated games such as FIFA, and virtual football is identical in that it’s also a simulated game. However, instead of players controlling the game, the outcome of the game is determined by an RNG (random number generator) algorithms.

Players are presented with fixed odds and details ahead of the game, all of which are fictional. You can place your bets, watch the game and see the results within a few minutes. In contrast to real football games, virtual football lasts only a couple of minutes.

Depending on where you choose to play, you’ll be presented with various games (football clubs, international teams, etc.), bet types and match times.

Virtual vs Real Football

virtual vs real football

Virtual football betting isn’t as thrilling and nerve-wracking as real-life games. The pressure and build-up to games aren’t tense because virtual betting is based on fictional stats and odds. They don’t reflect the current trends, managers, players’ injuries or any of the present variables.

The lack of dependence on many football events makes virtual betting very beginner-friendly. You don’t need to research and keep track of any circumstances that affect gameplay.

Virtual football betting has gained popularity over time, but it’s nowhere near as popular as the real deal. The maximum betting limits tend to be much lower, so the profits earned aren’t as massive.

As mentioned previously, the games are much shorter, and the better gambling sites will have new matches every couple of minutes. You’ll be entertained and have fun for hours on end. You also won’t have to wait for hours, days or weeks between events.

The final upside of virtual football is the lack of match-fixing and other forms of corruption. The matches are all algorithm-based, meaning that there are no biases or outside influences on the end result.

Players that regularly participate in live betting and real games might become frustrated or bored. There’s not a lot of skill or strategy involved in virtual sports betting, which makes it less challenging and could take some of the excitement away.

What to Look for in a Bookmaker?

When you’re looking for a sportsbook that offers virtual football betting, you’ll want to keep an eye out for specific criteria.

When you’re looking for an online bookie for virtual football, you’ll want to be aware of some crucial factors. Most are factors that the bookie must have, whereas others might be less essential or not as critical to you.


This should be common knowledge to players, but it’s always essential that we remind you to do a background check on the bookie. Only trust sites that have been certified by the correct authorities, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Sites that operate legally under the authority serve to protect the players and the bookie. It ensures that strict rules are enforced and prevents the bookmaker from engaging in any fraudulent activity. You’ll also want to ensure that the site uses digital encryption technology. The SSL encryption ensures that nobody can hack into your account to steal your private information.

Virtual football runs on RNG, so always check that a third party has completed an audit to ensure fair gameplay.


We can all cringe at the low-quality graphics that games had back in the day. We are always blown away by the improvements in graphics, and this should be no different with virtual football. Pixelated quality is terrible and reflects a lack of pride in the sportsbook. As a regular gambler, you’ll want the best possible quality to mimic actual football fields.

Some virtual football betting sites have outdone themselves with the quality and presentation of the matches. Most sites boast high-quality graphics, but others go beyond graphics. The most popular sites have incorporated popular commentators to run commentary on the virtual matches.

Bet Types

Virtual football matches are quick, so all bets are pre-match. There’s no option for live-betting or to cash out. If you gamble regularly, then you’ll be on the lookout for various bet types. There are several wagers that you can place, depending on the site you choose.

Sites that promote virtual sports will likely have a wider variety for you to select from. The most common bet types include outcome, correct score, goal margin, double chance and total goals scored. If you’d like a larger variety of bet types, you’ll have to shop around and browse various sites. Some include more bet types, including more exotic wagers.

A helpful strategy tip that’s worth mentioning here is that similarly to real games, markets with lower odds have a higher chance of being successful.

Available Matches and Leagues

Most betting sites have games that are independent of each other. The results and events of one match have no impact on future matches. Every game is random and unbiased.

However, if you’re looking for a site that makes virtual football betting more exciting, you can find a few that have leagues. If you follow the virtual games, then you can track the events and factors that affect a typical event. Virtual leagues bring some of the real football magic to the virtual world.

Promos and Bonuses

Everyone loves a good bonus offer from their sportsbook. Most offer new players a welcome bonus; regular players are treated to a wealth of promos, and we love it.

When wagering on real sports, you should look for specific bonuses that’ll increase your profits and make wagering more worthwhile. This is true for virtual sports too. Keep an eye on promo pages for rewards and offers that’ll increase your profits when you win at virtual football sites.

In Summary

With an increasing demand for virtual sports, now’s the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. Whether you’re looking to pass the time or fill the sports betting habits, virtual football can help fill the gap.

The games are completed within a few minutes, and there’s no bias involved in the outcome. They’re fun to play, especially if you’re new to sports betting.

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