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*Gambling Self-Assessment Tool with the Collaboration of Anders Bergman from

Test Your Gambling Habits with Silentbet

When completing the test, consider your gambling habits in the last 12 months. Try to be as honest as possible. This self-assessment gambling tool is a collaborative effort between Silentbet and QuitGamble’s founder Anders Bergman. It is 100% anonymous. Silentbet does not collect any data with your answers or your identity.

Take the Quiz

Do you gamble online?

Did you open Silentbet looking for a new casino or bonus code?

Will you register in a new casino just because you saw it advertised here?

Do you have the habit of playing the same casino game after a loss?

Is your gambling causing you any problems in your personal life?

Does gambling make you feel depressed when you cannot play?

Do you feel like you will win more if you bet larger amounts of money?

Will you feel comfortable sharing your gambling habits with Silentbet experts or other iGaming professionals (Helplines) no matter the situation?

Do you ever wager more than you can afford?

Do you feel like you have to hide your gambling habits from those close to you?

  • You seem to know how to gamble for fun responsibly

    Based on your answers, you seem to have your gambling under control. However, since you made this test. We recommend you check out some resources about responsible gambling. The key to remain on the safer side is to understand why you’re gambling. Gambling should be a fun hobby, not a way to make quick money. So gambling for entertainment is a goal to have in mind at all times.

    You can find out more here:

  • It is time to take your gambling under control

    Based on your answers, you spend a lot of time gambling. It doesn’t mean you have a gambling problem, but you need to be careful and monitor your gambling behaviour. You need to be clear with why you’re gambling and what gambling might do for you that makes it so attractive. Do you still gamble for entertainment, or do you gamble for any other reason?

    What happens when you win? Do you stop, or do you continue gambling? If you continue gambling, please consider reading the following resources.

    Helpful resources to check next:
    Feel more in control of your gambling
    Why do people gamble?
    Why is gambling addictive?
    How to stop gambling addiction?

  • You appear to have problem gambling. We recommend you seek help

    Based on your answers, gambling means a lot to you. You spend a lot time gambling and you often look for new opportunities to gamble. Is gambling still fun, or do you gamble for any other reason? Only you know if gambling is a problem for you.

    If you experience any symptoms of gambling problems, please consider seeking help. Below, you find a few options for guides that can help you, and some support resources that can help you overcome any gambling problems.

    Support organisations:
    QuitGamble is an online platform developed to help people with gambling problems stop gambling. As a member, you get 24/7 access via desktop or mobile app to:
    Social Network for Problem Gamblers
    Animated Video Courses
    Advanced Guides
    Chat, forums, & Emails

    Addiction can be lonely, but you’re not alone anymore. The platform has 1000s of members. Join to make new friends, chat, and support each other.

    QuitGamble helps you understand why you gamble. Then, you can work with the underlying causes of the addiction instead of just trying to stay away. If you need help with your gambling, QuitGamble can be an alternative.

    Gamblers Anoymous is a popular support group organization. They arrange support meetings around the world. Most meetings are physical, but since 2019 many meeting are online. GA follows the 12-steps process and their 20 questions.

    GA could be a good alternative for someone who needs help to stop gambling and want to do it in a group setting. You find more information about GA on their website.

    Gambling counseling or therapy could be another option if you want to stop gambling. In many countries you can find free services. A gambling counsellor is specialised in gambling addiction. The counselling takes anything form a few months to a few years. During this period the client gets helps to understand their gambling, learning coping skills, and get tips on things to besides gambling.

    The easiest way to find a gambling counsellor is to call a gambling hotline. If you don’t know the gambling hotline number in your country, you can either google it, or you find a list of gambling hotlines here.

    Helpful resources to check next:
    Symptoms of gambling problems
    Silentbet’s Gambling Addiction Warning

Disclaimer: This test is only a guide tool that can help you get a better idea of your gambling habits. Do not take it as a substitute for treatment of gambling problems or addiction.

Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman is the founder of, an online platform to help people with gambling problems. He is one of Silentbet's contributors. He helps us give the best gamble responsible advice to our readers.
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Katerina has 10+ years of experience in iGaming. She has been a player long before that. Using her skills as a content writer and first-hand knowledge of the online gambling industry, she reviews and compares online casinos for Silentbet.