Unibet Cash Out (Guide for 2024) – Steps & Tips

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Unibet cash out
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As one of the big-name bookmakers, you would naturally expect Unibet to offer many of your standard features, such as the ability to cash out bets. There are no surprises in this area as, for many years, the Unibet cash out feature has enabled customers to do so. What it means for players is that rather than seeing out a bet until completion, customers have the option to settle the wager early at the price offered by Unibet.

Try the new cash-out

How to Cash Out a Bet at Unibet?

Even if you are someone that rarely cashes out their bets, having the option is never a bad thing. There can be times when it is a useful feature to employ and doing so is very straightforward at Unibet, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

how to cash out on Unibet
  1. Step 1: Log in and place a qualifying bet.
  2. Step 2: A qualifying bet will clearly feature the text ‘CASH OUT’ on the betslip.
  3. Step 3: When you wish to cash out, head to your betting history and find the relevant bet.
  4. Step 4: Select ‘Cash Out’ and then confirm your choice.

What is Unibet Cashout?

Unibet only offers your standard cash out, so the ability to manually settle the entire bet. Customers do not have the option to set up an auto-cash out, a feature that will settle a bet once the payout offer reaches a certain amount. Additionally, Unibet players do not have the ability to use set up partial cash outs, where only part of the bet is settled early and the rest is remained untouched.

Although this is something of a disappointment, Unibet’s more basic cash out feature is still a very welcome addition to the site and many markets, across many sports, are eligible.

  • No Partial Cash Out
  • No Automatic Cash Out

Unibet Cash-Out Terms

cash out Unibet

There is nothing unusual about the key terms of the Unibet cash out feature, with everything included below being quite standard within the betting industry.

  • Cash out is available on both single and multiple bets.
  • Cash out is available on pre-live and live bets.
  • Horse racing and virtual sports bets are never eligible.
  • Cash out requests may be subject to a short delay. If there is an odds change during this time, the cash out request will be declined.
  • If the cash out is successful, the funds will be added to the customer account immediately.

Why Use Unibet Cashout?

Unibet’s cash out feature is best employed when you are losing confidence that your bet is going to end up as a successful one. Whether this is because of an injury to key player, a sending off, or the team or player you backed are just putting in an unconvincing display, there are many reasons why you might think your bet no longer will go the distance.

In such cases, cashing out means you do not have to sit helplessly and wait while your bet falls apart. Instead, you can do something about it. You will not ever be able to earn as much as the bet initially promised this way, but cash out returns can still be handsome, if timed right. The cash out feature even makes it possible to make money from unsuccessful initial bets on occasion!


Pros & Cons

  • Reliable feature
  • Available for most pre-match and live bets
  • Easy to use and activate
  • Cash out across many sports
  • No Unibet partial cash out

What are the Risks of Using the Cash Out Feature?

When you see a decent cash out offer appear, it can be tempting to lock in the guaranteed profit and relax knowing the money is safely in your Unibet account. There is nothing wrong with this cautious approach, per se, but it does mean sacrificing a shot of the full return of your initial bet.

If you cash out and the bet ends up being a winner, you may end up kicking yourself a little for taking Unibet up on their offer. For a lot of players, except those that have a real knack for knowing when to cash out on Unibet, they will be better off long-term by letting most of their bets run their course. It does mean ‘winning’ fewer bets, but this is more than cancelled out by the higher returns when successful.

Can I Combine Bonuses with Cash Out at Unibet?

Generally speaking, Unibet casino bonuses and the ability to cash out do NOT mix, and this is the case at Unibet too. If you have been awarded a bonus in the form of a free bet, whatever you use the free bet on will not be eligible to cash out. Also, if qualification for a particular bonus requires you to place a certain bet, anything cashed out will not count.

When is the Cash Out Option Not Available at Unibet?

Unibet cash out not available

The option to cash out may be temporarily or permanently unavailable for a specific wager and there are only a limited number of reasons for this.

  • Your bet was placed using a free bet (permanent).
  • Your bet contained a market that is not eligible for cash out (permanent).
  • Your bet is a confirmed loser, for example, you placed a bet on under 1.5 goals and a second goal has been scored already (permanent).
  • There has been a change in the live odds (temporary).
  • There has been a significant match event (such as a penalty having been awarded) causing the odds to be suspended for a short moment (temporary).

It might also be possible that Unibet are suffering from a technical fault which disables the cash out feature but this is much less unlikely.


Can I win prizes by tweeting a screenshot of my Unibet cashed out bet?

Unibet do mention this on an old promotional page, providing customers use the hashtag #CashOutKing, but customer services believe this is no longer an active deal.

Can my cashout on Unibet be reversed?

It is very unlikely Unibet will do this but they do reserve the right if an incorrect price was offered, or there should never have been an offer.

Can the cash out offer be less than my original stake?

It could be, yes. Cash out prices show the entire amount you will get back, you will not get part, or all of your stake back on top of it.

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