Welcome to my website, and thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me!

Silentbet.com is a top sports betting site, and I want to make sure my visitors know the personality behind it.

Who Am I?

My name is Atanas Tanev, and I am the founder of Silentbet and the driving force behind everything you find on this site. I created the Silentbet website in June 2014 to share my experience and love of sports betting with others.

I currently live in the United Kingdom and have been in London since June 2015. I’m originally from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and I spent most of my life there. I have a great family, a lovely girlfriend, and a fancy dog named Joko.

In addition to sports betting, I love all sports, especially football and swimming. If you are also a person who loves sports betting and you want independent and honest reviews, then you’ve come to the right place, because I made this site for people just like you.

Me & My Team

Atanas Tanev
Project Manager and Betting Expert

It was Atanas that initiated the Silentbet project in 2015. Having been involved with online marketing since 2007, he has always been focused on web development with Wordpress and SEO optimization. As a result, he has had the chance to take part in various projects, most of them linked to affiliate marketing and direct sales. Atanas holds a degree in Informatics and Information Technologies from Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". In addition to this, he has obtained certificates in Marketing Psychology, Google Adwords, and Adsense to name but a few. He is also the owner and the manager of all websites operated by WEBSA Ltd. Atanas’ work responsibilities entail managing and monitoring tasks including but not limited to creating high-quality content, designing, and branding projects. If you want to learn more about Atanas, read his short bio page.

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov
Betting Expert and Content Creator

After taking on and completing numerous assignments promptly and according to our highest standards, Kristiyan earned his place at Silentbet in 2017 and deservedly so. Ever since being a child, he’s had an affinity for sports, football in particular. This resulted in him taking career choices that ultimately led him to join our team. Prior to this, he finished High School with a diploma as a computer technician in the city of Plovdiv and subsequently majored in Business Information Technology which he completed successfully.

His lifelong passion for sports was the main reason why he started work in a live score site where he spent several years honing his skills before finally joining our team. Kris likes to write and is always ready to share his knowledge about the world of sports and bookmakers. That is precisely the reason why he is part of our team. His favorite pastime activities include fitness, walking, reading books and football.

Kristiyan's primary responsibilities have to do with the creation of expert materials and bookmakers’ reviews. He is the author of articles in Bulgarian but also checks and monitors the quality of the content in the English version of Silentbet. Kris is in charge of writing a number of materials analyzing sports and bookmakers from Bulgaria and around the world. Last but not least, keeping track of any innovations in the industry, as well as their timely coverage are part of his daily duties. If you want to learn more about Kristiyan, read his short bio page.

Maria Kostadinova
Betting Expert and Content Creator

Maria is a 24-year-old graduate of Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" who lives and works in the city of Plovdiv. She holds a BA degree in Software Technologies and Design and is also a Master of Business Informatics with English. She’s been part of our teams of professionals since the summer of 2017.

As part of our team, it is Mimi’s responsibility to produce informative and high-quality content. Her tasks also include proof-reading and editing of detailed and professional reviews for some of the world's biggest online gambling brands. Mimi met some of them in person during two of the largest conferences for affiliates in Amsterdam and London. The former took place in July 2018 (IGB Amsterdam Affiliate Conference), and the latter in February 2019 (London Affiliate Conference). Our team attended both and left a lasting impression after making some compelling presentations.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys the company of her friends. She is fond of hiking in the mountains, traveling and listening to her favorite music. She also loves reading which helps her gain new knowledge. For her, learning is a lifelong process. According to her, achieving success is impossible without the help and assistance from your team members. Last but not least, Maria takes pleasure in creative activities such as writing and image processing as well. If you want to learn more about Maria, read her short bio page.

Katerina Gadzheva
Betting Expert and Content Creator

In 2019, Katerina Gadzheva became part of Silentbet’s team in her quality as a content writer focusing mainly on reviews describing online casinos and bookmakers. She has many years of experience teaching English as a second language both in Bulgaria and in Malta where she spent three years. Her flair for words, coupled with her passion for traveling and love of sports prompted her to turn to the online gaming industry to seek a new career choice. Moreover, Katerina holds a Master’s degree in English Linguistics and has more than ten years of experience writing original content in Bulgarian and English.

What she appreciates most about working as a writer is the chance she gets to hone her skills and gain new knowledge continually. Apart from that, she is allowed to communicate with people from different walks of life who come from the remotest corners of the world. Her eagerness to face any new challenges head-on enable her to present reliable and helpful content for our readers. Being a team player, Katerina is always open to suggestions, advice, and criticism, as she believes that improvement is not possible without the expertise of her co-workers. If you want to learn more about Katerina, read her short bio page.

Ivan Georgiev
Developer and Designer

Vankata is from the city of Varna, and no one is quite sure how he ended up in our midst. Nasko keeps assuring us that what he does is of vital importance and absolutely necessary for the livelihood of our site. Still, we have yet to find out what his role in our team is and frankly speaking we do not like this guy that much. On top of being strange and into dancing, he is also a married man, which actually may account for all his eccentricities.

Rumour has it that it is he that created the system whose name shall not be mentioned. However, we are unconvinced since a system with so many bugs must be the sole creation of the Almighty.

We are just pulling your leg, Vanka. Don’t fall for it. You are the best of the best! Haters would claim it is photoshopped, but we know the truth! He joined our team on two of the most prominent affiliate conferences that took place in Amsterdam and London. A true professional, a nice guy and a loyal friend, Ivan is always there to help us when any issues arise regarding the pages on our site.

He supports and optimizes our site allowing it to rise both in rating and popularity among the major brands in the industry. His job mainly entails the verification and thorough examination of the code. If you want to learn more about Ivan, read his short bio page.

Elica Martinova
Betting Expert and Content Creator

Elica has been part of Silentbet's team since the beginning of 2019. It was her previous work for us as a freelancer that assured her of her skills and qualities that would make her a valuable asset for our team. Currently, she is one of the content ninjas responsible for the reviews and articles that appear on our website. Ellie’s job entails analyzing some of the leading bookmakers in the world of online betting. She, along with some of her colleagues, monitors the various options, services, and promotions offered by popular betting sites. Her responsibilities also include checking the accuracy and reliability of information; stylizing and uploading reviews. Even though she has far less experience with sports betting compared to her male colleagues, Ellie is a quick learner eager to gain more knowledge of the industry.

Ellie is from Varna, a beautiful city located on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. She has a BA in Cultural Studies and an MA in Journalism from Sofia University. She holds a German Diploma from First Language High School in Varna.

She had been an editor in one of the leading political online media before she found parliament too tedious to bear. More recently, she has worked as a freelancer for various websites. Thanks to this, Ellie took on some projects writing for Silentbet in 2017. Two years later, she officially started working for us on a full-time basis, and together we do our best to offer you useful and unique content. Learn more about Ellie on her short bio page.

So why Silentbet.com?

As you look around the site, you will find that Silentbet is full of up-to-the-minute information about every bookmaker. Here, you will find current content about bookmakers, poker rooms, and casino rooms. You’ll find bonus codes, sign-up bonuses, coupons, free bet credits and tokens, and news of other special money-saving offers.

Please check back often, since many of these limited time offers can be very attractive.

Reviews are the heart of my site. Therefore, I strive to bring you honest and unbiased reviews of all of the most popular bookmakers, casino rooms, and mobile apps. If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to examine my content so you can take full advantage of everything my site has to offer. I depend on my visitors base to help with those unbiased reviews.

I’m passionate about delivering the best possible content, and visitors to Silentbet are my number one priority.

I created this site for other people like me who love sports betting. I am passionate about sports betting and predictions, and this site shows that level of passion.

How to get in touch with me

I love to communicate with my visitors because I can learn something useful every time I read their emails!

Please, feel free to send me a msg via:

Also, you can always reach me at support@silentbet.com. I read all the e-mails and always respond as quickly as possible. Currently, I’m receiving between 5 and 20 e-mails per day, so please be patient if I’m not able to get back to you right away. All input that I receive is essential, and I pride myself in addressing all concerns. Hearing from visitors is what allows me to keep up with your needs, so please let me know if there’s any way I can improve Silentbet.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Silentbet and about me! I hope you have as much fun visiting my site as I have creating it and keeping it up to date.

My visitors are my top priority, and I hope to see you on the website sometime soon!


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