How We Review, Test & Rank Casinos?

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how we rank and review casinos

What is Silentbet In-House Lab?

What we endearingly dub the “Owlsome Lab” is an online in-house laboratory where betting experts from all over the world gather for the sole aim to review and test online casinos and bookmakers. We have spent the last couple of years developing an advanced Silentbet (SB) community of authority figures in the world of iGaming. Together we strive to perfect the art of reviewing online betting sites with surgical accuracy. Our key ingredient – the people! Our professionals help us hone our testing algorithm every day.

A Quick Tour of Our Review Process

SB experts take up the challenge of testing various betting brands on a daily basis. Here is how we do it:

Our Testing Algorithm Explained

#1 Beginning Stage

Similarly to a scientific lab, we first decide on a subject we will review and test. Preparing for the actual research takes time. We conduct surveys and interviews to get an overall idea of the casino we are about to test.

#2 Planning Stage

We come up with a detailed outline of what our research will entail. We decide on the number of testers needed for the job and set up a time frame for its completion. For instance, an average casino review on Silentbet will take 3 days of hard work and at least two betting experts to finish the job.

#3 Allocation of Tasks

A person from our Content team is responsible for drafting the review briefs. These are sent to our reviewers, who will then test each aspect of the casino according to the given instructions. An author gets chosen to write the review, and an editor is selected to proofread and cross-check information. Finally, a web administrator is assigned the text to post on our site in an appealing and readable format.

#4 Writing Stage

All data collected from our lab testers gets organised and forwarded to our author. It is their job to test the casino/bookmaker one last time and piece together the different reviews, feedback, and data for the betting site. Our writer will most likely need several days (3 on average) for the final draft to be ready and sent in for approval. Plus they also read other authority sites, books and reserches they reference in their content.

#5 Validation Stage

Our editorial team will look at the written material in our in-house interactive lab. We always strive for the “owlsome” effect, so every detail is cross-referenced and double-checked. Finally, in a day or two, we are given the green light to go ahead and post the review live on

#6 Going Live

Usually, just 1 web administrator will be tasked with the job of publishing the review on our site. The posting stage encompasses the final read for spelling mistakes and typos, readability score, and facts check. One of our web developers may be involved if a special element is needed to make the review pop.

  • Keeping Content Fresh: Posting a review on Silentbet does not mean all tests are over and done with. On the contrary, a special multi-task force team is assigned to monitor and update the review. We give it a High, Medium, or Low priority and constantly look for ways to improve it.

How Do We Decide on Sites to Test?

Silentbet is a platform that tests and reviews casinos and bookmakers from around the world. We follow an affiliate business model. Learn more about the people and the company behind Silentbet from our About Us page.

There are several reasons why a casino gets in line to be tested at our online laboratory. Firstly, it may be a renowned brand that offers exclusive betting solutions within a responsible gambling environment. We cannot but review a brand that has already made a name for itself. Secondly, one of our partners may have a new casino site that needs testing. So what we do is give our honest opinion and rank the site.

Finally, some of our readers get in touch with us and ask us to add a casino review for a specific brand. As we always listen to feedback and suggestions, we try to honour their request.

What Goes into Our Casino Ranking System?

The ranking system in Silenbet is based on an advanced algorithm that takes several factors into consideration. We base our overall verdict and rating of a casino on:

  • Brand Details 30%
    Our testers rate every casino from 1 to 10, taking the design of the site, bonuses, jackpots, games, mobile services, and customer support into account.
  • Rating History 20%
    Casinos evolve. They get a makeover or full-fledged revamp. So it is only natural that our rating will change, mirroring the updates of the sites.
  • Real Users Reviews 35%
    Real players are more than welcome to submit a review and rate the casinos themselves. A 5-star rating is in place.
  • Experts Reviews 15%
    Our contributors panel at SB is made up of betting experts with years of experience in the iGaming industry. They also rate the casinos with 1 to 5 stars.

Why Trust Silentbet Reviews?

Facts, hard facts. In fact, the Owlsome Lab’s official motto is: Truth and nothing but the truth! So it goes without saying that anything you read on Silentbet is fact-based, true, and unbiased. We pride ourselves on delivering honest reviews that really help our readers. The In-House Online Lab is the place we make all of this possible.

How To Become a Tester in the Silentbet Lab

We may have an open position for a team player who is eager to write iGaming review history with us. Check out the Work With Us page and send in your application. Help us become the in-house lab for casino reviews online that is indeed nothing short of Owlsome!