What is Livescore?

That is a service that is offered by our website to provide real-time info concerning the results of a particular sport from different categories. These scores will allow the bettors to view the data collected from different sports events. Previously, this information was provided only on the TV through the teletext services or the radio.

With the live score service, you will freely place your bets and follow a particular event as it is in progress. Some of the major sports that accessed via the live score services include football or soccer, especially the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, the UCL, among others.

Where can I place my bets on these events? offers you a chart with bookmakers that lets you place your live score bets and follow up the event of your choice. Since the service is for free, you can change your bets as many times as you want.

Chart options and information

Different options are available when placing your bets on the live scores. These betting options provided in three status, Live Now, Finished and Not Started.

  • Live Now – This is a status that will indicate an event in the process. It will allow you to place your bets and you can freely change them. You can alter the bets, as long as the game is still in progress.
  • Not started – This status indicates that the specific game has not started yet. You can place your bets and predictions on the outcome, even before the game starts. The predictions tend to have higher pay, compared to the live now events. The weaker side of the two participants has the highest bet.
  • Finished – This implies that the particular event is finished and you cannot place your bets. Rather, it will mean that the bets will be invalid.

Is this service free?

Some of the bookmakers will charge a fee for the live score services, but at, you will access the services for free. The only money that will come from you is when you lose a bet or if the predictions you made are not precise.

The benefits of using Livescore

  • It allows you to get live information concerning a particular sport.
  • This service allows you to change your bet anytime in the course of the event.
  • You do not have to follow up the event on TV in order to place your bets accurately.
  • The service allows you to know if the event is outdated or still to come.
  • It is also an easy way of making money since you will only be a click away from making a huge amount of money.

Live scores give you the advantage of staying up to date with your favourite sport. You can easily change your bets if you believe the result will not go as expected. The good thing about it all is that you will have the chance of knowing if the information is outdated or if it is in progress.