Who Owns Unibet – CEO and Owner Revealed

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who owns unibet
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🧑 OwnerAnders Ström
👉 Parent CompanyKindred Group
💎 CEOHenrik Tjärnström
📌 HQ AddressSliema, Malta

Trustworthiness is key in online sportsbooks. A good way of assessing the transparency of a gambling site is to evaluate the owners and CEO of the site (in our case who owns Unibet casino). You’ll learn about the ownership of the casino, its founder, as well as the histories of the Kindred Group company that owns Unibet and its key people.

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Who is the Owner of Unibet?

Anders Ström owner unibet
Anders Ström, founder & owner of Unibet (*Source: LinkedIN)

The London resident Anders Ström founded Unibet in 1997 in an effort to revolutionize the gambling sector. Interestingly, he initially ran the casino from his bedroom in Earl’s Court, London.

You may already know that Unibet went public in 2004. This means it is now a public company with multiple shareholders or owners. With about 15% of the company’s shares, Corvex Management LP is the largest shareholder in Kindred Group (Unibet).

Other major investors in the company are Capital Group and Eminence Capital. Anders Ström served as the chairman of Kindred Group until 2021. He is no longer considered the owner of Unibet, as the company is now in the hands of various shareholders.

  • Official LinkedIN PageAnders Strom, Founder of Unibet

  • Other Key People

    Learning about other key people in the company is also essential as they influence the direction the company will take. Henrik Tjärnström served as the CEO until 2023, and his interim replacement is Nils Andén. Nils has been the chief commercial officer, part of the Kindred Group story since 2020. Erik Bäcklund, a former employee of Siemens AG, is the current chief product officer. He joined the company in 2005 and was initially responsible for the sportsbook PR.

    Another notable person at Unibet is Rachel Randle-Williams, the current chief HR officer. She took this role in 2022 and previously served as the director of organizational effectiveness. You should also familiarize yourself with Sören Thörnlund, the chief technology officer of Kindred Group. He has held different positions in the company since 2013 and has broad experience in finance and online gambling.

    • Henrik Tjärnström – former CEO
    • Nils Andén – interim CEO
    • Rachel Randle-Williams – chief HR officer
    • Sören Thörnlund – chief technology officer

    Where is Unibet Based?

    Unibet is based in the beautiful resort town of Sliema in Malta. Given that it is a major international brand, the casino has offices in over 100 countries around the world. These include Australia, Belgium, USA, UK, Italy, Gibraltar, France, Estonia, and Denmark. A significant job creator, Unibet has more than 1500 employees. You don’t need to worry about fraud when using the services of Unibet. It has received licenses from various regulators, most notably the UKGC, MGA, and iGaming Ontario.

    The company’s brands are many so it makes sense to have a multi brand strategy with a global presence.

    Headquarters Address for 2024

    The main offices of Unibet are at Level 6, The Center, Tigne Point Sliema, TPO 0001 Malta. As we’ve already mentioned, the company has offices in all parts of the world.

    Why Knowing Unibet Owners is Important

    Don’t just be content seeing that a casino has a license. Many regulated sites end up being total scams. Go a step further and evaluate the owners of sites like Unibet, as well as their reputation in the industry. A casino with an upstanding CEO and owner will be likely to operate competently.

    You will also notice that companies with more transparency about their owners are usually more reputable and rarely get serious complaints from customers.

    Aside from this, checking the owners of Unibet can show you whether the site is in the hands of competent members of the gambling community. Check their track record and past ventures to see whether they usually drive companies to the ground. If they’ve been involved in online gambling sites before, you can easily see how committed they are to fair play and customer support. Similarly, you can evaluate the owners’ commitment to ethical gambling practices.

    So next time you are looking for a site that combines sports betting, online casino games, poker, and overall exclusive gaming experiences, first check the ownership of the brand.


    Who is the current owner of Unibet 2024?

    Although Anders Ström created Unibet, he is no longer at the helm of the company. He took the company public soon after launching it. Now, the biggest shareholders of the casino are Corvex Management LP, Capital Group, and Premier Investissement SAS.

    How many employees does Unibet have?

    Unibet brand is among the biggest online gambling brands in the world. Under its parent company, Kindred Group, the brand employs more than 1500 people. These employees work in its offices in Malta, USA, UK, and more.

    Does Unibet operate legally?

    Yes, Unibet has licenses from multiple jurisdictions allowing legal betting business. These include UK, USA, Denmark, and Malta.

    What is the name of the Unibet parent company?

    The name of the company operating Unibet is Kindred Group. It is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Traded as Nasdaq Stockholm).

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