Silentbet’s Reference Database for South Africa

We list all our go-to resources for information to do with gambling. Silentbet SA uses this database whenever we compare and review betting sites for South Africa or test casino games.

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Online Resources

SiteWhy we use it
🔗 gamblinginsider.comthe online casino magazine for all things gambling
🔗 igamingbusiness.comthe IGB online newsletter
🔗 gamblingindustrynews.comall new developments in the world of gambling
🔗 thegamblest.comall iGaming and gambling news for B2B software providers
🔗 globalgamblingnews.cominfo on legislation, events & more via the GGN magazine
🔗 Mail & Guardian periodical in S.A.
🔗 news on gambling business in S.A.
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 trustpilot.comreal players reviews and ratings
🔗 reddit.comauthentic gambling community threads
🔗 quora.comreal users forum for the human take on gambling
🔗 gpwa.orgthe Gambling Portal Webmaster Association is a forum for affiliates
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 investopedia.compersonal banking and finances to do with gambling
🔗 statista.comfor statistical data and trends
🔗 laws made simple
🔗 driveresearch.comonline service for A/B testing and focus groups
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 coindesk.comtop global crypto economy media
🔗 crypto.newsall the latest crypto news
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 sciencedirect.comjournals, research, and chapters from books to do with gambling
🔗 ieee.orgthe world’s largest organization covering advancing technology
🔗 link.springer.comgambling research articles and academic books
🔗 researchgate.netbrowse through 160M publications, some of which are casino-related
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 crunchbase.comprivate-company data all in one place
🔗 datanyze.comgambling company profile information
🔗 opencorporates.comlegal-entity data we can trust
🔗 zoominfo.comaccurate contact and firmographic for casino operators
🔗 dnb.combusiness analytics for data-driven solutions
🔗 signalhire.comfinding valid emails and phone numbers
🔗 tracxn.comfull gambling companies portfolio data
🔗 cbinsights.cominsights into tech for gambling
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 similarweb.comtraffic and geo comparison for online casinos
🔗 semrush.comhelps us analyze a new casino site and its traffic
🔗 ahrefs.comanalyze a casino site with ease
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 Cape Government (WCG)
🔗’s Financial Intelligence Centre
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 wikipedia.orgour go-to online encyclopedia for quick reference
🔗 britannica.comencyclopedic knowledge and well of insight into gambling
🔗 merriam-webster.comnew terms dictionary
🔗 dictionary.cambridge.orgword meaning check
SiteWhy we use it
🔗 National Gambling Board South Africa
🔗 info on gambling addiction in SA
🔗 responsible gambling tips and tools by professionals
🔗 quitgamble.comSilentbet’s partners for responsible gambling

Of course, our 1st point of reference is the official casino or bookmaker site(s) we review. Apart from that, we scour the internet for data, stats, and trends to back up the information we present to our readers. We source our references and give them the credit they deserve. It boosts the verifiability of our pages, to say the least.

Gambling Books

reading a gambling book for reference  
  • 📖 Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games by Michael Shackleford (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Gambling Theory and Other Topics: Expanded Edition by Mason Malmuth (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Basic Gambling Mathematics (AK Peters/CRC Recreational Mathematics Series) by Mark Bollman (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Casino Gambling For Dummies by Kevin Blackwood (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game by Peter Svoboda (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Roll The Bones: The History of Gambling by David G. Schwartz (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Gambling on Development: Why Some Countries Win and Others Lose by Stefan Dercon (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 The Mathematics of Games and Gambling by Edward Packel (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Overcoming Pathological Gambling (Treatments That Work) by Robert Ladouceur, Stella Lachance (Buy on Amazon here)
  • 📖 Focus on Gambling by E.I. Figgis

This is a snapshot of the gambling books Silentbet’s team has in their library. There are many more books we use as references for some of our articles.

Some of our SA authors own books to do with gambling psychology, others with gambling addiction, and still others have books on gambling mathematics. All this wealth of knowledge gets incorporated into the content of our site.

Inside Info from Affiliate Conferences, Expos, Summits & Webinars

Silentbet team never misses a chance to visit an affiliate conference or affiliate awards ceremony. Why? We get to talk with representatives of the casinos, build connections and get inside info that can get our content on another level.

Another plus is that we get free passes to lectures, panels, webinars, and more research-driven talks that have something to do with emerging iGaming trends.

Here is a list of some of the gambling conferences a Silentbet representative has been to:

Why Does Silentbet S.A. Need a Reference Database?

silentbet's reference database

Silentbet uses references because we want to deliver only factual and helpful gambling reviews to our readers. The references are actually reliable resources that can add accuracy and verifiability to our content.

We want each data entry in our reviews, guides, and articles for South Africa to be backed up by more than one source of information. This, together with the first-hand experience of all our SA writers, is our recipe for helpful and trustworthy content.

How Do Our Writers Use the Silentbet Reference Picks?

All Silentbet writers are gambling and betting experts who know that citing references means their content will be well-written and highly accurate.

Knowing where to look for references is a must. In fact, it is an integral part of how Silentbet reviews and tests online casinos. Our authors are professionals who have the needed education, certification, and background to be able to find written and virtual sources they can use when writing their articles.

Usually, writers can consult Silentbet’s reference database. However, this is just the first step. They do their own research as well, depending on the topic they want to cover.

How Often Do We Add New Resources to Our Database for Reference?

Our system is ever-evolving. We may add new reference materials here every couple of months or more often. It all depends on the content Silentbet SA posts on the site and whether it requires additional sources for citation. We try to quote all the best reference sites on the Internet.