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Video Slot

Microgaming combines the worlds of video games and slots in Tomb Raider, the crossover of the century. Play with Lara Croft as you spin your way through an ancient temple filled with lost treasure to find, ferocious tigers to fight, and deadly puzzles to solve. The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you, just one spin away!

Tomb Raider Theme

Join the famous explorer and archaeologist Lara Croft in this slot that pays homage to her 2001 origins. Based on the 2001 video game and media franchise, this slot recreates Lara’s first adventure in tomb exploration. Microgaming breathes new life to the original PlayStation One game with stylistic art and animations that spark nostalgia in the hearts of many long-time fans.

Still, the graphics remain simple with a still frame of an old tomb. There is no background music, making the slots’ victory noises, including gunshots and Lara’s classic theme, a bit jarring. The game lacks in style, but it makes up for it in nostalgia, genuinely honoring the franchise’s spirit and soul.

Slot Type and Features

This slot is a thematic video slot with five reels and 15 paylines. It includes a Lara Croft icon as a scatter, one wild, a bonus game, and various fun symbols like a wild tiger and ancient puzzle. The bonus game is a simple point and click, allowing the player to choose three, four, or five idols for mystery prizes depending on how many totem icons they match.

RTP of Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is rewarding at a high 96.56% RTP with low to medium volatility/variance. This means that the game’s theoretical payout is better than average, with small winnings frequently occurring instead of big returns rarely. Our testing found the slot to lean more towards medium volatility, as we encountered quite a few dry spells between hits.

Tomb Raider Pros and Cons

A seasoned explorer-like Lora Croft has a lot to offer the world of casino games. However, not everyone may favor our adventurous brunette and her unique set of skills. Check below for some quick pros and cons of this slot.

  • Pros
  • Easy to use interface
  • Mobile friendly
  • Perfect for Tomb Raider franchise fans
  • Point and click bonus game
  • Cons
  • No background music
  • Fickle bonus and free spin triggers

Tomb Raider Strategies

Tomb Raider demo game

With the largest hit jackpot in the game totaling around $11,000, you want to use every trick in the book to earn some winnings. The first step is the bonus game, where matching three or more idols on the reel brings you to a point and click adventure. You can choose three to five idols, each hiding a mystery amount based on your placed bet.

The other most lucrative step is triggering free spins to triple all winnings or matching five wilds together for a whopping 7,500 credits. With a bit of luck and the right symbols, you will be finding ancient gold in no time.

Demo Mode or Play-For-Real Mode?

All features available in the demo are accessible in play-for-real mode, the only difference being a player spinning for cash instead of coins. The slot has a max payout of around $11,000 USD if you hit it big, smaller than some gamers prefer. The low pay limit makes it an excellent experience for casual betters starting small.

We recommend that players looking for returns should look to other slots in the Tomb Raider brand. This video slot is best enjoyed by fans in a low pay limit or play-for-fun demo mode.

Can I Play Tomb Raider Slot on Mobile?

Microgaming loves to make versatile slots, and Tomb Raider is no different. Like many of their games, Tomb Raider is optimized for mobile gameplay. Though no app is available, easily accessible via your phone or tablet browser. Even better, Tomb Raider comes pre-programmed with mobile-friendly icons, making it easy to play on a small screen.


What is the RTP/volatility of this slot?

Tomb Raider has a slightly higher RTP average of 96.56 with a medium to low volatility.

Where can I find Tomb Raider?

The Tomb Raider is available to play for free at

Do I need to download this slot?

Microgaming optimizes many of its slots for mobile-friendly browser play with no download needed.

Who is the software supplier of Tomb Raider?

Microgaming created this in 2004, becoming the first branded slot in the industry featuring Lara Croft.

Who is Lara Croft?

Lara Croft is the main character from the 2001 video game and media franchise Tomb Raider. She is a British archaeologist who travels the world for lost treasures, cultures, and mysteries.


Tomb Raider is a simple mobile slot with a low play limit but a low capped payout. It works well for fans who adore the Tomb Raider series and casual players looking for a way to kill some time. Better experienced pays to win players may be a bit bored with its simplicity and might look elsewhere for a big game bonus. Yet it remains a solid Microgaming slot, open to players of all experience levels to enjoy.

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