Betano Fantasy – Is It Available?

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While fantasy betting is one of the popular sections at Betano, the bookie does not currently offer a fantasy sports section in all countries. Although, that doesn’t mean Betano won’t be adding fantasy sports at a later date as Betano is constantly evaluating the betting services they offer worldwide.

Still, it is worth exploring this unique form of sports betting at Betano in anticipation of the bookie adding it at a later date. As such, this article will explain how to play Fantasy sports at Betano, how fantasy sports betting works, and some of the fantasy sports betting options players can avail at Betano.

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How to Play Fantasy Sports at Betano?

Similar to betting on pre-match and live sporting events, playing fantasy sports at Betano is pretty straightforward. As such, if you want to punt in the Betano fantasy betting section, you will need to do the following:

  1. Log into your Betano account.
  2. Click “Fantasy” in the top navigation menu.
  3. Select a fantasy sporting event from the list of available event options.
  4. Preview the betting markets and make your selection.
  5. Click “Bet Now“.

What are Betano Fantasy Sports & How Do They Work?

betano fantasy sports

If you are unaccustomed to fantasy sports, they are prediction games that are based on virtual teams and players. Essentially, those participating in fantasy sports at Betano are betting on the outcome of a virtual sporting team. Similar to sports betting, fantasy sports offer a variety of markets with competing odds for popular sports like tennis, hockey, football, and cricket.

Alternatively, punters can opt to create a virtual team that is comprised of players from a real professional sport. The performance of their virtual team is converted into points that are used to determine a fantasy sports team’s tournament leaderboard position, which is used to distribute prizes within the structure of each tournament.

Betano Fantasy Sports Overview

Like other sports, there are a few disciplines offered within the fantasy sports section at Betano. This includes betting on a sport and selecting the outcome for a specific fantasy sports event and creating and betting on fantasy sports tournaments. The most popular of the two, and the one most commonly used when using Betano bonuses due to the guaranteed prize pools, is the tournaments section.


betano fantasy tournaments

Fantasy sports tournaments are a great way to bet on fantasy sports as it allows you to bet on football, hockey, tennis, rugby, and CS: GO, to name a few. Resultantly, if you want to punt on fantasy sports tournaments at Betano, you simply need to enrol your team under the tournaments section.

Since the tournament section offers a variety of guaranteed prize pool tournaments, there are a number of subsections within the fantasy sports section. This includes a leaderboard for active tournaments, tickets, and live results.


Since the tournament section offers guaranteed prize pool tournaments, leaderboards are used to track a team’s progress. For fantasy sports tournaments, the leaderboard shows the points each team has earned and similarly, each team’s position. Likewise, at the end of the tournament, the leaderboard will be used to determine the distribution of prizes.

Live Results

Like live sports betting, fantasy sports bettors have the option to punt on live fantasy sports events. When punting on live fantasy sporting events, live results will be posted by Betano so that punters place new bets or adjust their bets according to the posted live results.


When participating in certain fantasy sports tournaments, the guaranteed prize pool will award tickets. These can be used to enter specific tournaments and similar to the qualifying tourney, they will feature a guaranteed prize pool.

Why bet on Betano Fantasy Sports?

Betting on Betano fantasy sports is a highly entertaining option that allows bettors to test their knowledge and punting skills. With its popularity soaring, it has already seen the creation of international and local teams of distinction. Furthermore, it is a great way to punt with your friends and test their skills as it requires every pick to be thoroughly thought out. Moreover, the popularity of fantasy sports betting is such that it teaches the fine art of analytical thinking, and with Betano’s guaranteed prize pools, that can be quite lucrative.


Can I play Betano fantasy sports on my phone?

Yes, you can play Betano fantasy sports on your phone.

Can I wager my bonus on Betano fantasy sports?

Yes, you are welcome to wager your bonus at Betano on fantasy sports.

Are there any winning strategies for Betano Fantasy?

No, but betting on fantasy sports requires that you use your analytical skills and the data collected to develop a winning strategy.

What fantasy sports can I bet on a Betano?

Currently, you can Tennis, Basketball, Formula 1, Football, MMA, Rugby, Baseball CS: GO, League of Legends, and e-Football.

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