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How to Download the Matchbook App on Android (Steps)

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As part of Matchbooks expansion, their work in the mobile sector has been a crucial part of their success. They can offer their exchange on both Android and iOS devices, which is a massive positive for the brand.

Throughout this article, we will be taking a look at how the mobile sector of one of the industry’s fastest-growing betting exchanges fairs. We will also give you an insight into how to get access to the apps, along with promotions and features that you can enjoy along the way.

The first thing that you need to note for the Android app is that it’s fully accessible via the Google Play Store. This is actually quite rare in the betting industry as the store is hard for betting companies to access, but it makes it so much easier to download and then install. Here is a quick guide on how to download the app:

  1. Step 1: Head over to the Google Play Store.
  2. Step 2: Search for “Matchbook“.
  3. Step 3: It should be the first option in the list, but if not make sure it’s the Matchbook Exchange that you want.
  4. Step 4: Once you open the file for this, there will be a green “Install” button.
  5. Step 5: The application will then download to your phone. You can usually find this on your home screen.

Get Matchbook Android App

One thing that stood out for us in the Google Play Store is the reviews. This is often a pretty good base to see what people think about the app and what issues that you might see when using. We’d check these sections to note things to look out for and then can cross-reference where needed.

However, the reviews for Matchbook are superb. It’s rated as 4.8 out of 5, from 139 reviews, which is about as high as we have seen (maybe highest?). This is not what we base our analysis off, but it’s still good to see, especially as gambling apps can get pretty brutal reviews, often which aren’t warranted when you read the reasoning.

How to install Matchbook mobile app for Android?

Once the app has downloaded to your phone, you are then ready to install it.

Download Matcbook App on Google Market
  1. Step 1: Click on the app within your home screen.
  2. Step 2: Wait for the app to open for the first time and then begin to install. This may take a minute or two, depending on the internet connection.
  3. Step 3: Log in or register for a new account.
  4. Step 4: That’s all you need to for the install, and it takes just a minute or two to complete. You only need to install it once and then the load up times will vastly improve. If you can get this on a 4G or WIFI connection, then it will be a more secure connection and take less time.

What’s great about this for Android users is that you can also access the .APK file if you can’t access the Google Play Store for whatever reason. Here is how you do it:

Download Matcbook Android App from the website
  1. Step 1: Head to the Matchbook site and find your way to the App page.
  2. Step 2: Click on the link under “Android (Other)” and the download will begin.
  3. Step 3: In the “Security” settings on your phone, you need to allow “Unknown Sources” for the download to work.
  4. install apps from unknown sources
  5. Step 4: Once this has been enabled, head to your download file and begin the install of the .APK file.
  6. Step 5: Once complete, the app will hit your home screen, and you can start to use it.

How to Download the Matchbook App on iOS

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  • Casino in Matchbook iOS app

The download process for iOS users is just as easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Again, they have a dedicated app for this, so it’s not a complicated procedure by any means.

  1. Step 1: Open the App Store and search for Matchbook
  2. Step 2: Click the App to open the holding page.
  3. Step 3: Click the “Download” button to begin the download to your phone.
  4. Step 4: The app will then take a minute or two to download, and you can add it to your home screen.
  5. Step 5: Just like the Android app, we wanted to point out how good the reviews for this were on the App Store. It’s the same sort of deal in that they’ve got 4.5 stars out of 5 from 200+ reviews. It’s a testament to how good the app, as much as anything else.

Get Matchbook iOS App

How to Install the Matchbook app for iPhone

Once you’ve completed the download, all you then need to do to install the app is click on the icon within your home screen. The installation process takes just a minute when you start the app for the first time, and it may ask you to confirm a few settings here as well, such as currency and time zone.

The simplicity of the process is one of the main reasons why the app has been so popular. It links up well to the App Store and as we mentioned, takes just a minute to download.

One thing that you need to note for both the iOS and the Android app is that you need to have location services turned on. You may be prompted to do this when you first install the app, or you may have to do it manually, but if it’s not working straight out of the box, this could be the reason why.

Is Matchbook Mobile App Free?

Downloading the Matchbook app is totally free. There are no charges at any point to have this on your phone. All you need to access the app is an account, which you can create either directly from the app or via the online site.

How to use the Matchbook app

The first thing to note is that the app is straightforward to use, but you do need to have a basic understanding on of how betting exchanges work. This is not a sports betting app in the traditional sense and is 100% based on their exchange.

Once you’ve logged in you are immediately thrown into a wide range of sports and betting markets on the home page. They call these the “popular” markets of the day, and they change as games/matches/races come and go.

The best place to start, assuming you know where you want to go is the Menu section in the top left-hand corner. Clicking this highlights all the sports that Matchbook offer and also the Colossus jackpot games that can be accessed from the app as well.

Once you’re into your sport, the app works just as the exchange would in that you can see both the back and lay price. If you want to see a more advanced layout, which includes more prices and market liquidity, then go back to the menu, click “settings” in the top right of the menu and select “advanced view“.

To place a bet, click on the odds that you want to take and make sure there is enough liquidity to cover your stake. Markets and money move fast on the exchange, so don’t waste too much time if it seems that the price may expire due to lack of funds.

Matchbook Mobile Version

Mobile site of Matchbook

If you don’t want to download the app, then you can, of course, access the site via your smartphone’s browser. To do this, all you need to do is enter the URL into your browser and log in as you would in the app.

The mobile version looks and works exactly the same as the app. You don’t lose out on quality, and it works just as well as the app. What’s great about the mobile version is that it operates on all devices. The app needs iOS 10 or higher and Android 5.0 or higher on your phone, which most have, but if you don’t, then the mobile version becomes a viable alternative.

Benefits of Matchbook Mobile

The main advantage of accessing Matchbook via the mobile version is that it saves on the countless number of apps that we all have on our phones these days. The size of the app isn’t small, at 42mb for Android and 76mb for iOS, respectively. While this isn’t a problem for newer phones, older phones do struggle with limited memory and ever-increasing app sizes.

The other benefit is that the mobile site continues to run in your browser. When you use the app, it sometimes cuts out after a while, thinking that you’ve closed it, even though you’ve only minimised it.

There are always going to be pros and cons of things like this, and it will come down to user experience for the most part. That being said, the mere fact that you have the choice is a big positive for the Matchbook exchange.

App Features

The app comes packed with a wide range of features. Here’s a look at some of the best that they have to offer.

Cash Out Option

Cash out betting is not all that new to the industry these days, with most bookmakers offering this as a feature. However, there are very few betting changes that offer cash out as an option, which makes it all the more interesting to see that you can indeed access this via the Matchbook app.

It works by merely choosing your back stake and then from the bet slip choosing to cash out where possible. You can’t do this on all markets, and you can only accept these with “back” bets, but it’s still a cool feature to include.

Live Streaming

The live streaming section isn’t huge, but they do include live greyhound races on the app. They take place in several tracks across the UK, including Central Park, Crayford, Doncaster, Harlow, Henlow, Hove, Monmoore and Romford.

Accessing the live stream require you to place a bet £2 (or more) bet on the specific race. You then get a countdown timer to the stream starting, which is usually a couple of minutes before the race. The stream then ends a few minutes after the race has run and the result has been verified. Live streaming is accessed on the app via the live betting section.

Live Betting

It’s one of the busiest areas of the app, but it’s also one of the most confusing. We say confusing because there is little order as to what’s going on. They include a lot of markets, but they aren’t sortable, so it’s a bit like organised chaos. If you are new, it’s tough to get your head around and even when you are used to it, it can still be confusing.

Once into the matches, there is a decent live betting platform to be used. They have basic match centres on offer for most games and include a good range of stats and data. Quality is lacking a little though, but this is not down to the app, it’s the design of the site in general. Overall, it’s not bad, but it’s one area of the app that we would say needs improving.

Acca Betting

Acca betting is another new feature from Matchbook, and again, they are one of the only exchanges to offer this. We all know what acca betting is (accumulation of multiple bets), but Matchbook allows you to do this with exchange market prices. At least, that’s what they claim.

The issue that we found with it is that thy prices don’t quite match up from exchange prices and they don’t charge a commission for these bets, which means it’s likely that they are settling the bets themselves and not on the exchange.

This is totally fine, and it just works how a traditional bookmaker would. But you do need to be aware of this if you are looking at working out the odds manually.

That being said, it’s a great addition. It’s a feature that we loved using and will be keeping in full use following this review.

Back and Lay Bets

The best thing about betting exchanges is that you get to both back and lay your bets. You can essentially become your own bookmaker here, and you’ve as much freedom as you need from these bets.

The platform that the exchange works on is excellent, and there is zero delay between moving from market to market and also then to placing bets.

Check Out the Mobile Features

Complete List of Matchbook Apps

Matchbook has a range of apps in their catalogue. Here’s a look at what they’ve got an how they work.

  • Exchange App
    The exchange app is the main app. This is one that most of you are going to use and the one that is the most popular.You’re able to access a good range of betting markets and also a decent range of sports as well. The best thing about the Matchbook exchange is that the commission that you pay is just 2% as standard (can be lower with promotions). This is compared to a 5% commission from most other betting exchanges. It may not seem a lot, but it can be a huge difference when you look at pricing and then comparing the odds on offer.
  • Casino App
    The same app can access the casino as the exchange, which is a great feature to have. NetEnt powers them for the majority of their games and has a substantial catalogue of games to choose from. The welcome casino offer can be accessed via the app, and it can be cleared on the app as well. One thing to note is that you don’t get the full range of games on the casino app, but it’s solid and will be more than enough for most. Table games include blackjack, roulette, Caribbean poker, sic bo, red dog and bonus poker along with hundreds of video slots.
  • Live Casino
    Again, the live casino is also accessible via the main app. This is powered by Evolution Gaming, who is one of the best in the business. Games include roulette, blackjack, baccarat and live poker.

Matchbook Mobile App v Matchbook Mobile Version

As we have already stated, there are going to be some people that would rather use the app and then others that would rather use the mobile version of the Matchbook exchange. The critical thing to note is that there is no right or wrong answer here. Each has their positives and negatives, and you need to choose the one that works best for you.

Here is a look at what each of them offers:

Pros of Matchbook Mobile APP
  • Matchbook Mobile App
  • Available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, as well as downloadable .APK file
  • Reliable connection and next to no crashing issues reported
  • Better design than the mobile version and functions better as a result
Cons of Matchbook App
  • Chunky files sizes at 46mb (Android) and 76mb (iOS)
  • Is yet ANOTHER app that needs downloading
Pros of Matchbook Mobile Version
  • Easy to open in our browser
  • Can pin to the home screen if required
  • No need for added phone memory for download
  • Ideal for older phone models
Cons of Matchbook Mobile Site
  • Can be unstable compared to app
  • Easy to accidentally shift to another web page
  • A little clumsier than the app

System Requirements and Compatibility

iOS users are going to be able to use the app on a range of platforms, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 10.0 or later will be needed, and the file size is 76mb. The provider for the app is Xanadau Consultancy Limited, and the app is free to download.

Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store with a file size of 46mb. You will need Android 5.50 or later to access the app and is offered by Google Commerce Ltd.

Matchbook Mobile Offers

There are no specific mobile offers for the Matchbook app, and it does not appear to have had any previously. However, you can claim the risk-free £10 welcome offer and the 100% match up to £100 casino welcome offer direct from the app.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The mobile banking options at Matchbook are pretty decent. It’s not a vast range, but more than enough for most punters. What we liked is that you can deposit from as little as £5 and withdrawal times are well within the industry average. Here is what you can expect:

Paymenth MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Bank Wire Transfer€500It depends€500It dependsup 72 hours
Neteller€10It depends€10It dependswithin 12 hours
Skrill€10It depends€10It dependswithin 12 hours
Credit Cards€10It depends€10It depends2-5 days
Debit Cards€10It depends€10It depends2-5 days
Instadebit€10It depends€10It depends


Why download the Matchbook app?/

Can I fund my account using the app?

Is there a dedicated Matchbook app?

Is there a downloadable file?

Does the app come with mobile bonuses?

What if the app won’t install?

Is the app the same as the mobile site?

About Matchbook

The company have been about since 2005 and are now owned by Triplebet Limited. They have quickly grown to be one of the biggest betting exchanges in the world and since the latest redesign in 2014, have been averaging over £300 million worth of exchange bets placed every year.

Matchbook App Rating

The Matchbook app is one of the better exchange apps on the market right now. They include a decent range of sports and markets, as well as their standout features, such as cash out, acca betting and live streaming.

Baring a few minor gripes, such as the manic nature of the live betting section, the app is pretty much faultless. The download option for both Apple and Android is a great asset, and we can see these being a viable alternative to some of the more mainstream betting apps on the market right now.

Android App
Usability & Design
Mobile Version
Payment Methods
91%Overall Rating

Visit Matchbook Mobile

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