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Ladbrokes the grid card
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In this guide we will focus on all things you need to know regarding the Ladbrokes The Grid card. Step-by-step instructions on use will come accompanied by useful benefits and tips for betting with coupons online and on one of the land-based betting shops.

The Coral casino has the Coral Connect Card, William Hill has the William Plus Card and Ladbrokes has not been left behind in offering you a card – Ladbrokes The Grid.

Ladbrokes the Grid card offers you the same benefits and works more like any of the above-mentioned cards. Let’s learn more about the card.

What is a Ladbrokes Grid Card?

The Grid is a card that enables you to connect your online Ladbrokes gaming account with the physical betting experience at the Ladbrokes betting shops. The use of coupon betting is mainly in place.

This implies you can win online but opt to withdraw instantly via the physical betting shops on the streets. Doesn’t that feel good?

How to Obtain and Use a Ladbrokes Grid Card

To obtain the Ladbrokes Grid Card, you should follow the below steps:

Ladbrokes the grid steps
  1. Step 1: If you aren’t a member, create your Ladbrokes account or access your existing one 👉 here.
  2. Step 2: Once you are logged in, click on The Grid at the main menu of the bookmaker.
  3. Step 3: Hit the ‘Join’ button.
  4. Step 4: Agree with the T&Cs, and you will receive a 12-digit grid card code.
  5. Step 5: Your grid card will be sent to you via the address in your account registration details.
  6. Get Ladbrokes the Grid

How to Use Ladbrokes the Grid for Betting?

You can use the Ladbrokes Grid card in betting shops. Generate in-shop coupon codes for placing wagers. You can track your bets with the coupons from the Grid card.

Benefits of the Card

If you are still not convinced enough why you should take the Grid Card of Ladbrokes, weigh out the following potential benefits:

  • Exclusive football coupons, free bets, and money-back offers
  • Tracing the ACCAs and cash out via mobile even when your bet was physical at the shop
  • Withdrawing mobile winnings via the Ladbrokes shops easily
  • The Card is usable via available Android and iOS apps.
  • Deposit or withdraw through physical shops with ease.

How Many Points Do I Earn with the Ladbrokes the Grid?

Ladbrokes the Grid

The Ladbrokes Grid card also acts as a loyalty card. Whenever you place bets, you will earn loyalty points as below:

Amount of StakeLoyalty Points Earned
💰 every £41
🎰 £10 on slots1
🎡 £20 in roulette1

Ladbrokes The Grid FAQs

How do I obtain the Ladbrokes Grid Card?

To obtain the Ladbrokes Grid Card, navigate to the grid option at the main bookmaker website and apply for it.

How do I connect the online betting experience to the physical betting shops using the Grid Card?

Connecting the physical betting aspects to the online aspects at Ladbrokes is done automatically after obtaining the Grid Card.

Is it essential to have Ladbrokes the Grid?

Yes, it is essential to have Ladbrokes the Grid. As seen above, it comes with great benefits, connecting your physical account to the online one.

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