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Theme of Game of Thrones

This Game of Thrones free online slot offers a unique, immersive gaming experience. Authentic cast, music, and sound effects accompany you across the Seven Kingdoms. Attend the Highgarden Club, collect special cards to level up your characters, and prepare for winter.

The Game of Thrones slot machine from Microgaming draws its beautiful graphics, characters, and sounds from the hit HBO show. Begin your journey through Westeros by joining a house and inviting friends. Play through different storylines, raise a dragon, chase the throne, and conquer the map in this adaptation of a popular fictional series.

Type of Casino Game and Features

Game of Thrones is a slot game based on the HBO series. It has five reels, 15 paylines, and many different symbols. The Game of Thrones logo is the wild and the Iron Throne is the scatter. The game features the classic 15 play lines and a unique 243-ways-to-win variation.

Getting three, four, or five scatters opens the free spins round. The game features four prominent houses from the show, each with its own set of free spins and multipliers. In a fun bonus game, you get to participate in a battle of wit and aptitude against a dragon. Win the Dragon’s Egg bonus game for a Legendary Win!

Enjoy the in-game chat feature, participate in weekly slots leagues, and work with your housemates to win the Iron Throne!

What is the RTP of the Game?

Like all slot games, Game of Thrones has a return-to-player percentage, or RTP. The RTP is the average percentage of wagers a game returns to its players over time. The Game of Thrones RTP is 95%, which means that the game pays back roughly $95 of every $100 spent on it.

Game of Thrones has medium slot volatility, a concept representing how much and how often a player could win.

Game of Thrones Slot Pros and Cons

Game of Thrones is an incredibly popular franchise. The game’s developer, Microgaming, is famous for classics like Serenity and Throne of Egypt. Although the slot game comes from those two big brands (Microgaming and Game of Thrones), we still think it could be improved. Let’s review some of the game’s pros and cons!

  • Pros
  • You can play Game of Thrones for free online
  • Play online with either 15 or 243 paylines
  • It is available online and on mobile apps
  • Small coin size options and progressive jackpots
  • Profitable free spins bonus rounds
  • Cons
  • Low hourly bonuses
  • More about having fun than getting returns
  • The free spins feature is difficult to trigger

Strategies for Better Chances on Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones demo

While it’s impossible to rig a slot game in your favor, here are some strategies you can use to make your gaming experience more straightforward and rewarding. For example, you can start with the play-for-fun mode to earn experience points and see how the game plays. Join a house as soon as possible to enjoy the game’s social features.

If you decide to play with real money, consider allotting yourself a specific budget and aiming for a returns target amount. Setting smaller goals will teach you when to cash out. We suggest waiting for free spins, as this feature of the game is really what stands out. Microgaming is doing great work to put a new spin on free spins.

Our last tip is to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four houses. For example, the risk factor is higher for Baratheon spins than Targaryen spins. To play it safe, choose either Stark or Lannister; the volatility is lower, so there’s less risk, but a decent payout is still possible.

Demo Mode or Play-For-Real Game?

Most online slot games have a demo mode you can play with no commitment, no registration, and no download. In the demo mode, you can play for experience points, learn how the game works, and decide if you want to switch to the play-for-real mode.

In the play-for-real mode, you play with real money. It’s important to remember that online gambling is meant for fun and isn’t a reliable way to get returns.

Can I play Game of Thrones on Mobile (Android & iOS)?

Yes, the slot Game of Thrones is available through any licensed casino app or mobile version. Feel free to try it on Android or iOS through Silentbet – a free demo games site.


Who is the software developer for Game of Thrones slots?

Microgaming is the developer of this online slot.

Are there bonuses in the game?

Yes. Game of Thrones offers bonus games, free spins, Stick and Wins, and others.

Does Game of Thrones have a progressive jackpot?

Yes. When a progressive jackpot is not won, it increases the overall stakes, meaning you could win a huge amount of money

Where can I play Game of Thrones slots?

You can play it here on our website, or download on Apple, Android, and Amazon devices!

Does Game of Thrones follow the same plotline as the TV show?

The developers tried to keep the action as close to the show as possible! During the game, you can be a part of the Seven Kingdoms and relive many of the classic scenes from the show!

Final Verdict

Game of Thrones slot offers a variety of fun features like free spins and bonus games. It boasts exciting graphics, music from the TV show, and the chance to choose your own house. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons, making this an enjoyable game to play for free or with real money!

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