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Video Slot

Theme of Sea Hunter

Sea Hunter is an underwater-themed game. This design is carried throughout the game, with sea life slot symbols populating the slot reels. The single exception is the wilds, which are sea mines.

The graphics are 2D images with bright colors and simplified designs. The music is fun and exciting. Players dwell in a submarine with two cannons, hunting sea life with every spin.

Type of Casino Game and Features

Sea Hunter is a video slot machine game developed by Play’n GO. It includes many unique game features, such as special cannons that affect the reels in beneficial ways. Flashing lights and fun laser cannon zaps liven up the action.

The cannons are the main attraction of the game. They offer enticing rewards as you rack up winning streaks. For example, six wins in a row nets you a free “win spin.” This gives you one guaranteed prize-winning combination, at least. Each cannon has a unique name, effect, and trigger:

  • Growth Run: This cannon is triggered a winning streak of 2. The cannon will shoot a symbol at random in the next round, which will upgrade to the next one on the paytable. Keep in mind that wilds won’t upgrade if hit..
  • Sticky Shot: Unlock this feature by winning four times consecutively. A random symbol will be fired by the cannon and stick to the reels, triggering a free re-spin/bonus round.
  • Wild Warhead: A five-time winning streak will trigger this cannon. When activated, one to three wilds will appear randomly on the reels. This will briefly increase your chances of forming a winning combination.
  • Multiply Mortar: This cannon is triggered by achieving six wins in a row. It applies a multiplier of up to 15x on your current spin.

What is the RTP of the Game?

The Returns to Players, or RTP, is a useful value for assessing slot machines. It represents the portion of wagers that a machine will return to players over time. RTP helps players when they make their risk calculations before gambling.

Sea Hunter has an RTP value of 96%, which is just about average for the industry. The game features high volatility, meaning players can expect occasional large payouts and long periods without a win. Both are factors that players will want to take into account before choosing to play.

Pros and Cons of Sea Hunter

Like any game, Sea Hunter has its various pros and cons.

  • Pros
  • Very straightforward gameplay
  • Charming visuals and soundtrack
  • Enticing bonus features through the unique cannon mechanic
  • Cons
  • No free spins mechanics
  • No progressive jackpots

Strategies for Better Chances on Sea Hunter

Sea Hunter demo

Like most slot machine-based games, a way to increase your chances with Sea Hunter is to keep a cool head. Also, it is best to make sure you stay aware of what you’re willing to lose and balance that against your desire to win.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of the free-play mode. It’s the best way to get familiarized with how the game works before you risk your own cash.

Demo Game or Play-for-Real Mode?

There are no stakes and no real money on the line for players to lose in play-for-fun mode. With no stakes, the game is fun watching the reels spin and see what they can match up. In Play-for-Real mode, the smallest coin size is 0.05, with the largest being 100.

Beyond the stakes, there are no functional differences between the two modes of play.

Can I Play Sea Hunter on Mobile?

Yes. Sea Hunter supports mobile play, including Android and iOS. It also supports various browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Internet Edge. The best part: the game plays entirely in the browser. It requires no downloads.


Who Powers Sea Hunter Slot?

Sea Hunter is supplied by Play’n GO, a world-famous iGaming software development company.

How Many Reels does Sea Hunter have?

This slot game has 3 reels.

How Many Paylines Are There in Sea Hunter?

Sea Hunter has 5 paylines.

Can You Win Free Spins in Sea Hunter?

Yes. When you win four times in a row, Sticky Shot will reward you with a free re-spin.

Are There Scatters in Sea Hunter?

No, Sea Hunter does not have any scatters.

Conclusion and Verdict

Sea Hunter is an easy-to-approach and play video slot machine game. It’s a fun spin through an underwater adventure searching for treasure in the demo mode. Playing the paid version can be a riskier experience, but one with the potential for great rewards. It is very beginner-friendly. While it may not have a progressive jackpot, it is a great first game for rookies and veterans alike. More seasoned players may appreciate its unique mechanics, though the lack of scatter bonus rounds doesn’t help… Our final rating for this slot still stays high.

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