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Short Introduction

Sportingbet is one of the leading Sportsbooks having been launched back in 98. It is available in 26 countries with approximately 700,000 active customers. The site has an interface that is easy to navigate and also, you will enjoy the elegant placement of the content. It has two columns that direct you to the available markets and the sections that you want to access.

It doesn’t have a top or bottom menu bar, making it unique. This also gives the user more space on the screen. For that, you can view the content without straining, and you will be sure of getting the right service. With the bigger space on the screen, you will be able to view the pending bets, balance, and the information about your account.

Now we are going to review their mobile app and not the whole website with its features. The Sportingbet mobile app is loaded with excellent features. There is a front menu that contains all the tables and options. With this design, the betting becomes easier and more enjoyable. It has some low loading times though it can be faster depending on your internet connection.

The sports are perfectly arranged and they are placed on a separate tab. This will allow the punters to place their bets with ease. The design is interactive, and it has plenty of graphics.

Exceptional Features

The mobile app and the mobile website have both been upgraded to offer a reliable betting opportunity to the customers. The mobile sportsbook is available and it covers some of the top games. You can place your wagers on the top markets like The Premier League, or horse racing. The Australian Rugby is also covered and you can place your bets right from your mobile phone.

Other than the mobile sports betting, there is also the mobile casinos that covers some of the top games like slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker. These are the only casino games offered on the mobile app or website. Bingo is not available on Sportingbet.

You can also place your bets on your favorite games on Premier League or the horse racing, via the in-play betting. You can follow the live commentary or the live feeds via your mobile phone. Though you might want to ensure that you have a reliable internet connection to enjoy the in-play betting option. The mobile app or website will be limited mostly to the Premier League games and some of the horse racing games.

Sportingbet mobile apps are available for free and can be downloaded on Android, iOS, Window phones and other tablets or smartphone devices. The mobile app are compatible with:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Blackberry
  • Android devices (Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Asus, Vivo and many others)
  • Nokia
  • Windows phones

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Difference between Sportingbet mobile app and mobile site

sportingbet mobile site version

So many of you may ask the question what is the difference between the app and Sportingbet mobile version? A mobile app differs from a mobile site. It might not be by far, but there is always a difference and both apps have their benefits. The Sportingbet mobile app and the mobile site differ in different ways.

First off, the Sporting mobile app has a better customization of the features and the menu. With this, you can enjoy your online betting and gambling. With the mobile app, the list and features of the sportsbook are placed on the front page. This allows you to view all the characteristics and access them with ease.

The mobile app can allow you to enjoy more features, such as the in-play betting. The in-play characteristics of the mobile site might not be that impressive. It could seem sluggish and can delay updating the content of the in-play feature. The mobile app can update on its own, and it lets you interact more.

The good thing about the mobile site is that it can be accessed by any mobile device, while the mobile app will be biased when choosing the device for compatibility.

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Sportingbet Mobile App for Android

You can enjoy the mobile app for Android, which comes with an excellent design. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Or you can make it simpler by clicking on the Play Store link from the site. The Android app has been developed with elegance. You will be able to enjoy the features that are placed on the front page, which makes it easy to access them. It is an app that is quite easy to use, and the interface is also user-friendly.

sportingbet app - samsung

Android device – Samsung

sportingbet android app inplay

Mobile inplay – Android

football android app sb

Sports on Android

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How to download and install Sportingbet Mobile app on Android

Ok guys, here is the big deal! If you want to use Sportingbet mobile app on your Android device you will have to follow these steps below:

1Go and create an account at Sportingbet

2Also you will have to change some settings on your Android system. Pick up your phone and go to:

  3. Unknown Sorces (and allow it) – Ok, we are done!

android settings for sportingbet app

3Download Sportingbet mobile app (Sportingbet.apk file) from here: Sportingbet app download link

3Ok, now all you have to do is install the app and if you want you can turn back the settings on your Android. Enjoy!

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Sportingbet Mobile App for Iphone/Ipad (iOS)

The iOS devices are also compatible with the mobile app. You can download the app from the App Store and it will fit in your iPad or iPhone. The iOS app is almost similar to the mobile site, but this one is more elegant in the display and it is also user-friendly. You can place your bets with ease and also, you can enjoy the banking methods quickly.

ios device capability

Great iOS capability

iphone live streaming and in play

Sportingbet App – Iphone

sportingbet iphone and ipad  app

Iphone App In-Play

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How to Download Sportingbet App for Iphone/Ipad

Sportingbet SPORT mobile app for iOS devices is available on Itunes:

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Payment methods and Customer Support

There are different methods of payments, which are designed to allow you to withdraw your wins or deposit in your account quickly. You can make your deposits easily by clicking on the Deposit button, which directs you to choose the most reliable option. The withdrawals can also be made with ease. Most of the supported payment methods are the credit and debit cards. This one is also easier to manage.

The customer services are quite reliable. You can get help via the live chats and the toll-free phone lines if you are calling from Australia. There is a different number that has been dedicated to the players from other countries. Making a call will only need you to tap on the icon and it will redirect you to the call pad for you to call the customer support. The payments are almost the same as the website Sportingbet – read our full review to find the actual payment methods.

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Sportingbet Mobile Promotions

Sportingbet gives you a bigger chance of enjoying the bets and some bonuses. When you sign up for the sportsbook, you get a signup bonus of up to $110 that you can use as a free bet. You will enjoy other extra bonuses that are available throughout.

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Sportingbet Mobile has been designed to help you enjoy more. You can enjoy the several rewards that come with it. There is also an interface that is essential and quite elegant in its display. You can access it quickly and also, you can place your bets with ease. The customer support is also quite dependable, and you can enjoy the elegant services that they offer. The flexible banking methods makes it easier to handle your money in your account.

Sportingbet Mobile App
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