How to Reverse Money on Hollywoodbets

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  • Reverse by contacting customer support
  • Email them at with your Bank Logs
  • Reverse vouchers, Instant Money, ABSA cash
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Key Takeaways:

  • To request Money Reversal you will need to contact customer support.
  • Reversals available for ABSA cash send, Instant money, Vouchers and ewallets.
  • Problems you might encounter include breach of terms or withdrawal already approved.

If you’re facing challenges chasing your voucher code and PIN at the bank, you’ll want to know how to reverse withdrawal on Hollywoodbets. You can either notify the betting site’s customer support team or use your banking app to cancel a withdrawal. Our Hollywoodbets review covers this betting site in greater detail, but here we walk you through the different reversal processes for each withdrawal method.

Ernest Masuka, betting expert & writer at Silentbet
Picture of Ernest Masuka, iGaming Content Writer
I have an account with this SA bookie. So I tried the money reverse option on Hollywoodbets and it was an easy process. It took me less than 5 minutes to finish all steps. As per my test, contacting customer support is worth it as they are very helpful.

What is money reversal?

how to reverse money on hollywoodbets

Players at Hollywoodbets can claim their payouts via instant money, and receive a voucher and PIN to get money at an ATM. However, sometimes you may only receive a voucher without a PIN or the other way round. Players may also get the sum incorrectly paid or send their vouchers to wrong cell phone numbers. Whatever the challenge may be, you can authorize Hollywoodbets to cancel the payment and return money to your betting account.

Difference between Reversal and Withdraw

When you withdraw money, the betting site will transfer money from your Hollywoodbets account into your bank account. The bookie can combine multiple withdrawal requests into one lump sum subject to the withdrawal limits, daily pay out limit, and monthly pay out limit. The operator may request FICA documents before processing a withdrawal request.

However, you may change your mind after actioning a Hollywoodbets withdraw request, and ask to reverse it. In this case, you can ask a Hollywoodbets customer support representative to log in a request with the respective banking systems. A reversal is possible if you haven’t yet redeemed your funds from the voucher or eWallet. The bank account holder can also use their mobile app to send the money back to their Hollywoodbets account.

How to Reverse Withdrawal on Hollywoodbets

how to cancel withdrawal on hollywoodbets

To reverse a withdrawal from your active Hollywoodbets account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your gambling account via the login account button.
  2. Immediately notify Hollywoodbets of your request to withdraw a payment via live chat, email, or phone.
  3. Hollywoodbets logs the request with the respective bank or service provider, for example, ABSA Cash Send or Instant Money.
  4. Applicable fees may apply to process the reversal, depending on the bank or service provider.
  5. Reverse Money

How to Reverse Hollywood Absa Cash Send

Reversing a withdrawal with ABSA Cash Send is fairly simple as long as the cash voucher issued by ABSA Bank hasn’t been redeemed. The process is as follows:

  1. Log into your ABSA account.
  2. Select withdrawal, then “Beneficiaries”.  Navigate to and click “Cash Send”.
  3. Search for the beneficiary whose Cash Send you wish to cancel.
  4. Click “History” to view a list of past CashSends to that beneficiary.
  5. Click “Remove Cash Send” to reverse the withdrawal.

How to Reverse Hollywood Instant Money

To cancel the Standard Bank instant money transaction, you follow these steps:

  1. Open and log into your Standard Bank app using your mobile phone.
  2. Click on “Pay” and then on “Instant Money”.
  3. Select “Manage Vouchers” and look for the voucher from the list displayed.
  4. Click “Delete voucher” on the Standard Bank app to reverse it.
  5. Enter the Standard Bank 4-digit pin required to confirm the instant money cancellation or call the Hollywoodbets customer support phone number 0860 466 639 for further assistance.

How to Reverse a Hollywoodbets Voucher

We have an entire article dedicated to how to buy Hollywoodbets vouchers tokens, but players seem to want to know how to reverse money from Hollywoodbets account a bit more. The good this is Hollywoodbets accepts reversal requests on a voucher code if the reason is valid. In most cases, a wrong cell phone number would have been provided.

However, Hollywood bets can only process a reversal request if the voucher number hasn’t been redeemed yet. If it has already been processed, Hollywoodbets has to log in the query with the respective banks or retailers providing the payment service. It’s worth pointing out that Hollywoodbets reserves the right to reject any reversal requests linked to irregular activities.

Ernest Masuka, betting expert & writer at Silentbet
Picture of Ernest Masuka, iGaming Content Writer
Having trouble reversing money with a Hollywoodbets voucher? My advice is to fill in all needed information correctly without rushing it.

How to Reverse Hollywood eWallet

eWallet service transactions are particularly tricky and need players to input a valid cellphone number for the transaction to be successful. If you insert a wrong number, you can’t receive an SMS with the code to get an FNB eWallet PIN.

You don’t really need to know how to reverse Hollywood eWallet, as the operator’s support team is happy to help. You’ll need to have your reference number or specified code on hand, so they can cancel the withdrawal voucher and send it to the correct phone number.

Why is Hollywoodbets Reversal Unavailable?

Hollywoodbets isn’t obligated to honour or pay all reversal requests. The function may not be available due to any of the following reasons:

  • No longer pending: As mentioned, reversals are only possible if the transaction is still pending. It can only be processed if you or someone else hasn’t cashed out the payment via your cell number or stipulated ATM’s.
  • Breach of terms:  A cash withdrawal reversal won’t happen if the operator picks up on any breach of terms and conditions on the customer’s part.
  • Reversal has already occurred: Send-iMali, Nedbank, and MobiMoney my reverse any unclaimed money withdrawal vouchers after 48 hours. The funds are credited to your Hollywoodbets account within 24 hours, so attempting to initiate another reversal within this period won’t work.


How long does it take for money to reflect after reversal?

Generally, it takes between one and five days to get your money back, depending on the pay out method.  This is assuming verification checks with the necessary FICA documentation have been concluded.

Is there a limit on how many times I can reverse money?

Hollywoodbets doesn’t outright come out with a maximum daily limit on the number of times you can reverse money. But, when you repeatedly effect withdrawals and request money reversals, your cash activities become suspicious. As a result, your betting history may be placed under review.

How long does Hollywood reversal take?

A Hollywoodbets withdrawal reversal of money can take between one and five days. However, Hollywoodbets relies solely on Instant Money, ABSA Cash Send, FNB eWallet, Nedbank Send iMali, and MobiMoney as withdrawal banking options. As such, it doesn’t accept liability for the occasional slow reversal.

What happens when money is reversed?

When money is reversed, withdrawal funds are returned to your betting account. You can then use it to bet again or initiate another withdrawal request.

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