How to Unlock Betano Account – Easy Blocked Account Solutions

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In just a short period of time, Betano Casino has become a trusted name in the online gaming industry. In our Canada review of Betano, we will take a look at what happens when your account has become locked, how to get it unlocked, and any other issues that may persist. Keep reading to get all the instructions that you need to unlock your canadian account at Betano Casino.

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Why can’t I access my account & how to unlock it

betano responsible gaming

It is important to note that players can lock their accounts as part of the responsible gaming tools provided by Betano. That said, there are other reasons why it could be locked. Here are some of the most common reasons why your Betano account has been locked when you have not done so yourself. If you did lock your account for responsible gambling reasons, you will not be able to reactivate your account.

You have entered the wrong password too many times

betano wrong password

The simplest explanation is that you have entered the wrong password too many times. Even a misplaced number or letter can be enough for your password to come back as incorrect and too many instances can leave your account locked.

  • Possible solution: This can be resolved through two methods. You can change your password and update it to something you might more easily remember. If all else fails, you can contact customer support to have them reopen it after you provide proof of identity.

You have been using a VPN to access the platform

betano ip error

Though they are quite popular in today’s digital age, VPNs can cause issues when accessing your Betano account. There are some VPNs that are fine for gambling and others that may get your account flagged and locked.

  • Possible solution: It is always better to turn your VPN off when using a gambling site. That said, it is worth contacting the customer support team to see if any of the VPNs are acceptable when accessing Betano.

You have broken the Betano platform’s rules

The platform itself has specific rules and conditions. Failing to adhere to those rules is considered a violation and can result in the locking of your account. In some cases, it can even mean an account ban.

  • Possible solution: Contact customer support to find out what rules you have violated. There is a chance that it is a misunderstanding, but support can at least explain what has happened with your account.

Can Betano block my account?

Betano can block your account for a plethora of reasons. The most common reasons include a violation of terms, misuse of accounts, improper information, and more. You will have issues logging into your account or accessing certain features when that happens. In serious accounts, the platform can even delete account if you’ve been found to be breaking rules.

How to unlock my Betano account?

betano help center

The good news is it doesn’t take long to unlock account at Betano. There are a few methods one can do to reactivate a Betano account.

Contact the support team

The best and quickest way to get help is by contacting the support team. They can tell you what the specific issue is and how to obtain a resolution, if possible. Most of the time, it is a simple issue that can be corrected by support.

Send a complaint submission

Your account may be locked because you have not submitted the necessary information, particularly in the account verification process. To clear things up, simply submit the necessary information or documents and wait for the customer support team to clear you.

Seek assistance from the authorities

If all else fails and Betano Canada unfairly blocked your account, the local authorities may be able to assist. Canadian players’ rights are guarded by local authorities and customers may seek their assistance at any point. That said, the quickest and most consistent method of resolution is by utilizing the support team.

Final Thoughts

Getting your account locked is generally no big deal. By having more information and the help of a quality customer support team, you can get things back to normal and begin playing your favourite casino games in no time.


What’s the best way to unlock Betano account?

If your Betano account has been locked, the best way to get it resolved is to contact the support team.

Will Betano lock my account if I am winning?

Betano will not shut your account down for winning. The only instances in which an account would be shut down are in the violation of site rules, inactive accounts, or failed information verification.

Can Betano close my account if I haven’t done anything wrong?

Betano reserves the right to close any Canadian players account at any time, even after you make Betano registration. They tend to not close an account for no reason, so reach out to support to find out more.

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