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💬 Live Chat24/7
📞 Telephone+44 127 325-69-87
📍 AddressLimassol, Cyprus

Here at Silentbet, we recognise how important having access to good quality customer service is when gambling online. This is why we have taken the time to evaluate the help and support available at 1xBet casino online. In this article, we’ll investigate exactly how quick and professional 1xBet’s customer support is.

Get in touch

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Davey Hanson
As a long-standing customer of 1xBet, I have had many dealings with their customer service team over the years.

How Do I Contact 1xBet – Steps

1xbet get in touch form

Finding the various ways of getting assistance from 1xBet customer support is very straightforward.

  1. On the 1xBet homepage, scroll down to the bottom of the page where all the links are. You do not need to be signed in.
  2. Select ‘Contacts’ from the left-hand column.
  3. This will bring up the various available contact methods.
  4. Choose from any of the listed options or click the green speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner.

All 1xbet Email Addresses by Country

1xbet email address

If your preferred method of getting help is writing an email, here are the 1xBet contacts for general enquiries for various languages/countries.

List of 1xbet Emails
gb flag
fr flag
pt flag
de flag
in flag
es flag
it flag
cn flag
jp flag
br flag
sn flag
ng flag
gh flag

1xBet also has a range of other email addresses for more specific queries. Unlike with the general enquiries address though, these 1xBet support emails do not vary depending on your location.

List of All 1xbet Emails for Different Purposes
Privacy policy
Accounting &
Betting shops partnership
PR &

*All data source:


What We Liked

Although email is not the fastest way of getting assistance at 1xBet, it is best for more complex queries. In our experience, we tended to get a more detailed response when asking a question over email rather than using live chat, for example. For customer service personnel dealing with email queries, there seems to be more focus on detail and a little less on speed.

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Davey Hanson
1xBet tend to deal with emails swiftly and, in my experience, it is the best way of resolving most issues.

What We Didn’t Like

Emails from 1xBet can often end up in spam folders, so you will need to check these regularly whenever you are expecting a response.

Additionally, in the case of English customer support at least, sometimes responses can be worded slightly unusually, not in a way a native speaker would write. This is only a very minor complaint though as responses are always fully understandable.

Call Them at 1xBet Customer Service Number

1xbet telephone number

The contact telephone number for 1xBet is ‎+44 127 325-69-87. This is the sole number listed across most areas in which 1xBet operates. There are a small number of local numbers though for places such as Uganda (0800220620).

You can also contact 1xBet customer support via WhatsApp on the number +357 9576 4426 but this is for written messages not for phone calls.

What We Liked

The 1xBet is free to contact by phone so it can be a good option when you have more of an urgent enquiry. Additionally, wait times are usually relatively short so you do not have to spend hours just to get hold of a member of customer support.

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Davey Hanson
Many gambling sites have phased out telephone support in favour of live chat, so it is great to see 1xBet keeping it alive.

What We Didn’t Like

Telephone support is only available in English at present, so it may not be suitable for everyone. Also, sometimes staff on the phone simply tell you to email your question in as they cannot deal with it themselves.

Get in Touch via 1xBet Live Chat

1xbet chat

Present across most pages at 1xBet, the green speech bubble button in the bottom right of the screen is what connects you to the live chat system. At first, you will be communicating with a virtual assistant that will attempt to answer your question.

If the AI system cannot answer your query, simply type, “I want to speak to an agent”. You will then be able to click a link that will connect you to a live agent.

What We Liked

You do not need to be a registered customer at 1xBet to access live chat, making it extremely useful for users wanting to ask questions before they sign up. Also, you do not need to be fluent in English as the 1xBet live chat system supports numerous languages thanks to their global presence.

What We Didn’t Like

Although you be may greeted immediately by an agent, it can take some time for them to deal with your request. It seems that you are effectively placed in a queue after the initial greeting. There is no estimated wait time, however, so it’s hard to know if it’s worth sticking around. In one instance, it took almost 30 minutes before the agent began responding to our questions.

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Davey Hanson
Response times on live chat could be improved. At other websites I’ve tried, the wait is often little more than a few minutes on average.

Average Waiting Time for 1xBet Contacts

It is important to know that waiting times do fluctuate as there will be busy and quiet periods. From our personal experience though, the below figures should act as a reliable general guide.

Live Chat2/3 mins up to 30 mins
Email24h to 48 hours
On-Site MessageUp to 48 hours
PhoneUp to 30 mins

List of Social Media Accounts

1xBet has recently closed (potentially temporarily) its official English-speaking Facebook account, leaving it with just an active X (Twitter) and Instagram presence. Across these two channels, 1xBet boasts over 200k followers.

The company does operate some tailored channels in specific countries such as Bangladesh (FB 1xbet) but always make sure these are official channels as many fakes do exist.

1xbet in the Socials
X (Twitter)

Headquarters Address (Map View)

The official headquarters of 1xBet is in Limassol, Cyprus. The European island is a popular place for online betting sites to base themselves.

Bottom Line: Who Can Contact 1xBet & Why?

Anyone can easily get in touch with 1xBet in whether it is a loyal customer or someone who is thinking about signing up. Do not be put off if you are not registered yet as they will be happy to deal with any queries you may have.

Having a wide range of contact methods is a vital part of what 1xBet offers because customer support can provide such essential information. No matter what your query is about, whether it be verification, bet settlements, withdrawals, bonuses or anything else, 1xBet will always provide answers.

Davey Hanson, iGaming expert and writer for Silentbet
Davey Hanson
After my test I can say that overall, 1xBet’s help team provides valuable, multi-lingual support for all kinds of players from around the world.


Why is 1xbet not responding to my emails?

If 1xBet are not responding to your email, make sure you sent your query to the correct address. If you did, and it has been more than three working days, send the email again.

Can I request a call-back on 1xbet?

Call-back is not a feature currently offered on the 1xBet website but you may be able to request a call-back via email if necessary.

What is the correct 1xbet number?

1xBet have changed contact numbers a few times but currently, their toll-free telephone number is +44 127 325-69-87.

When is the live chat of 1xbet working?

The live chat system at 1xBet is online 24/7.

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