About me

Greetings! My name is Katerina Gadzheva, and since the beginning of 2019, I have been working as a content writer and web administrator for Silentbet. Before telling you how a typical day of a writer goes by, let me introduce myself by sharing some personal information.

I was born in 1987 in a small town where I lived until graduating from High School. It was at this time that I was introduced to writing and languages as a whole. My intensive focus at High School was “Informatics, Mathematics, and English”. Even though I enjoyed those subjects, I found most others quite tedious, to be honest. That is why during chemistry, biology, and physics classes I mostly read books in English or secretly listened to pop and rock hits trying to write down the lyrics. It soon dawned on me how much pleasure I got out of writing. What’s more, I helped my classmates who faced problems with the completion of their assignments and essays, of course, expecting small favours in return.

During the years I spent at the University of Plovdiv I continued to delve into the world of foreign languages, and now I can boast holding a BA in English Philology and a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Translation. I dare say that studying under American and English professors played a significant role in improving my language skills and competencies. Besides this, I spent more than four years in total residing and working in Malta and the United States, where I gained even more confidence regarding my ability to communicate effectively in English.

My track record as a foreign language translator, interpreter and writer is the reason I joined Silentbet’s team of professionals. My career took an unexpected turn and headed to the online gambling business mainly because of my love for sports and my interest in casino games. My days as a content writer are far from monotonous as every new task brings on new challenges. Below you can get an insight into the day spent in the shoes of a writer.

My day starts at the break of dawn, around 5 or 6 am, with a strong cup of coffee to wake me up. I’m usually at my desk around 7, and the first thing I do is prioritize my tasks for the day. Of course, the very next thing I do is start writing, which is always tied up with a lot of research and talks with representatives of the online bookmakers and casinos we partner with. As I pay close attention not to miss out on any crucial details, I always strive to edit and correct the content until it meets the high standards inherent to all reviews written for Silentbet. I often consult with my colleagues, who are always up and ready to lend a helping hand and assist me in any way possible.

In addition to writing articles and reviews, I often have to translate texts and design the content of the pages of our site. Work is demanding, but the fact that you learn something new every day makes all your efforts worthwhile. That’s why I am dedicated to giving my best as part of Silentbet.

In my spare time, I love exploring new places or recharging my batteries with a brisk walk in nature. I’m fond of camping, and I’d rather spend the night in a tent under the night sky than check in a five-star hotel. With a book in hand, I can never get bored. Besides, my laptop is nearby, which means I’m always ready to use it should inspiration strike.

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