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Betway Lotto – Play Lucky Numbers

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Lucky Numbers is one of the many gambling services offered by the operator. The bookie Betway allows you to access thousands of international lotteries daily and try your luck to win big. Each Betway lotto has a distinct prize, so it is up to you to decide the lottery you want to play. However, before you can access any Betway lottery, you must register for an account and complete the verification process. You must also deposit some cash which you will use to wager for the lottery.

How to Play Betway Lotto

how to play Betway lucky numbers

Playing Betway lotto is actually playing Betway lucky numbers. Proceed with the following steps:

Betway ZA lotto steps
  1. First load 👉 Betway link login on your mobile or PC.
  2. Click the Lucky Numbers tab to display the available lotteries.
  3. Browse the options and select the suitable lottery.
  4. Provide your prediction of which numbers are likely to appear on the draw.
  5. Enter your preferred wager.
  6. Submit the lottery ticket.

Play Betway Lotto

How to View Betway Lucky Number Results

To view Betway Lucky Number results you must wait for the draw to know whether you have won or not. How long it will take before you get the results depends on the lotto you pick. In case you miss the live draw, you can click the Results tab on the lotteries page to view the outcome. Gamblers who have placed multiple lotteries can view the lotteries / lucky numbers by date, game, or draw ID. Lucky winners receive a notification, and the cash is deposited directly into their accounts to await withdrawal. The page also allows you to check the upcoming draw and your lotto wagers.

Viewing Betway Lucky Numbers is simple. After logging into your account, click the lucky numbers tab on the main menu bar. The operator will display a wide range of international draws. Your only work is to decide which lucky numbers draw to bet on from the options provided. Some draws allow you to predict the impending outcome of up to 4 balls, while others allow you to bet on the bonus ball. This makes Betway lucky numbers the best option for non-sports bettors.

Which are the Most Popular Betway Lotto Lucky Numbers in South Africa?

Bonus balls lotto games that are popular in South Africa are plenty. Betway covers the major ones. These include, but are not limited to:

  • South Africa PowerBall 5/50
  • South Africa Daily Lotto 5/36
  • South African Lotto 6/52
  • South African Lotto Plus 1 6/52
  • South African Lotto Plus 2 6/52

Betway Lotto Explained

Betway lotto lucky nymbers

Betway offers you access to amazing lotteries from different countries, including Canada, Greece, South Africa, and Russia. You will also find a couple of lotteries from Australia and the United States of America. But before you start making your predictions, you must know that lotteries are categorised into different groups.

The first type of lotto is the regular draw. It allows you to pick a couple of numbers likely to appear on the final draw. You are then supposed to compare your selection with the final draw to determine if you are a winner. In case you win, the operator will multiply your wager with the odds and credit your account with the amount. Regular Draws are many, so you have different options.

Another type of Betway lotto is Draw Sum. This lottery requires you to predict the outcome of the sum of a draw. Your bet will only be based on even or odd outcomes. After making your selection, you can determine the wager you wish to stake before submitting the bet slip. Note that your betting option and expected earnings will be displayed on your active bet slip.

Draw Sum lotteries are easy to play and highly recommended to amateur punters. As you will notice, you are free to change your stake for every draw you make. Therefore, if you feel the draw is likely to miss, you can go ahead and make adjustments. This makes lottery betting appealing.

Betway Lucky Numbers International Types

To pick a suitable wager you can look at the Next Draw tab. Alternatively, you can filter your options by country. Different types of Betway Lotto available are also listed alphabetically. Here are some of the most common types of Betway lucky numbers lotto covered in South Africa.

Betway Lotto by Country
  • Australia: OZ lotto, Monday Lotto
  • Austria: Lotto 6/45
  • Belgium: Lotto 6/45
  • Brazil: Mega Sena 6/60
  • Canada: Bucko 5/41, Triplex 5/41, Lotto Max 7/50
  • Chile: Pola 4 Midday 4/23. Lotto 6/41
  • Colombia: Baloto 5/43
  • Denmark: Lotto 7/36
  • Finland: Lotto 7/40
  • Germany: 6AUS49 6/49
  • Greece: Extra 5 5/35. Powerball 5/45
  • Ireland: Daily Million 6/39, Irish Lotto 6/47
  • Italy: Roma Lottery 5/90, Euro Jackpot 5/50
  • Japan: Loto 6 6/43
  • Lithuania: Jega 6/30
  • Malta: Lotto 5/90
  • Mauritius: Loterie 6/40
  • New Zealand: 6/40
  • Poland: Mini Lotto 5/42, Lotto Plus 6/49
  • Spain: Bonoloto 6/49, Primitiva 6/49
  • Sweden: Lotto1 Onsdag 7/35, Lotto2 Lordag 7/35
  • Switzerland: Swisslotto 6/42
  • UK: Euromillions 5/50, 49s 6/49, Thunderball 5/39, Lotto Hotpicks 6/59
  • Uruguay: 5 De Oro 5/48
  • USA: Match 6 Lotto 6/49, Cash 5 5/43, All or Nothing

Lottery Betting Tips

Betway promo lucky nymbers

Like sports betting, you need to have betting strategies when gambling on lotteries at Betway Lucky Numbers. The right strategies will increase your chances of winning and ensure you don’t waste too much money placing bets. Below are some lottery betting tips that you should keep in mind:

Don’t Always Opt For the Big Jackpot

Once you decide to bet on Betway lotto, you need to make sure you try different lotteries and not only the ones with a big jackpot. Lotteries with big jackpots are often difficult to win. Therefore, consider other inconspicuous lotteries from different countries. Winning a small amount of money multiple times is better than winning significant sums once. So be creative and make strategic choices when deciding the lotto to play.

Avoid Picking Successive Numbers

Most people pick consecutive numbers hoping they will appear in the final draw. This is a mistake you should avoid making. According to research, most winning lottery numbers often range between 104 and 176. There are also instances where numbers outside the 104 to 176 have made countable times on the lottery. Regardless of the previous outcomes, picking successive numbers will not increase your chances of winning the lottery. The chances of consecutive numbers occurring are slim.

Be Reasonable

Betting on the lottery requires you to be reasonable. Avoid making amateur mistakes like repeating the same numbers from one ticket to another. This will see you lose too much cash placing lottery bets. Furthermore, you should avoid believing in misconceptions such as there are lucky numbers you can place and win the lottery. The entire game is based on luck. Work with reasonable picks instead of superficial beliefs, and you will find yourself making likely bets.

Mix Up The Lottery Numbers

You should try to mix up your numbers when betting on Betway lotto. If possible, go through previous lottery results and see which numbers have occurred regularly. Such numbers have a high probability of occurring again. So combine a couple and include them on your lottery ticket. Additionally, consider mixing up other numbers that you feel have the potential of appearing on the final draw.

Lotto is one of the few betting options on the site that don’t require extensive research to make likely predictions. The draw is random, so whether you win or not depends on your luck. This makes it suitable for amateur gamblers who don’t understand sports betting. However, you need to be strategic when playing Betway lotto so that you don’t end up losing too much money in the process. One of the main lotto betting strategies is never to chase your losses. You should also know which lotteries are worth considering.


Does Betway lotto have betting options?

Yes, Betway Lucky Numbers have betting options. For example, you can place a lottery bet with or without a bonus ball.

How many Betway Lucky Numbers can I bet on at a go?

You can bet on as many lotteries as possible so long as you have enough bankroll to wager. Furthermore, you can pick lotteries from different nations and continue betting.

How will I know if I have won the lottery?

You will receive a notification indicating you have won the lottery. Alternatively, you can check the results page to find out.

How do I view Lucky Number results on Betway South Africa?

Go to Betway Lotto and find the tab for Results. It will allow you to view results by date, game or draw ID.

What can I bet on once I open the lucky numbers section?

You can decide to bet on two major types of draws: Draw Sum and Regular Draws.

How long will it take before I get my Betway lucky numbers draw results?

Lucky numbers draw results take only a short period to arrive, so you won’t wait for long hours before knowing whether you have won or not.

Does Betway share lucky numbers among punters?

Lucky numbers bets are not placed in a pool, so Betway does not share the lucky number prize money among punters.

Betway Lotto: The Bottom Line

There are lots of Betway Lucky Numbers available for 2024. The best lottos include balls for SA and international lotteries from Europe and the Americas. Betway lotto delivers the best betting product for its South Africa site. Be sure to check your lotto ticket today!

Play Betway Lucky Numbers

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