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Video Slot

Theme of Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft is based on Norse warriors and ancient runes, and it delivers a thrilling visual experience. There are no character symbols, with icons being either viking equipment or rune-carved stones. Axes, hammers, and helmets are all featured, while runes have unique designs, colors, and shapes.

One of four Norse gods stands to the reel’s right, and the background changes from stormy seas to fiery mountains. The options bar and bonus indicators have a wood-and-metal finish that immersed us in the setting.

The slot is always in motion, with smooth cascading reels and stylish animations like the slithering World Serpent and rumbling earthquakes. An orchestral background track gives the slot an epic feel, immersing you in its fantastical world.

How to Play Viking Runecraft

  • Play for free on
  • Launch the game in demo mode
  • Place a bet and hit spin
  • Check for winning combinations
  • Wait for the reels to stop cascading
  • Spin again for another chance

Type of Casino Game & Features

Viking Runecraft is a massive seven-by-seven video slot with cascading symbols, and All Ways Pay paylines. This means five or more identical symbols will grant a win if connected horizontally or vertically. They’ll then disappear to make space for new ones.

The level-up system involves completing a specific layout shown on the right. Once a space on the layout is used in a winning combination, it lights up, and the next level triggers when all spaces are used. The active god will rotate every level.

The gods, Thor, Freya, Heimdall, and Odin, trigger their bonuses randomly on losing spins and level-ups. Thor creates five-to-nine wilds, Odin makes two groups of four wilds, Freya creates up to four wild clusters until you win, and Heimdall adds a wild to every row.

Winning with a rune on a level-up space adds that rune to the Runes of Valhalla feature. Collected runes are shown on the top left, alongside a jackpot that grows for each rune win. On level-up, you’ll spin a wheel with the five runes and can win the jackpot if you land on a rune you’ve collected.

Win consecutive combinations of 20 symbols to fill the Charge of Destruction, granting one of four bonuses. Fury of Fenrir destroys two diagonals and turns another two into identical symbols, while Scorching of Surtr chooses three symbols and replaces everything around it with copies, for example.

If you manage 40 winning symbols or fill the meter twice, you’ll receive one free spin. The Charge of Destruction provides a multiplier when filled during these bonus rounds, and its previous bonuses will activate randomly on non-winning spins.

What is the RTP of the Game?

Check the Return to Player to know how much a game will pay you back over a massive number of spins. For this slot, the RTP of 96% shows that you’ll earn that portion of your bet back in theory. There is also high volatility, meaning that wins are larger but less consistent.

Pros and Cons of Viking Runecraft Slot

Viking Runecraft is a complex yet highly entertaining slot that delivers both stunning visuals and massive wins. Its high variance could be off-putting, but the vast range of bonuses helps you to find wins.

  • Pros
  • Extra jackpot that fills as you win
  • Random bonuses on losing spins
  • All Ways Pay more flexible than rigid paylines
  • Up to 15 times multiplier
  • Cons
  • Jackpots aren’t progressive
  • No bonus games or scatters

Strategies for Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft demo

Keep in mind that this is a high-variance slot, so there could be periods of time where nothing happens. Patience is required to get the most out of these games, and using a smaller coin size can help stretch your budget through these patches.

Demo or Play-For-Real Game?

A play-for-fun mode carries no risk as you bet with virtual credits instead of money, which have no value. It needs no registration, unlike play-for-real mode, which you can only play online on an official casino site by signing up and placing real money bets.

Can I Play Viking Runecraft on Mobile?

You can enjoy Viking Runecraft free online on mobile just as you would on a desktop by loading the trial version from free slot sites, such as Silentbet. It won’t matter whether you use an Android phone or an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), the game is optimised for both.


Who Is the Software Supplier of Viking Runecraft?

Play’n GO provides all software.

What Is the Maximum Level?

You can go up to level 10,000.

How Do I Level Up?

Level up by landing a winning symbol on every space of the pattern, displayed on the right.

Do I Need an App to Play the Game?

No, there is no download needed as you can play directly in your browser.

Does Viking Runecraft have a progressive jackpot?

No, unfortunately not.

Conclusion and Verdict

The game features many special actions and a large grid, which seems complicated at first, but becomes fun and engaging almost instantly. Most of the bonuses and mechanics trigger randomly, so you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere as the game does the work. With non-stop animations and effects, the slot is just as fun to watch as it is to play.

Large returns can be rarer than other games, but the payoff for patience is incredible, with multipliers and features going off constantly. It’s an easy game to recommend for anyone who enjoys epic Norse themes. Since you can play Viking Runecraft for free, we suggest that everyone gives it a try.

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