Best Tips For Value Ice Hockey Bets

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Why Bet on Ice Hockey?

Ice Hockey Bets

Ice Hockey betting is a popular form of entertainment for punters all around the globe. You can even place bets on live events happening in real-time. We’ve sourced all of the best tips and strategies out there to help you successfully place Ice Hockey bets.

Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll have better chances using any one of the betting strategies discussed below, these strategies have proven useful for others. Online Ice Hockey sports betting expands beyond only guessing a winner and a loser. Read on to find out more about maximising your returns potential in online hockey matches.

There are several different markets available to bet on for online hockey, thereby giving you plenty of opportunities to score. Plus, you can be sure that Hockey is among the best sports for long odds among the likes of football, tennis, and baseball. You can also try your hand at a virtual hockey game or step into daily fantasy hockey bets.

Gamble ResponsiblyDisclaimer: Value bets do not guarantee success. Limit your wagers and bet responsibly.

History Of Online Ice Hockey Betting

Punters have been enjoying ice hockey betting as entertainment for decades. Changes in gambling habits were due to the Gambling Act legalising bookies across the country in the UK. At this time, you could only place hockey bets in physical sportsbooks.

Although you might find it hard to believe, what you know today as live betting, or in-play sports betting, was conceptualised prior to the 2000s. According to the history of bookmaking and gambling prior to the modern ages, betting was not a regular pursuit. However, bookies started to accept bets during events (live) around the 1990s, and the world of online betting blossomed into existence shortly thereafter.

You can now enjoy ice hockey betting from the comfort of your home, thanks to modern technology. Betting opportunities boomed with this new opportunity for hockey sports bettors. It even had additional factors introduced to bets that weren’t allowed previously.

What Are The Best Strategies For Ice Hockey Betting?

Punters have developed and used different sports betting strategies for many years. You will find that some betting strategies are better geared for sports betting than others. Making use of a strategy can offer unique ways to get returns.

The best reason to use and follow a sports betting strategy is longevity. If you want a sustainably successful sports betting career in the top and highest rated ice hockey bookmakers, then use a strategy. A plan is your new best friend, even if you just want to try to risk less.

Below, you’ll also find that you might prefer one strategy over another. You might find this true in terms of budget requirements and how much you’re willing to risk. The following are the best ways to begin your sports betting journey.

Sportsbook Welcome Bonus
Prepare Yourself
Over/Under Betting Strategy
Yankee-Bet System
Handicap Betting Strategy
Accumulator/Multiple Bets Betting Strategy
Hedging Betting Strategy
Lucky 15 Betting Strategy

Live: In-Play Ice Hockey Betting

Betting live on Ice Hockey

Unlike pre-match hockey bets, in-play ice hockey betting doesn’t have these same strategies. Punters who enjoy in-play betting, do so by observing and spotting opportunities to hone in on. This option allows you to sit and make these observations and place bets as the game unfolds in front of you.

A massive advantage that in-play betting has over pre-match is that you know what’s happening in the match and can bet accordingly. Pre-match betting has fixed terms of the bet, like the odds you’ve accepted.

However, hockey games can be surprising, and only time and experience will prepare you to better spot betting opportunities as they arise. First, choose the best live betting sites and only then shop around for odds. There are also minute markets available for goals, double chance, and other relevant ice hockey categories. The minute markets are an excellent way to make a quick value in live betting.

Many sportsbooks will provide a cashout feature for live events as well. A common strategy for in-play betting is to use this feature. Cashing out means closing your bet early and taking what margins you’ve got up until then.

The payout you walk away with depends on a few factors, like the time remaining for the event.

Virtual Sports: Ice Hockey

Virtual hockey betting follows strategies that are much the same as standard ice hockey betting. The games are shorter and more frequent, but offer plenty of opportunities to become successful.

Our Recommendation

We recommend adequate preparation and research before you place any bets. You’ll want to know all you can that will aid you in placing informed hockey bets. Preparing for your sports gambling endeavours will also help you to choose a suitable strategy.

A well-planned strategy will also go a long way, especially if you’re trying to become more successful at sports betting in general and ice hockey in particular. For newbies, we recommend starting with an easy strategy, one’s that’s both easy to understand and implement. An example of such an approach is hedging/arbitrage betting or using an accumulator strategy.

For those of you who’d prefer something a little more advanced, try to upskill your ice hockey betting with the Asian handicap betting strategy.

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