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Theme of Keno Universe

The ancient Chinese-style lottery game is vividly brought to life in the new digital adoption by EGT. While play online versions are ubiquitous, Keno Universe stands out with an easy to navigate interface, true-to-life lottery sounds, and a jackpot win that offers odds of up to 10000 to one.

Few casinos can match EGT for eye candy when it comes to graphic simplicity and style. Expect plenty of green and gold on white, with minimal fuss.

Type of Casino Game and Features

Referred to as ‘Other games’ in the online casino world, Keno is essentially an instant lottery-style setup similar to traditional Bingo: you select your special numbers and hope that they match up against the digits drawn by a Random Number Generator.

At least one of your numbers has to match to score a win, but the more matches you get, the higher you score. At its core, the game features five bet levels. Determine your numbers and place a wager between one and ten credits, press the start button and hold your breath.

The lottery builds up to a ‘live’ lotto draw and creates plenty of excitement – in particular, look out for the ‘Added ball shoot’.

Need some practice before playing for real? No problem, play Keno Universe for free using the demo version. It allows you to find your way around the controls before placing your bets.

What is the RTP of the Game?

Keno’s Return To Player (RTP) is historically lower than many other casino games standing at 94.48%. While not much skill is required to play, some pundits are known to tap into mystical talents to reap grand pay-outs, with prospects that could reach as much as 10,000 to one. And its low variance often results in numerous micro-wins that can quickly add up as you play.

Pros and Cons of Keno Universe

The game is genuinely fun and perfectly suits the nostalgic lottery player or the novice keen to dip their toe into the online gaming world.

  • Pros
  • Ease-of-use. The game is perfect for new players or those familiar with Keno
  • Players can practice and learn the game by experimenting with the free version; no registration required
  • High possibility of micro-wins as you play
  • Possibility of your bet winning against a jackpot of 10,000 to one
  • The machine’s random generator can automatically select numbers for you, should you not feel like choosing your own
  • Cons
  • You can’t play it on a mobile device
  • RTP is lower than traditional, skill-based casino games

Strategies for Better Chances on Keno Universe

Keno Universe demoChoose your online platform wisely – there are many casinos out there, and most do not match Keno Universe regards its pay-out percentages. Using their free simulator enables you to practice the game before placing a hard cash bet.

Some veterans of the game advise selecting fewer numbers, with six being the maximum. Most computer-generated numbers are programmed to avoid patterns developing between winning digits, the point being that you should watch the game closely to note any numbers that haven’t appeared in a while. Those numbers could be your ticket to riches.

Demo or Play-For-Real Mode?

The play-for-fun mode helps you acclimatize to the rules of the game. Luckily, it is easy to play, and before long, you will be wanting to experience the excitement of playing for real money. And that is the essential difference: Play-For-Real provides all the thrills you’d expect when the stakes rise.

Can I Play Keno Universe on Mobile (Android & iOS)?

The game is not yet available on Mobile due to its Flash component. Unfortunately, you will have to stick to the desktop version of to try the game in the free demo mode. Alternatively, find a licensed casino from our list of legit operators.


Who is the software supplier of Keno Universe?

Euro Games Technology (EGT) supplies the software, and their headquarters is in Bulgaria.

How are pay-outs determined?

It depends purely on how many numbers you chose and the amount wagered. Select the maximum amounts to achieve the highest gains.

How will I know if I’ve won?

The number generator will roll, and the lucky numbers will turn red on the grid. If any of your numbers match, the block will flash, and you’ll see your win total on the left of the screen.

Are there any bonus features?

Don’t feel like selecting your own numbers? The machine will do it for you.

Can I play Keno Universe on my Mobile?

At this stage, no. It is suited for PC and Laptop.

Conclusion and Verdict

Keno Universe suits the traditional Bingo-style gamer and provides plenty of fun without any major strategy required. Online, instant lotteries far exceed traditional scratch cards and weekly lotto’s. Keno Universe’s ease of use places the game at your fingertips. The play-for-free simulator offers new players a soft landing to understanding the nuances involved when playing Keno. Micro-wins add to the excitement, and we wait eagerly for EGT to make the game available on mobile devices.

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