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Theme of Gemix

Take a magical journey as you travel between worlds collecting precious gems! Gemix sports a mystical theme involving three worlds – each world has its unique characters that will offer you help along the way. In the first world, you meet a miner who lives in a small house in the forest, as seen in the background. In the second, you’re introduced to the princess, who lives in a pretty castle surrounded by colorful plants. A wizard occupies the last world, living in the woods.

The drawings, animations, and colors are all eye-catching, coordinating to create a fun and light-hearted slot. The music keeps with the mystical aesthetic, offering happy and light tunes that you just might catch an elf dancing to.

Type of Casino Game and Features

This slot isn’t like most as it’s more of a mobile app game with slot machine features. Gemix is a video slot with seven reels. It does not, however, have any paylines, as winnings are collected based on gem clusters. Although this particular slot does not have any bonus rounds or ways of winning free spins, it is riddled with exciting and entertaining game features.

There are eight different colored gems in different shapes, each with varying payouts. To collect these gems, you must match five or more of the same gem, which can be done horizontally, vertically, or in clusters. The gems are then removed; any symbols above the collected gems fall and are replaced by more gems.

There is a meter on the right side of the screen that fills up as you collect the gem symbols. Once you’ve collected 20, you will receive a supercharge that activates automatically. This charge can vary and is entirely randomized. You also have a chance of obtaining the ultimate Super Charge move if you collect 40 gems. Once this is triggered, you unlock a multiplier that triples all of your current winnings.

The last symbol in Gemix is the wild symbol, which looks different depending on which world you’re in. For the miner, it’s a lantern, for the princess, it’s a lollipop, and for the wizard, it’s a book. These symbols act as substitutes for gems and only appear on a non-winning round. Each wild has different stipulations. Although it may seem so, these wilds do not work as scatter symbols, as they don’t produce any winnings independently.

What is the RTP of the Game?

Gemix has a return-to-player, or RTP of 96%, which is average. Thus for every 100 coins someone bets, 96 coins will return to players.

Pros and Cons of Gemix Slot

  • Pros
  • You can play Gemix for free in play-for-fun mode.
  • The game-like structure keeps Gemix entertaining and fun.
  • The supercharge moves increase excitement and help raise winnings.
  • Cons
  • It has medium volatility.
  • There are no bonus games.
  • There aren’t any paylines, which may be unusual to frequent slot machine players.
  • It is not part of a progressive slot.

Strategies for Better Chances on Gemix

Gemix slot demo

Be prepared to play for more than a few rounds. Although you have a chance of winning with the wild symbols on non-winning spins, you still want to aim for filling up that supercharge meter. This meter will help you in the long run in matching and eliminating gems and creating space for possible better gem sequences. Even more, this meter will make hitting all the indicated spots a whole lot easier, allowing you to proceed onto the next level and, eventually, into the next world.

Demo or Play-For-Real Mode?

Demo mode is excellent for learning how to play Gemix or even playing it for fun. Try it here on Silentbet with no download needed. Unlike Play-for-Real mode, there is no registration required to play in demo mode, meaning you will always have the chance to play Gemix free online.

Can I Play Gemix on Mobile (Android & iOS)?

Gemix is available to play for free and for real money on mobile devices, including devices operating on Android, iOS, and Windows. If playing on a mobile browser, there is no download required, but you may need to install Adobe Flash for the game to run.


Who is the Software Developer for Gemix?

Play’n GO released Gemix in 2014.

What are the Stipulations for Each Wild Symbol?

A maximum of 10 lanterns can fall on the screen, while there’s only a maximum of eight books. On the other hand, the lollipops can show up in any amount, spreading across the screen.

Where Can I See My Total Winnings?

There’s a thin black bar that shows your balance, bet, and overall winnings on the very bottom of the screen.

Is There a Way to See How Much I Make from the Gems I Eliminate?

Yes. On the left is a bar showing you how many gems you matched and how much you won from each match.

What are the Charge Moves, and How do They Work?

There’s the Nova Blast, which targets a gem and destroys and transforms any gems surrounding it. The Crystal Warp also targets one gem, but instead of destroying any, it converts all matching gems to different symbols. Light Beam shoots out streams of light; any symbols in this light’s path transform into something different. Lastly, there’s the Chain Lightning. This charge move connects any two corners with a lightning chain. Any symbol touching this chain changes to match one of the corner gems.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a new style of slots to play online, GeMix might just be the one for you. With the use of a game-within-a-game, this magical slot will keep you entertained and coming back for more.

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