Can I Refer a Friend on World Sports Betting?

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👨‍💻 Refer a Friend bonusR50 voucher
📅 Last ActiveJuly 2023
👉 Eligibilitydeposited R50 or more
📧 Claimafter successful FICA

WSB SA used to offer a refer a friend offer for all its new and registered players. However, the bonus is currently inactive but is coming again with a new version soon. In this article, we give you all the information you need so that you know how to refer a friend on World Sports Betting. While the bonus is currently suspended, the casino is looking to launch a new form of it.

Here are some refer-a-friend promotions on other South African sites that are active right now:

Samuel Karugu, betting expert & writer at SilentBet
Picture of Samuel Karugu
I have played on the SA site of WSB (review) for a while now. I used the referral bonus several times to recommend the platform to my friends and family. This article shows my personal experience inviting friends to the WSB site in the past.

I talked with support, and they assured me the refer-a-friend program will return soon (no later than the end of next year).

What is the WSB Refer a Friend Bonus?

world sports betting refer a friend bonus

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The World Sports Betting refer a friend bonus is one of the most exciting rewards at the sportsbook. For starters, you can claim the reward several times! The WSB refer-a-friend bonus gives you a R50 free bet that makes it even easier to wager at the sports betting site since you don’t have to risk your bankroll when wagering.

Do I Need A Referral Code or Link?

Referring a friend at an online betting site often comes with a referral link that works as the piece of information that attaches you to your referrals. There are plenty of World Sport Betting bonuses to claim without one, but not when referring your friend. You do need a referral link at WSB to claim your rewards.

The WSB referral link is how the platform keeps track of your referrals. Take time to explain to your referrals who wonder ‘what is WSB referral code,’ and the importance of using the referral link. Get them to use it as they sign up, and you stand the chance to win a free bet.

How Do I Refer a Friend on WSB – Steps

Referring your friends is quite straightforward! There are only a few steps to follow on both ends and for your friends to have their new WSB login account. In referring new members at the casino, you have to count on them to fulfil their part of the reward program before you can claim your rewards. Here is how to refer a friend on WSB South Africa:

  1. Head for the Promotions page
  2. Scroll through the promotions to find the refer your friend bonus
  3. Click on the bonus to open the referral page
  4. Enter your WSB account number
  5. Type in your email address
  6. Enter your referral’s email address
  7. Add more referrals if you please
  8. Click Submit to complete the referral

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Like any other bonus out there, the WSB referral bonus you get for inviting your friends to the betting site comes with some terms and conditions (T&Cs) you must know before claiming the reward.

Follow the instructions the sportsbook sets out for you, and you will get the bonus deposited into your account automatically. Here are some terms and conditions you need to know about the World Sports Betting invite a friend bonus:

  • The promotion is only playable by online players
  • You must have an account as WSB to claim the reward
  • The reward is only viable to SA members
  • Your and the referred friend’s accounts must fulfil FICA requirements to claim the reward.
  • You have to deposit at least R50 to be eligible for the reward.
  • Referred friends must deposit at least R50 after registration before you can receive your bonus
  • You must wager the bonus 5 times with odds of at least 5/10 to cash out

My Invitation Does not Work. Why?

Your invitation link is one of the most important aspects of claiming the reward. Understandably, players would be frustrated if it didn’t work right. If you are wondering how to get a referral code on World Sports Betting, then you should know the main reasons it would fail to work when you send it.

The main reason that would affect your referrals would be if you entered the wrong email addresses. Always confirm the email addresses you enter as you refer your friends so you don’t miss a single character. Another common issue is that your friends might have copied the link sent incorrectly.

Advise them to ascertain that the entirety of the link, including any unusual characters or codes, is copied. The referral link could also have expired. If you’re using an outdated link, it might not work. Share a new WSB invite link to resolve the problem. Lastly, it could be as a result of technical issues. The website or the referral program may need fixing. In this case, contact the customer service team for assistance.

The Bottom Line

There are many amazing games for casino players and events to wager on for sportsbook bettors at WSB. The bonus rewards are nothing short of amazing, and this is all because you have recurring bonus rewards like the refer a friend bonus that lets you play several times. The main thing about this reward is ensuring that your referrals make the all-important deposit that makes you eligible for the reward.

Samuel Karugu, betting expert & writer at SilentBet
Picture of Samuel Karugu
Before you go, why not take a look at the Refer a Friend bonus guide I wrote for Silentbet? It gives an overview of the referral betting scene for South Africa.


Is the WSB Refer a friend bonus currently active?

No, the WSB refer a friend bonus is inactive at the moment! Even though if you look through the promotions pages you will still find it listed there. This means that it will be active once more very soon.

How many friends can I refer per month?

You can refer as many friends as you like.

Who is eligible for the WSB invite a friend bonus?

All members can make referrals and claim the bonus that comes with it. There are no restrictions to who is eligible for the reward except that you must be a WSB SA member.

Do referrals need to take further action?

Yes, your referrals need to complete their end of the bonus before you’re credited the reward. First, they must complete registration with the link shared, then make an initial deposit of at least R50 to make your bonus claimable.

What do I do if my referral link is expired?

Expired links have to be resent again. Refer the friend again and enter their email during the referral process to send the link.

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