Vegas Strip Blackjack

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Theme of Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is an online blackjack game from Microgaming that uses four decks of 52 cards. The game features include an option to double down, split a hand, and an RTP of 99.65%.

Playing with the same rules, Vegas Strip Blackjack has dynamic gameplay, animation that is solid and ambient sounds to replicate the atmosphere inside casinos.

Game Type and Features

Vegas Strip Blackjack is a hole card game played with four decks of cards. The dealer stands on all of the 17’s. The game features a coin size that you cannot change, but you can bet any amount between 1 and 200 coins.

Choose the bet amount and then click on ‘Deal’ to start the game. Only one of the dealer’s cards will show; you can double down, hit, split, insure, or stand using that information.

The dealer’s second card is then revealed; if the dealer does not reach 21 and you have, you win. A push will occur at any time that the player and dealer have the same score unless the player has a natural blackjack (the first two cards are an Ace and 10 or face card).

RTP Breakdown

Return To Player is the percentage of total money wagered for that game, to be returned as winnings over time. Vegas Strip Blackjack has a high RTP at 99.65%, meaning it is one of the most likely to give you a payout.

Volatility is determined by the difference between the largest jackpots and minor payouts; this determines the payouts’ frequency and value. Vegas Strip Blackjack has medium to high volatility, which means that payouts will happen less often but for higher amounts.

Pros and Cons of Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack has the same liberal rules as found in the strip, along with a realistic ambiance and superb gameplay; but here are our likes and dislikes:

  • Pros
  • You can master the game by playing the play-for-fun mode
  • You can enjoy convenience and zero disturbance from other players by playing online
  • You can influence the chances of a payout with the application of good strategy and some skill
  • The dealer peeks for naturals on Aces and face cards
  • Cons
  • There is only one bet position
  • Bet sizing is regulated by clicking on a plus or minus symbol, which can be a lengthy process for higher bets
  • You cannot surrender a losing hand

Strategies & Tactics

Vegas Strip Blackjack

In a medium to high volatility blackjack game, managing your bankroll is crucial; and assuming that the concealed dealer’s card is worth ten is recommended. We also recommend keeping your bets on the conservative side and split up Aces and Eights. Use good betting and gameplay strategy, and all of these factors will improve your chances of a payout considerably.

Get to know the game features by playing Vegas Strip Blackjack free online in the play-for-fun mode. You can learn the gameplay, rules, and strategies first; before you play for real cash.

Demo or Play-For-Real Mode?

Vegas Strip Blackjack is a hole card blackjack game that you can enjoy in demo mode or play for real money. To play with no downloads, no risk, and no registration, play Vegas Strip Blackjack free online at Silentbet.

Play Vegas Strip Blackjack on Mobile(Android & iOS)

You can play online on this website ( using your mobile; in theory, you can play this game on any Android or iOS device with a web browser and sufficient computing power.


Can I Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Online in Demo Mode?

You can play Vegas Strip Blackjack for free on our website, and it requires no registration and no download. You can choose whether to play for free or to play for real risk.

What is a Natural Blackjack?

A Natural Blackjack occurs if the player’s first two cards are an Ace and a 10 or face card, which scores 21.

What Is the RTP for Vegas Strip Blackjack?

The Return to Player is 99.65%, and the volatility for blackjack games generally sits at medium to high due to the nature of the game.

Who is the Software Supplier of Vegas Strip Blackjack?

Microgaming developed the software for Vegas Strip Blackjack.

What’s the difference between a Hard and Soft hand in Blackjack?

An Ace can be worth 1 or 11 on the scores, so any hand with an Ace in it is soft. If you have a 10 and a 7, it scores 17, but if you have an Ace and a 6, it can score 17 or 7 – this ambivalence is what makes it a soft hand.


We recommend that you give Vegas Strip Blackjack to anyone who enjoys blackjack played with relatively liberal rules; the gameplay and ambient sound effects create an authentic casino atmosphere, but you can switch off the sound if you find it intrusive.

Play for free if you want to learn the required skills and strategies needed in this game before you risk your bank balance. This game is well worth the risk; it is engaging and requires some strategy and skill. Combine this with a high RTP, and chance is more likely to be in your favor.

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